Mod «The New Order: Last Days of Europe» for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.14.1 - 1.14.2)

The New Order: Last Days of Europe

The year is 1962, and Europe rests under the jackboot.

World War II has been over for twenty years, but its legacy still lives on. The German Reich reigns supreme from the Atlantic sea to the once great city of Moscow, ruling Europe with an iron fist. Thousands live and die every day under German tyranny, yearning for a freedom that may never come.

But all is not well in the Reich.

Hitler lays on his deathbed even as the first German raumsonaut lands on the moon, and already the vultures pick at his corpse. Albert Speer, Martin Bormann, Hermann Göring and Reinhard Heydrich each prepare to take power in the Reich, and the world waits with baited breath for the storm that is surely coming. Outside of the Reichstag in the megacity of Germania, partisans prepare for their final struggle, and Heinrich Himmler plots to bring the world to the edge from his spartanist utopia in the Ordenstaat of Burgundy.

Across the seas, the United States gathers allies to prevent the fall of democracy in the world, struggling to contain its own politics long enough to tear up the treaties that had ended the Second World War.

In Asia, the Japanese Empire groans under the weight of rivals within as well as without, as a hundred different cultures struggle and begin to cooperate in the goal of finally overthrowing their slaveholder.

In the Mediterraenan, an old alliance feuds with itself. A reformer in Italy seeks to create a hotbed of democracy in Europe as an aging Franco fights to keep control of Iberia.

Russia is shattered, and dozens of warlords scrabble to pick up the pieces of a broken nation and restore what Bukharin lost.

The world teeters in a careful balance. Will it survive to see a new millennium, or is this the beginning of the end?

The year is 1962, and the world sits on the edge of destruction.


After years of development and two gameplay demos, The New Order: Last Days of Europe has finally been released! This mod contains the following features, among dozens of other secrets hidden throughout the game:

  • Ten years or more of playable content for three German candidates in the civil war, Japan, China, Italy and the Iberian Union, Himmler's Burgundy, the United States of America and many Russian warlords.
  • Five years or more of playable content for England. Yunnan, Indonesia, much of the German Unity-Pakt, German colonies in Africa, South Africa, as well as Wales, Scotland, and some of the Italian colonies in Africa and the Middle East.
  • Engage in economics that change based on your actions.
  • A completely new interface for the Cold War aesthetic.
  • Thousands of events written to the highest standards in Hearts of Iron writing.
  • A fully reworked tech tree.
  • New ideologies!
  • An entirely new law and politics system based on Victoria 2.
  • An entirely new map, built for increased detail as well as a dystopian aesthetic.
  • Thousands of unique focus icons, event pictures, tech icons, and more.
  • New GUIs and gameplay features for almost every playable nation, ensuring no one feels alike.
  • Thousands of decisions
  • The ability to wage nuclear war, and witness the post-apocalypse.
  • Hundreds of secrets to be discovered.
  • And so much more!
  • The New Order: Last Days of Europe - v1.5.0c “The Ruin”

Version 02.11.23 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.13.1 - 1.13.5)

  • Update


Version 11.10.23 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.13.1)

  • Updated the mod to 1.13 "Stella Polaris" and the Arms Against Tyranny expansion


Version 30.09.23 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.12.1 - 1.12.14)

  • The New Order: Last Days of Europe - v1.5.0 “The Ruin”


Version 20.06.23 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.12.1 - 1.12.14)

  • The New Order: Last Days of Europe - v1.4.1d “Ugly American”
  • Get the patch notes here:


Version 25.04.23 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.12.1 - 1.12.12)

  • The New Order: Last Days of Europe - v1.4.1c “Ugly American”
  • Get the patch notes here:


Version 03.04.23 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.12.1 - 1.12.11)

  • The New Order: Last Days of Europe - v1.4.1b “Ugly American”
  • Get the patch notes here:


Version 02.04.23 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.12.1 - 1.12.11)

  • Update


Version 19.02.23 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.12.1 - 1.12.10)

  • Hotfix


Version 14.02.23 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.12.1 - 1.12.10)

Minor Additions

  • Added Custom Difficulty Decisions for Guangdong to increase or decrease game difficulty
  • Fujitsu's future act overlay on the legislative council now has a subtle glow animation
  • Added unique decision icons for Chinese Opinion and Japanese Approval of the Three Evils of Guangdong GUI

Bug Fixes

  • Career Profile button on main menu now has a tooltip
  • Awards section of Career Profile now displays white dot texticon in tooltip
  • Fixed bugged variables in tooltips for Product Interest Minimums and Japanese Approval Misc. Income
  • Fixed several support tech icons for the Sphere not being cropped correctly
  • Fixed world event gfx for the Bangkok Conference
  • Vietnam's natspirits no longer contradict each other on date of Operation Yon-Go
  • Guangdong Future Fund assorted law is now added on the correct focus
  • Fixed several issues with Matsushita's Springtrap event chain not giving assorted laws and/or breaking if you did the confrontations in the wrong order
  • Guangdong's Sacrifice R&D decision no longer takes pp twice
  • Made Product Development Performance Bar actually clickable for effects
  • Fixed Emergency Powers Ordinance never being introduced
  • Fixed GFT Events not showing up after first initial dismantlement attempt
  • Fixed PTRG Bars resetting should a Field Marshal be assigned as well
  • Made it so that ordinances fired by events cannot be blocked by other LegCo bills
  • Persistence Ibuka is no longer a fan of Chainsaw Man
  • Reduced the cost of Compulsory Standards in the Housing Ordinance by more than 90%
  • Fixed Decision Text for some Riot decisions clipping into the costs
  • Nintendo Riots Events should no longer fire after the Riots have ended
  • Fixed an issue leading to Cambodia not getting endgame events
  • Corrected the HITAC-8700 to 8MB of memory from 8GB in loc
  • Fixed hitbox detection on the Guangdong regions GUI buttons, as well as making them more "responsive" to a mouse click
  • The Khana Ratsadon being dissolved now has an event picture
  • Vituska no longer keeps the buffs from Heydrich's successorship if Heydrich dies in the GCW
  • Fixed issue where Reichenaustadt/Dnipro could receive the incorrect name with the exonym/endonym system
  • the Republic of Belarus/Reichsland Belarus is no longer too powerful for the might of Schörner's integration of the Eastern Reichskommissariats
  • Fixed scripted loc issues with Serov and Gummy in House of Cards and Hunting the Opposition deccats
  • After Midnight updated to map changes in Kazakhstan
  • Hyperborea focus "Stake Righteous Claims" now takes into account the new state setup in the Levant
  • IEA collapse tags now spawn units only in their own territory and not in places like Xi'an
  • Several Italian idea icons have had Atlantropa removed finally
  • Add failsafe to restore Montenegro if Tito kills them in uprising
  • Relocated Turkish army unit from the South Pacific back to Ankara
  • The elections are allowed in Greece if it becomes the Hellenic Republic
  • Fixed Banzer not taking over Bolivia properly after the war with Santa Cruz
  • Pinilla is no longer missing a sec minister
  • Hopefully fixed several Colombia leader changes not working correctly
  • Fixed icon for Quadros's anti-trust laws spirit
  • Colombians will no longer be stuck in a time loop when the second civil war breaks out
  • Fixed Beni Oriental not being handed to Santa Cruz after beating Bolivia
  • Fixed Paraguayan First Corps being annexed by Socialist Paraguay before it is invaded by the Triple Alliance
  • Angolan CW world event now references the correct government that collapsed
  • Liberia and Mendi will get Economic Reconstruction ideas when they are puppeted by Cameroon
  • Simon Kapwepwe will come to power in Zambia if OFN East African mandate choose liberal route
  • The South African Republic will be no longer in the American economic sphere if the Third South African Civil War happens
  • Joseph Kasa Vubu will come to power properly if Congo is decolonized peaceful

