Mod «Planetary Diversity - More Arcologies» for Stellaris (v3.4.*)

Planetary Diversity - More Arcologies

This is an add-on for Planetary Diversity.

This is not a stand-alone mod, it will not work without Planetary Diversity.

This sub-mod adds 2 planets to the total number of planets in galaxy generation

  • A special Relic Fortress Arc
  • An Eco-Arc with a special storyline.

This mod adds a few new Arcologies to the game, including arcology style planets for Hives and Machine Empires.

Capital Arcs/Deposits

Capital arcs have been replaced with a decision that can be done on any Arcology/Hive/Machine World that you can build. This will change the planet portrait, and in the case of the Vanilla City World, will change the planet model as well. They all take up 3 districts but give you 18 jobs, local and empire-wide bonuses. There is also a Ringworlds (full ringworlds only) and Habitat version once you have unlocked the anti gravity building tech.

Arcologies - Regular & Rogue Servitors

These arcologies are made via decisions, once a place meets the requirement you may select it, just how regular arcologies work. Each arc gets a special deposit that grants 18 jobs.

  1. Eco-Arcology - This is a utopian version of an ecumenopolis, with large country-sized nature parks. 18 park ranger jobs.
  2. Corpo-Arcology - For Megacorps Only - This is a trade and industry planet fit for a galactic megacorp. 9 entertainer, 9 manager.
  3. Fortress Arcology - This is a Military Powerhouse more focused on the admin and background of your military rather than defence. 18 soliders.
  4. Vanilla Arcs gain the industrial deposit that adds 6 of each SR jobs.

Hive Worlds

To make these Arcs you must first turn a world into a Hive/Megaflora Hive World, and then there will be a decision to change the planet-class like regular arcologies.

  1. Bio/Flora Forge - Hive Arcology
  2. Bio/Flora Fortress - Hive Arcology

Machine Worlds - Not Rogue Servitors

To make these Arcs you must first turn a world into a Machine World, and then there will be a decision to change the planet-class like regular arcologies.

  1. Machine Factory - Machine Arcology
  2. Machine Fortress - Machine Arcology

Necro + Shroud Arcs

These decisions will be available if you have any of the necro civics/origins or have the transcendence AP. Using a decision on your arcs you will be able to transform its look and it will gain a strong deposit that takes up 2 districts. See the visual demo for the jobs you gain. They do not change the class or districts of the planet.

  • The Special Arc Skins are only available if your main race has the trait, ie Aquatic Arcs will appear if you build any arc as an Aquatic World Homeworld race not if you build an arc on an Aquatic world, or if you have the Aquatic Trait. Basically, your race of humanoids still doesn't live underwater if you build an arc there, you just build a regular arc over the aquatic world. This goes for all the Exotic Arcs as well.
  • Please see visual demos for more info.


These arcology planets will NOT work mods that add any more building slots (without a patch). They just unlock the vanilla 12 slots. You'll need to find or make a patch to make them work.

Also, Rogue Servitors use normal Arcologies not Machine ones.

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