QoL Improvements

  • Fiscal Crisis can no longer disable and enable division template locking, and now just reduces max naval/army funding to 0%
  • Added extra tooltips to the Riots GUI for the 3 progressbars
  • Sony's Public Health Ordinance now increases Industrial Regulations by one tier
  • Locked selling to America behind the treaty port handover taking effect
  • Added some Decision Icons to missing decisions
  • Guangdong and China can now get the NUE Rifle
  • Clarified Tooltips for the Morita and Li Investigation Chains
  • Rebalanced Morita and Li Investigation Chains to be easier to gain success
  • Changed the decision icon for Reassure Investors of Impending Crackdowns
  • Made research not reset wholly for Guangdong, making excess prior research pass over to the next with 90% efficiency
  • Removed Helicopter Armor Values from PTRG Helicopters to be in line with the rest of the helicopters
  • Fixed up and cleaned Product Cycle Market event pictures with crunchy anti-aliasing
  • Passing the Agrarian Relief Act in Brazil with medium or strong reform level will improve your poverty rate
  • Added support helicopter company technology at game start for Brazil

Other Changes

  • The elections are allowed in some post OFN mandate countries are liberal/conservative/socilaist if the OFN African mandates are decolonized successful (there are no longer liberal dictatorships lol)
  • People's Republic of Brazzaville will join the PALF if the PALF exists
  • Liberia and Mendi will be known as the Republic of Liberia and Socialist Republic of Sierra Leone if Cameroon wins in the Maho Campaning
  • The Guinea-Bissau's long name is the Republic of Guinea-Bissau now
  • The Autonomous Province of Bhutan gets a Sphere Equal faction status
  • Tibet's long name is the Kingdom of Tibet now
  • Montenegro is now a part of Italian Influence GUI
  • Altered the description of Australia's gamerules relating to the Bjelke-Petersen government that were erroneous and misleading as to what actually occurs
  • Reworked Hungary map
  • Added VPs to the Balkans
  • Reworked Netherlands map
  • Reworked Moskowien map
  • Reworked map for Indian subcontinent, including:
    • Republic of India
    • Azad Hind
    • Bhutan
    • Nepal
    • Frontier Provinces
    • Kalat
    • Afghan possessions in India
    • Sri Lanka
  • Disabled Scenario 1 (WAA vs PALF) of the WAC until it can be properly fixed and balanced


Version 03.02.23 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.12.1 - 1.12.9)

Major Additions

  • Added 4 full paths to the State of Guangdong, with content lasting to 1972

Minor Additions

  • Added Skeleton Content to Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam
  • Expanded the Thai Skeleton
  • Integrated Awards and Playthrough Overview with the TNO UI
  • Added 12 unique achievements for Guangdong
  • Added a 4th faction to the Colombian Civil War
  • Added post-war skeleton for all Colombian Civil War factions
  • Added Silicon Dreams as new main menu song
  • Added Echoes, Irradiated
  • Navies now give bonuses and maluses to sphere leaders based on having a certain amount of each ship type
  • Thurmond and LeMay now have proper events reacting to the start of the West African War

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Haiti having no culture in 50% of its states
  • Fixed tooltips and adjusted costs on ARPA to be less of a burden
  • Fixed issues with -3 electoral vote elections for the NPP and maybe also fixed election sometimes going to wrong person in very close races (IDK for sure, it's US election code)
  • Harrington no longer starts with 0 enthusiasm from all parts of society
  • Tooltips on opposition campaigning events now display the correct region affected
  • Fixed US bills and negotiations giving fractional amount of senators to support your bill
  • Fixed MCS turning into Schlafly for the 1972 election
  • Fixed broken tooltips in LBJ's Great Society decisions
  • Fixed proxy war failure effects for extremists for NPP presidents
  • Several PPI decisions now correctly check to see if you have command power the first time you take them
  • JFK's assassination is now considered a crisis
  • McCormack's tree should now be completable before the 1964 election
  • Killed several cloned senators
  • Fixed 49-49/50-50 Senates occasionally saying that the wrong coalition was in control
  • France will now definitely join USA economical sphere after application in OFN
  • LBJ's "We Can't Change it Now" focus now have actual USA effects
  • tno_CAN_queen_in_exile will be removed if Elizabeth II is crowned
  • Bormann gets a core on Bornholm when he integrates Denmark
  • Bormann no longer puts Kasche back in charge of Moskowien after reconquering it
  • Adjusted names of several Finnish states
  • Fixed Scotland electing the SNP in 1970 causing the game to crash due to tiny typo in minister name (Thanks Paradox)
  • Added portrait for Matti Virkkunen that is actually him
  • Bormann can no longer say England can't join a faction if they have already joined a faction and just left for a bit to conquer Britain
  • Henrik Rogstad now correctly takes over Norway after Bormann coups them
  • When Freikorps is going to break away, correct states are demilitarized
  • Heydrich will not get Rommel retirement event
  • Burgundy now declares war to all German alliance members
  • Gille will be reintegrated when his statelet is swallowed
  • Südostpreußen will not stay in Poland when it's defeated
  • German anarchy will not take parts of France
  • The French Resistance will now have a faction icon when in the French Military Alliance
  • French Resistance now gets a few units at the start of the non-CW Reclamation
  • The US's French Reclamation decision to raise units now properly gives both units if the Resistance exists
  • Fixed Speer's Kaukasia not having a leader (for real this time trust me)
  • The decisions associated with "A Lighter Hand in The East" will lead to Collaborator Puppet State nations in Eastern Europe instead of various Reichskommissariats
  • The People's Republic of Serbia now has a worker directed economy rather than a free-market one
  • Elias Simojoki will be elected after Civil War as said in the event
  • The Western Insurrection world event now shows the correct option for Takagi
  • Japan gets correct Cold War Victory Points if the Spanish republic wins in the Iberian Wars
  • The communist Basque country no longer join the Japanese economic sphere after the ending of the Iberian wars
  • Japan's Start of Madagascar CW event no longer uses pre-TT Maruice Plague loc
  • Thai 'Directionless Revolution' natspirit now has GFX
  • Yugra no longer plans the greatest heist of all time (stealing Alaska)
  • Samara no longer causes a CTD every time it unifies West Russia
  • Warlords with poor economy will not cripple it's economy even more by buying Zlatoust's stuff
  • Superregional Komi Election no longer triggers Stalina victory event regardless of choice if you elected Stalina in regional election
  • The Ural Alliance now has proper faction GFX and loc
  • All unique national spirits will be removed after post-Onega collapse
  • Spanish unifiers in the Iberian Wars will no longer be able to declare war on Rif or Morroco
  • Iberian Wars victors will now correctly lose their debuff ideas
  • Bombing runs idea will be removed after the end of the civil war
  • The Republic of Algeria will no longer have the colonial economy subtype
  • The Republic of Algeria now has party names
  • Banzer will now properly annex Bolivia if successful in his invasion
  • Amazonist Dominican Republic will no longer have fascist comrades
  • The peace deals for the three scenarios of the West African War have been completely rewritten and fixed
  • Player Südwestafrika can now ceasefire the SAW
  • Fixed AA construction in Südwestafrikan tree
  • Südwestafrika no longer gets the German displeasure spirit again during the SAW if the GCW ends
  • Fixed two Ostafrika ideas not being applied to South African and the Boers
  • The Reichsstaat can now properly ceasefire if it forms during the SAW
  • The Reichsstaat now loses the Boer part of its focus tree if it ceasefires and sacrifices the Boers
  • Südwestafrika and Zentralafrika now get the Closing Screen when Hüttig takes over the Schild
  • Hopefully fixed all instances where a native-led African country had the Afrika Schild idea
  • Added Forpol tab icons for Mozambique Civil War
  • Fixed Mozambique CW decisions using the wrong flags in name
  • HAU will no longer have a communist cosmetic tag when Cameroon collapses
  • SAF_Unconventional_Tactics_RK_2 and SAF_Unconventional_Tactics_RK_3 are now removed properly
  • Socialist Beafrika will no longer be free-market capitalist
  • The SAW withdrawal page will now be removed should the war end before withdrawal occurs
  • M.Z. Kiani now has a portrait
  • Rectified the issue of subideology misalignment in GUIs
  • The Cold War GUI will now have the victories and tension incidents scale properly for all screen sizes
  • Railway Guns now have unit icons
  • Railway Gun Details menu is no longer a complete mess
  • Added missing terrain modifier icons for Savanna, Desert Plateau, and Steppe
  • Fixed Southern Sea terrain using day icons during the night
  • Fixed terrain modifiers in naval designer having a second frame obscuring them
  • Sphere Trade values are now more than 0 at game start (still an undercount due to lack of production for most tags, but better than nothing)
  • Fixed missing name for Karakapalastan
  • The Measure of Man song will now play
  • New cultures added in 1.3.0e now all have icons as well as Mazandarani which hadn't had an icon since TT1
  • AFVs, MBTs, and their respective SPART and SPAA variants now get icons assigned automatically for playable nations
  • Sabotaged Chromium resource now has loc for state modifier
  • Fixed issues with positioning of some characters in event titles like о̄, courtesy of Ashley of the CN translation team
  • The movie stars of the Reich will be pleased to hear that Cannes is no longer located in the wrong province

Balance Changes

  • Omolon will now prioritize invading non-unifiers to prevent the worst invasion front imaginable
  • Reshuffled AI priorities for West Russian expansion
  • Heavily nerfed AI Göring in the GCW

QoL Improvements

  • For some Russian unifiers, the Epilogue screen will be triggered when the player clicks the superevent option instead of being triggered simultaneously with the superevent
  • Removed several unused or extraneous tags from the tag list. This should lead to a noticeable increase in performance
  • Removed actively nonfunctional Göring content for performance and stability, pending further changes

Other Changes

  • If Men by some miracle unifies the Far East, he will not last
  • Reworked Afghanistan Map
  • Minor adjustment to Saudi-Gulf border
  • Guinea-Bissau will now join the PALF if they win the Mano Campaign
  • WerBell's Republic of West Alaska/United States of Siberia/United States of Russia can now send mercenaries to the Colombian Civil War
  • AI WerBell will have a 1/18 chance of occurring on default settings
  • Werbell option available for Magadan CCP
  • The Iranian Civil War is now integrated with the Cold War GUI
  • Goken Conservatism added, applied to Takagi's Japan.
  • Buddhist Socialism added, applied to Monarchist Laos
  • Managerial State added, applied to Kaya Okinori
  • Authoritarian Developmentalism added, applied to Fukuda Takeo
  • Added several TNO-ified sound effects for achievements
  • Added gamerules for Fate of the Viet Minh's Offensive and Scotland 1970 Election
  • If Arcade Mode WW3 is selected to be with Russia, it will declare war on Moskowien
  • Added gamerules for Guangdong
  • Added gamerules for Laos
  • Added gamerules for Cambodia


Version 14.01.23 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.12.1 - 1.12.8)

Minor Additions

  • 48 old, unused, and cut tags have been removed in order to improve performance
  • RFK now targets Goldwater using COINTELPRO
  • Reworked Egypt map
  • Reworked Iraq map
  • Changed Saudi-Yemen border
  • Adjustments to Italian Middle East
  • Split Bahrain and Qatar
  • Added new cultures to the Middle East
  • Reworked Sweden map
  • Reworked Germany States
  • Adjusted Ukrainian states to be more accurate
  • Added victory points to Poland and Ukraine
  • Reworked states for Japan, Korea, and Taiwan to follow Japanese prefecture borders
  • Reworked Madagascar map
  • Russian elections now ignore the will of the people, bypass for Komi and Vyatka elections until system can be properly fixed
  • AB's Smuta tree now affects the regional power struggle
  • Added world news for Hart inauguration

Bug Fixes

  • Indonesian faction leaders dying no longer causes random countries to takeover their respective faction, RIP Canal Zone OFN and Slovak Pakt
  • Econ rankings and world GDP now calculate correctly at game start
  • GDP/Capita scores now calculates correct score again
  • Cold War scores are now calculated correctly for first month value
  • Brest state lore no longer is confused over which direction east is
  • Cleaned up some of GUIs affected by BBA
  • Several tank weapons modules now have correct numbering in their gfx instead of Hyperborean mess that it was before
  • Added TNO-style icon for All Recon Variants effects
  • Named Light and Heavy SPART and SPAA chassis
  • Fixed coloration on armored car blueprint in tank designer
  • Hart's Modernize rail decisions now actually take PP
  • Fixed Hart's Crime Bill not listing harshness level at certain values
  • After Chep takes over, there will now be a vacant minister until Bayh becomes VP
  • Elected RDC presidents besides Hart are now assigned the correct party value
  • LBJ'S ISNA event now has loc after being successfully passed
  • Several all voters policy shifts that didn't affect minorities are now fixed
  • Several broken RFK policy shifts have been fixed as well
  • Batista Escapes mission now ends with PPI, rather than continuing after Batista is executed or Trujillo wins
  • Batista escaping is no longer considered good by code
  • US can demobilize the Philippine Army under the UFF now
  • Removed references to Prime Minister Holt in US content
  • African Quagmire mission stops appear after decolonization
  • Caribbean Crisis no longer auto resolves due to broken CCP
  • Fixed RFK's Glorious Bill path sometimes not counting Senators properly
  • Goldwater's Copperhead Approach should now be completable in the time limit (at least for Thurmond)
  • Goldwater's Copperhead Approach for RFK and Wallace no longer require you to complete a focus that was removed in TT1
  • Made visibility conditions of several of Goldwater's EPA decisions more clear
  • Fixed the OC tree covering part of Goldwater's tree
  • AFL strength can no longer go below 0
  • USA vs. AFL-CIO case will now always trigger only a single Decision event
  • Failing to React to Thurmond's Presidency no longer angers the Sovereigntists and Nationalists.
  • Thurmond can now actually appoint Mendel Rivers instead of Robert Byrd
  • Fixed end of Indonesian Civil War removing a bunch of nonexistent idea from old content
  • Fixed Iranian CW idea that gave 0 army organization
  • Fixed many broken demographic shifts in new US election system for Goldwater and RFK
  • Fixed much of the old parties and lore in RFK and Goldwater content
  • Fixed numerous misspellings of Michael Harrington
  • US can no longer do other Philippines recon decisions while the Anti-Referendum Campaign is ongoing
  • Progressives no longer want you to increase poverty to get more approval
  • The Trujillo focus now does something after PPI preparation has begun
  • Icon added for West African Reconstruction fopo tab
  • Romney-Mexico event chain now triggers in right time
  • Icons for Americar ideas fixed
  • Goldwater no longer ignores the Feel the Market focus
  • Romney's leader bio now appears
  • Several NPP controversies that wrongly affected the RDC have been fixed
  • Creighton Abrams Jr. will return to USA after ending of Congo Crisis
  • Schlafly's USA now has an ending screen
  • NPP Caucus Approval now decreases over time when the NPP is in power
  • NPP Caucus Approval no longer decreases over time when the RDC is in power
  • Random leadership plays in the NPP no longer trigger for RDC presidents due to the above fixes
  • Marxists and Sovereignists now start with a set caucus leadership approval so no immediate leadership plays
  • Progressives are no longer more pro-life than Republicans
  • Public Approval of the NPP now reevaluates after each leadership play
  • Tooltips for extremist support gain for losing proxies now check the right variable
  • The USA no longer needs to airlift equipment to the URC if they only control a few Atlantic states rather than all of them
  • Removed national spirit "Balintawak Blitz" from USFIP
  • Speer no longer rallies the proud Germans of Sumatra to join his cause
  • Speer's events for GGN winning now have loc
  • Fixed Welsh Home Guard units being locked after military funding is decided
  • National Devastation no longer becomes negative
  • Fixed AI Germany not taking SAW withdrawal decisions
  • Tried fixing AI Speer's Germany not taking some reconquering decisions
  • Fixed OFN France could not reintegrate Red Poppy
  • Fixed Speer peacefully bringing Dem Norway back into the Pakt causing collabs to coup the government
  • Speer repatriating slaves no longer causes Norwegians to panic and kill their economy as their entire pop goes into hiding
  • Norway's pie chart is not a mess after setting puppet
  • Non-Mosk tags will no longer focus on guarding the borders from the hordes of Moskowien while actively in their own civil war and/or being invaded
  • Degrelle should now always become leader of Belgium in Burgundian Collapse
  • Collab Serbia is no longer led by Collapsed Authority
  • Effects of Speer's Madagaskar event swapped to reflect new UB loc
  • Serbian Collabs/Garrison no longer spawns a unit in the South Atlantic
  • Serbian Civil War factions have cores on all of Serbia during the war now
  • Fixed a Speerite Infantry Unit becoming proud sons of Indonesia
  • Speer no longer has premonition of Che Guevara's takeover of Paraguay
  • Fix CTD when Goering opens officer corps tab caused by post-GCW Goering having 4 members of high command
  • Fixed Heydrich putting Esoteric Nazi in charge of Poland changing Germany's ideology rather than Poland's
  • The English no longer stop voting for UE because they lowered income taxes
  • The NDL now actually pays the US for the planes they buy
  • Norway and Wehrkreis XIX join Bormann's Germany's econ sphere properly
  • Henrik Rogstad comes to power after the coup in Norway properly
  • Fixed Speer's Zollverein GUI not applying modifiers to correct states
  • Landrut will no longer vanish if Speer joins mid-OCW
  • Reichsprotektorat Kaukasia's leader under Speer is no longer forced to retire at the same time he gets put in charge
  • Germany is now told they can intervene in Madagaskar explicitly
  • Red Finland gets cores to all Finland if it wins in the civil war
  • Moderate Norway joins Bormann's Germany's economic sphere properly
  • Ulster no longer have a Pakt observer status if the Good Friday Agreement is successful
  • After the start of the Second German Civil War there wiil be no SAW decision category
  • Bormann's Germany sets a proper leader in Norway if it invades there and the RK Norway is restablished
  • When established by Heydrich or Göring the GGN's Interimregierung will no longer have a bio mentioning Martin Bormann as Führer
  • Germany can no longer negotiate a South African War ceasefire when Heydrich has killed himself
  • Novosibirsk, Barnaul, Tomsk, and SBA now get the correct leaders in the SBA collapse
  • Krasnoyarsk leader Viktor Astafyev now uses the right portrait in SBA collapse
  • Stepanov now gets units during the SBA collapse
  • Onegan Collapse ministers for Tyumen now work if Zlatoust didn't collapse West Sib
  • Turkmen and Uzbek Territories are no longer a faction leader
  • Fixed armor designs given in some Russian focus trees not having the correct gfx to the design
  • Vyatka can no longer get multiple Shackled Okhrana spirits
  • Stabilizing your regime in Komi no longer forces you into Smuta early
  • Fixed Dem Komi requesting investment costing much less than actual investment
  • Zykov's pro-democracy focus no longer rolls back democracy if it has already been achieved
  • Magadan no longer has a behind enemy lines deep cover unit on game spawn
  • Morozov's regional unification event now has a event pic
  • Tyumen no longer supports reactionaries in Central Asia
  • Several pieces of Tyumen loc edited to reflect current Central Asia lore
  • Buckharin gets unification decisions again
  • Smuta integration decisions cancel if tag getting integrated is invaded and annexed
  • Southern Ural nation leaves war with Finland if it has resisted to integration
  • West Russian tags will no longer get locked out of the Race for the Urals if Omsk dies
  • Center Komi's Smuta tree's center branch now checks if you have the right president
  • Requirement on regional uranium mine development decision is now something most players with actually achieve during regional
  • Hopefully fixed Nowa Polska getting into a war with one of its puppets after it shattered Kazakhstan
  • Gumilyov's nuclear program once again uses the correct name rather than the Russian generic
  • West Russian states can't declare war on West Siberia after the collapse anymore
  • After appointing a leader in Orenburg, administrative efficiency switches to Nonexistent State Apparatus
  • Komi's "Radio Free Eurasia" event will now properly give claims on Caucasia
  • Diplomatic Tension can't be negative anymore
  • Fixed missing event pics for Brazil Denys Coup event tree
  • Many instances of Colombia being spelt Columbia have been fixed
  • Fixed misspellings of Granada as Grenada
  • Grenada no longer gets wrong leader and party
  • Brazil can now intervene in Colombia Civil War once it begins
  • Paraguay no longer leaves Argentina's sphere after the beginning of the German Civil War
  • Odría's portrait changes correctly now after he self-coups
  • Devastation modifiers are now removed from the Leopoldville Verwaltung upon Reichsstaat collapse
  • In Stage 3 Devastation, the Federal Republic of the Congo no longer inherits the RK's debts
  • Ethiopian civil war factions get cores of each other upon victory
  • The OFN will no longer loot Angola in "Peacekeeping Operations"
  • If you sell guns to UNITA, you will now get paid
  • Fixed Monetary Payments to Germany mission reappearing and disappearing constantly during the GCW and for the Mandate
  • Fixed Germany not taking money from Südwestafrika if they had exactly the amount of money Germany wanted
  • Player South Africa can now ceasefire with the Schild
  • Müller's boredom no longer increases if everything was hunted
  • Administrative decisions in the OFN Mandate of the Congo now actually increase administrative hold, preventing the inevitable collapse of the Mandate
  • Fixed Zentralafrikan investor decision not giving tanks
  • Fixed Zentralafrikan national focus canceling after selection
  • Hunting choices will now always affect the hunting chance by atleast 1%
  • The Boer Elections will now actually occur
  • SAW ideas will be removed after the end of the war
  • Ostafrikan SS manpower will no longer be negative
  • Decisions' effect will have tooltip about the local situation going worsened or improved
  • Fuuta Fulbe leaves either French or the WAA or the US sphere properly
  • Fixed post-OFN Angola party names
  • "Surrounded by Degeneracy" national spirit will now be removed from Ostafrika upon the formation of the Reichsstaat
  • Socialist Saraland gain cores after victory in civil war
  • Fixed misspellings and missing accent marks for Philippe Pétain, including his loading quote which had both issues
  • French Reclamation tab icon no longer disappears when you select a different tab
  • The French Resistance joins the Free French faction in non-civil war reclamations
  • Fixed a state of Safed not transferring during Levant collapse/decolonization
  • Macedonia joins Italy's econ sphere properly if Bulgaria is in Italy's one
  • Bulgaria's parties' populartites are no longer broken if it becomes an Italian ally
  • Bulgaria leaves the OFN/Sphere/Italian alliance if both Italy's and Bulgaria's government are incompatible with each other
  • The Algerian Union gets a Reliant State status properly
  • Italian Syria no longer join German economic sphere
  • Syria won't lose Golan if Italian Middle East is dissolved
  • Independent Syria will get Golan Heights
  • Insurgency effects will be removed after civil war end
  • UAS members will join German economic sphere if the leader joined it
  • All UAS member wiil get faction icon correctly
  • Iberia now increases GDP growth in Equatorial Guinea instead of two bordering Zentralafrikan states in intro tree
  • Croatia and Bosina no longer have Triumvirate member statuses if Triumvirate is dissolved
  • Golan becomes a DMZ if Turkey loses the Italo-Turkish war
  • The post-war puppets of the Government of National Salvation get proper leaders if the GNS wins
  • The national spirit Colonial Government is removed if Algeria becomes a mandate
  • Syria gets Golan if it becomes independent during the Oil Crisis
  • "Authorize Bombing Sorties" decision will now properly affect factions not aligned with Iberia
  • OFN-aligned Iberia can now invest in Brazil
  • Iberian puppets will now have a faction icon when in the OFN
  • Italy's Empire Management GUI now uses proper capitalisation
  • DLC can no longer get stuck in a loop for while investigating the IJA or IJN
  • Taruc winning against both Fertig and the 14th Army in the Balintawak Blitz is no longer considered a total victory for the USA
  • Fertig winning against both Taruc and the 14th Army in the Balintawak Blitz is now considered a total victory for the USA
  • After Free Indonesian victory, Japan will lose all it's resource rights in Indonesia
  • Bhutan no longer joins the GAW while Azad Hind stays neutral
  • Firipin Gunseibu gets cores to the all the Philippines properly
  • Fixed The Copper of Jiangxi event not triggering correct follow-up event 50% of the time
  • Nematollah Nassiri now has a minister portrait
  • Fixed Russian basic motorized, artillery, anti-air, and non-NSB APC tech art not showing
  • Fixed size of early Far Eastern motorized tech art
  • Fixed minor issue where select provinces in South Africa were categorized as South American by the backend database
  • Fixed several instances across the map where 3D unit graphics did not render correctly
  • Corrected the spelling for Poughkeepsie

Balance Changes

  • Delaying Reconstruction no longer gives absurd amounts of PP
  • UE economy tree no longer lowers real GDP growth
  • Attempted to rebalance Serbian CW to stalemate and favor the socialists less
  • Reduce Libdem Komi industrial expertise gain as per feedback of the guy who played Libdem Komi 54 times (as of time of writng)
  • Buffed Novosibirsk, giving them more energy
  • Buffed SBA, adding them population and energy
  • Nerfed Kemerovo, giving them less energy
  • AI no longer declares multiple wars at once during Smuta

QoL Improvements

  • West African Military Reconstruction is no longer impossible to complete in the FMA vs PALF scenario
  • Goldwater can no longer take both mutually exclusive missions to target both the Sovereigntists and the Marxists
  • Goldwater gets the treaty ports negotiations after 1971 election instead of the 1973
  • Thurmond's tree shortened, so if it triggers in January of a presidental election year, Thurmond can kill the party by the election
  • You are now informed if you're about to be invaded even if you don't have the Smuta mechanic yet
  • If you finish the Philippine Reconstruction but forget to the press the button, it now will complete at the deadline anyway
  • Other Changes
  • Integration of a handful of fixes and adjustments from the Hart Surgery patch that were not fixed internally, with permission from its creator Vehuga
  • When selecting an airwing, it will be highlighted in blue rather than red, and unselected airwings will be red instead of blue
  • Removed redundant Globalplan code for increased performance
  • Added game rules for Haiti and Dominican Republic
  • Added Race for the Urals gamerule
  • Custom paths are now intended only to influence AI outcomes
  • California, Texas, and New York are no longer split states on-map
  • Added loc for diesel-electric train improvements
  • Paraguay and Santa Cruz are in Argentina's sphere
  • Paraguay and Santa Cruz will leave Argentina's sphere if FULNA wins
  • Brazil no longer join the COMECON if Leonel Brizola is elected
  • Norway and Australia can no longer join the ComIntern
  • Added pictures to Vyatka Smuta events
  • AB is no longer locked into winning a war with Finland before going onto regional, just has to beat Onega first
  • Zhdanov now gets his post-South Ural events
  • Added winter images to the Canadian cities
  • The Muslim Brotherhood, Sudan Defense Force and Sadat's Egypt will get post-war names after the victory of the civil war
  • The United Arab Kingdom gets an associated state status to Italy if it's founded
  • Hussein bin Talas' subideology has been changed to Semi-Constitutional Monarchy
  • Saudi Arabia will get an associated state status to Italy if Talal's coup is successful
  • San Marino has an Associated status to Italy at the start of the game
  • Anwar Sadat will change its subideology from Provisional Government to Social Nationalism if Italian Egypt wins in the civil war
  • Changed flags for a lot of Chinese tags
  • The USA gets the ability to project power on the Mediterranean Sea if Iberia joins the OFN
  • France will move its capital to Paris if Burgundy is collapsed and France is in either the Pakt or OFN
  • Sverdlovsk integrates one lonely general from the Free Aviators if it annexes one
  • The USA now gets power projection in the North Sea if England joins the OFN either during the Battle for England or via a HMMLR victory
  • Germany now gets power projection in the Mediterranean if Sidos joins the Pakt or the Frente Azul win the Iberian Civil War
  • Frente Azul will now be known as the Spanish State should they win the civil war
  • José Luis de Arrese and the Occupation Authority he installs in Portugal are now Stratocratic Corporatist
  • Galicia and the Rif Republic will now become Sphere observers like Catalonia and Basque
  • Japan will gain access to the North Atlantic sea zone should the Rif Republic win
  • Frente Azul will now lose the Iberian Wars national spirit upon wining the invasion of portugal
  • Militärbezirk/Paktkommission Russland/Moskowien will now have the military government puppet type to reflect their faction status
  • Corrected several instances of Weißrussland where Weißruthenien applied
  • Nowa Polska's Republic of Aktobe is now a Client State rather than just a puppet
  • The USA now gets a mission timer for the reunification of Turkestan like Germany and Japan
  • Japan now gets naval access and power projection in the South Atlantic should they win the
  • The Afrika-Schild now has proper faction icons and statuses
  • The Boer Republic will no longer enter an event death loop that prevents the post-collapse elections happening
  • Paktkommission Kongo is now of the military government puppet type
  • Azandeland now has a new post-war name and flag to reflect its leader
  • Heydrich's Britanny tree is cut
  • Gille will become security minister after the annexation of his state
  • Communist Moskowien factions become the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic after winning instead of the Far Western Soviet Socialist Republic
  • Spain and Portugal now have long names. If they spawn, they will be called as the Portuguese Republic and the Spanish State
  • Democratic Komi gets cores to Tatarstan, Bashkorostan and Vologda if they unite peacefully


Version 05.11.22 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.12.1 - 1.12.5)

Minor Additions

  • Japan and the US can now support factions in the Indonesian civil war in the event of a Lubis coup. In the event of a Suharto coup, both Japan and the US withdraw from the war
  • Levant states reworked to prepare for additional skeleton content in Penelope's Web and playable content in Black Gold, Red Sands
  • The states & provinces on the Amur-Magadan border have been reworked
  • 3 new state lore entries for Italian East Africa

Bug Fixes

  • Thai OC world event now has loc
  • Removed random stray pixels on Yunnan's GAW GUI when set to look at individual regions
  • Jogjakarta state lore now appears in Jogjakarta
  • Fixed Quadros not coming to power sometimes despite being dominant
  • Added several missing news event pics for Paraguay skeleton
  • Iberian and US AI now affect the Colombian Civil War other than just sending volunteers
  • Hopefully fixed Iberian Wars not ending due to the rage over losing Melilla to the Moroccans
  • Fixed broken CTD when non-CW French Reclamation finished with Free French Victory
  • French Reclamation no longer uses same flavor text for beating French State as Burgundy does
  • Free French cores removed after Reconciliation and Reclamation
  • Iberian Wars Portuguese Naval OOB no longer spawns in a province without a port
  • Current supply workaround replaced with simpler, less buggy method, thanks to dlin369 on discord/github. (Does sometimes still breaks, but fixes itself on reload)
  • Frigate tooltip in non-MtG tech tree no longer uses battleship desc
  • Will no longer remove air wings from their group while trying to assign them to ground support
  • Fixed Save Party Pop effect, should prevent many generic pop wheels
  • Fixed NATO support unit icons for several different companies
  • Liberal Socialism icon works properly now
  • Fixed cropping on Strategic Cycles doctrine icon
  • Reduced number of uses of "prostate" by 75% by fixing typos
  • Nepal and Bhutan have full names
  • Coquimbo is not part of the Greater La "Serna" Metropolitan Area anymore
  • Fixed a glitch where Japan would sometimes be unable to send volunteers to Indonesia
  • When Pinay is elected in France, France is still called as the French State, but not the French Republic
  • Red Finland gets cores to all Finland if it wins in the civil war
  • Finland no longer causes 2WRW early
  • Patrice Lumumba is not a liberal head of the post-decolonized Congo
  • The Boers Republic get cores to all the South Africa territories after Schild's total victory
  • The Ukrainian National Republic is no longer Integrated Reichskommissariat
  • The Republic of Belarus no longer have a core to Wilna
  • Paktkommission Kongo's GDP growth no longer crashes
  • Léopoldville Verwaltung gets a faction status idea properly after the Großafrikanischer Reichsstaat is collapsed
  • Safed and Golan Heights is no longer controlled by Italian Middle East after its dissolution
  • Iberian Algeria gets cores to Sétif, Constantine and Aurès after it wins in the Algerian War
  • Heydrich should be functional
  • Heydrich gets his Dönitz event during the GCW again
  • Ostland and Denmark will now properly enter Bormann's sphere correctly
  • Speidel will no longer put the socialist Ranković in charge of Reichsprotektorat Serbien
  • Germany's espionage decisions no longer crush OFN unity by clamping a variable out of 30 to a max of 10.
  • Himmler no longer tries to increase Legion support in Brittany
  • Himmler no longer sends penal battalions to secretly build infrastructure and prisons in Germany
  • Viipuri state lore is now located in Viipuri
  • Implemented/Fixed missing minister portraits for the Chetniks
  • Great Game GUI has the Italian image in the correct place again
  • English Nationwide devastation and radicalization now take Somerset into account
  • English general Peter Kerrigan has remembered his name
  • RFK's Social Security no longer causes a nation-wide crisis that leads to the bill always failing
  • Spawning the Revolutionary Communes of Orenburg during After Midnight no longer CTDs
  • Rykov dynamic loc works properly
  • AI should be able to properly integrate Komi Soviet and form West Russian United Front
  • AI is disabled on End NAP/Unification decisions for Left Komi and WRRF if one of the tags is a player
  • Players should no longer be able to select both the End NAP and Unify decisions at once
  • Fixed everyone's favorite Komi leader, Leonid Kantorovich (literally who, man's been broke since NSB and no one noticed)
  • Player can no longer sneak wonders into superregional by holding events
  • Integrating Gorky peacefully as Left Komi no longer causes their generals to flee to the WRRF
  • Left Komi now had the proper minister sets after the election and during Smuta
  • Saranpaul can no longer pull an investment scam on Tyumen to get the highest GDPc on the planet
  • Stalina will no longer coup everyone, including herself, if they only get a plurality in the election
  • Stalina gets replaced correctly with power vacuum after get purged
  • Komi's coups should now work properly again
  • Several of the readded flavor events have been blocked from triggering if peacefully integrated
  • Kissinger Epilogue event can now fire correctly
  • Schlafly FAAI Act has a working icon
  • US no longer leaves an extra 250 guns behind after raiding Dominican weapon stores
  • Hart should no longer resurrect to make Chep watch him die again and ruin his presidency
  • McCormack's 22nd amendment event now triggers in the correct year
  • 22nd and 23rd amendments have been changed in loc so that 22nd isn't ratified after the 23rd.
  • Kirkpatrick's bio no longer calls here a founder member of the modern Nationalist wing
  • Added loc for US's pre Colombian Civil War events
  • Canadian GDP is less odd, now with N. Ontario having 1/10 the economy and N. Saskatchewan having 10x the population
  • Negotiations on Schlafly's FAAI now actually triggers the correct events
  • Getting the Ports back now triggers the correct world event
  • Hungary no longer get a Hart event
  • The Republicans no longer sweep the nation if they go under 15 senators
  • The event for Schlafly's cabinet now properly fires
  • Poland, Denmark, and Norway now have their correct puppet types when conquered post-GCW
  • Finland no longer keeps an idea referring to Karelia should they loose the Murmansk War
  • Reichsprotektorat Serbien is no longer a Mitsreiter and is now actually a Reichsprotektorat
  • Bormann will no longer decrease the popularity of non-existent esoteric nazism in his events and focuses
  • Militärbezirks Moskowien & Russland are now military districts rather than autonomous reichskommisariats, as the name would suggest
  • Nazi Paraguay now rejoin's Germany's economic sphere as intended
  • Magadan no longer licks the boots of the Americans so hard they join their economic sphere twice
  • Werbell's grey economy actually gives credit rating progress now as stated in the national spirit
  • Djibouti is no longer 50 miles inland
  • Asmara is now in its correct location in the Eritrean highlands and not on the coast hundreds of miles away
  • Larionov becomes a minister in Komi's Smuta tree properly due to a weird eccentricity in PDX's character system
  • Old Rightist ministers removed when new ones are added in Komi's Smuta tree
  • Tabby's clock has slowed down to account for changes in timing caused by Smuta addition, hopefully(?) will no longer die two years early
  • AM leaders who are also generals should no longer disappear partway into AM
  • Larionov properly takes over after Tabby's death now
  • Fixed The Reckoning timer triggering again due to a variable using Komi's pre-TT tag
  • AM Amur takes now takes all the territory Amur gets during regional rather than just one of three
  • All West Africa Crisis scenario peace deals work
  • South Africa War OFN victory has been fixed

Balance Changes

  • Significantly adjusted the cost and reward of many actions which are part of the gauntlet mechanic
  • Nerfed the Nationalist caucus' starting popularity
  • Buffed Speer to be at an equal level to Bormann
  • Nerfed Göring, with harsher nerfs on AI Göring
  • Nerfed AI Heydrich
  • Speer no longer spawns units in Königsberg
  • The German Civil War should now end much earlier (around 6-10 months after start)
  • Military effects of Devastating War spirit increased to correspond with decreased devastation gain in ECW

QoL Improvements

  • Shift-clicking in Battle of Sichuan GUI sets weapons and pp to max

Other Changes

  • Added a couple of provinces to Delaware, as well as several additional new Victory Points in the northeast US
  • Added several victory points to Guatemala, Honduras, and Costa Rica
  • Fidel Castro's subideology is changed from Social Nationalism to Provisional Government
  • The Colombian Revolutionary Union's starter parties popularity is changed
  • Seyß-Inquart dies 200 days later, preventing it from happening pre-GCW
  • English AI much less likely to campaign for extremists and will have easier time of reconstruction
  • When communist Oman, both socialist Egypt and Iraq win in the civil wars, they get post-war names
  • New Granada is part of the Italian Sphere
  • Added failsafe to Ferus in case player crushes Buryat mutiny in first month
  • WRRF integrating Komi now only slightly hurts pp gain for 2 months, rather than the -1 pp per day it was before
  • One less city named after Voroshilov
  • LBJ no longer has his liberal variables significantly increased when facing Wallace leading to him loosing in a landslide
  • Passing and vetoing the Civil Rights Act of 1962 now actually impacts popularity
  • The Co-Prosperity Sphere is no longer run by the English in name
  • Tabby loses totalitarian police and gets Death Squads after starting superregional


Version 02.11.22 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.12.1 - 1.12.4)

  • Various fixes and improvements.


Version 21.10.22 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.12.1 - 1.12.4)

  • Various fixes and improvements.


Version 16.10.22 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.12.1 - 1.12.3)

  • Various fixes and improvements.


Version 14.10.22 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.12.1 - 1.12.3)

  • Update for version 1.12
  • Lots of new content
  • Various fixes and improvements.


Version 09.04.22 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.11.1 - 1.11.10)

  • Various improvements.


Version 07.04.22 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.11.1 - 1.11.5)

  • Fixes


Version 01.04.22 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.11.1 - 1.11.5)

v1.2.1'b' “Toolbox Theory: Project Ferus”

Major Additions

  • Added several new uses for cavalry units

  • Taboritsky rework (outsourced)

Minor Additions

  • Added new Chiefs of Executive for Guangdong

  • Added High Command for Ireland

Bug Fixes

  • Paraguayan Peronists won't catch the opportunity to seize the power after the communists are defeated in the Battle of Asunción

  • Reginald Maudling no longer has the portrait of Arthur Kenneth Chesterton

  • Brazil's "Sell APC" decision in the South African War no longer grants them infinite APCs

  • Fixed Boris Yeltsin not properly becoming a country leader when he wins the elections

  • Fixed a bug where the Falklands and South Georgia were not cores of Canada

  • Fixed a bug where the interest rate would be set to 0 instead of updating properly

  • Stopped the American event for the end of the west african war triggering multiple times

  • Fixed misplace option text in the event where the Komi President visits Washington

  • Stopped Private Citizen Glenn from claiming being President when enough nuclear reactors are built - Fixed many instances of the word "business" misspelled as "business"

  • Fixed Agrarian Spartanism subideology icon not properly showing up

  • Fixed Adhemar's economic minister not showing up

  • Political pie chart now displays correctly after United Arab Emirates gain independence

  • MacNamara tree cooperating with the RD's should not softlock anymore

  • The DLC coup will no longer trigger after the DLC is solved

  • Shonan's party popularities are now properly set in the total Shonan victory scenario

  • Fixed Holy Russian Empire having a generic leader after tabby's death

  • Fixed Tabby's decision to invade Kazakhstan not being visible

  • Moved the capital city of After Midnight countries to the proper location

  • Fixed After midnight countries not having any ministers

  • Fixed the "country already explored" tooltip not being properly updated after visiting the Regency of Holy Russia

  • Properly integrated the "song of the eastern front" DLC into the game

  • Fixed transport planes not using fuel (ported from base game)

  • All instances of have_country_leader trigger now check the character instead of the leader's name

  • Fixed the states claimed by People's Republic of Portugal not being setup properly

  • Various loc fixes

Balance Changes

  • Drastically nerfed resistance modifiers, hopefully reducing some of the stalemates seen in AI wars (at least in Africa)

QoL Improvements

  • Added a tooltip explaining the state power consumption toggle mechanic

  • Improved Tooltip for Economic Expectations

  • Slightly reduced the lag caused by peace conferences Other Changes

  • Canada will now start with The Bahamas, Ascension Island, and Saint Helena

  • Tabby will now move the capital to Vyatka upon regional unification

  • Changed Tukhachevsky's 70s portrait

  • Changed the picture in Bose's assassination event

  • Dehumanized some GFX

  • Brazil's Military Coup focus tree has been renamed


Version 30.01.22 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.11.1 - 1.11.5)

Major Additions

  • Added compatibility with HoI4 version 1.11.5

Minor Additions

  • Re-added Market Liberalism subideology

  • Added the flame tank support company

  • Ported some missing AI strategies for operations from the base game

Bug Fixes

  • IRA Northern Ireland will no longer be lead by an UNKNOWN shadow man, and instead be lead by Seamus Twomey

  • Fixed the world going dark on DirectX 11, thanks to user "yeah, i'm cringe" for submitting the fixed shader files

  • Fixed England national spirit The Russian Way gives England a monthly income worth 200% of England's GDP instead of 2%

  • Fixed a misspelling of Hanzi as Hanxi in event The Literacy Reforms

  • Ported the tank balance changes from the base game

  • Fixed Kyzyzlorda having an exiled division at game start

  • Hopefully fixed AI Bormann not taking decisions to reclaim the Pakt

  • Scotland focus Our Duties at Home will no longer trigger an invalid event

  • Hüttig can on longer boobytrap the border after the conclusion of SAW

  • Hopefully fixed the Afrikan-Schild not disbanding after Hüttig's takeover

Balance Changes

  • Decisions under the Guard Initiates category will only modify the number of people passing the test after the decision is removed

  • Slightly improved AI Ural league so that they can actually have some spare political power to take the coring decisions

QoL Improvements

  • Some Russian coring decisions will now have dynamic names


Version 22.01.22 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.11.1 - 1.11.4)

Major Additions

  • Added compatibility with HoI4 version 1.11 and the No Step Back DLC

Minor Additions

  • Introduced two new mapmodes
  • Moved city descriptions from city custom terrain to a window GUI, coupled with mapicons that shows all the states containing city descriptions
  • Added custom news headers for several nations including Germany, Amur, Brazil, England, Ireland, Japan, Communist Russia, Red Army Russia, Tsarist Russia, and USA. More custom news headers will be implemented as time goes on.
  • Made it possible for the USA to stage a rebellion in Mali during WAC Scenario 3
  • New 1960s general portrait for Remer
  • The Pakt Commission for the Congo established if Leopoldville wins the Congo Civil War has a new unique flag and ruling party name
  • Replaced existing "Canadian" culture with region specific cultures for Canada
  • AI England will now do the reconstruction decisions
  • Ported various features from the base game. These changes include:
    • AI strategies for intel agencies and operative missions
    • Level 2 operatives
    • Unit leader getting wounded / sick (they will recover faster than vanilla with the medical advancements in the past two decades)
    • Agents being captured / killed / turned
  • AI now knows to construct utility buildings when the demand is not 100% satisfied
  • Göring will now prepare for his world conquest by building lots of Railway guns and floating harbors
  • USA's dark blue cosmetic tag will also be applied if US is defeated by Göring
  • Added a bunch of decisions for Göring to conquer Egypt, Sudan and East Africa after the capitulation of Italy
  • Added an RK for China called RK Großchina with Oskar Munzel as country leader. This country will spawn if Göring defeats China in WPC
  • New armour system adapted to work with TNO techs of IFVs and MBTs

Bug Fixes

  • Yorubaland will now join the war immediately in the WAA vs FMA vs PALF scenario
  • Kayes will no longer peace out separately when capitulated
  • Mali and Kayes will annex each other respectively
  • 'A Devastating War' national spirit is now removed after the English Civil War ends
  • Aichi Kiichi will now have Corporatism appear instead of Fascism for ideology text
  • Allowed Aramburu to take power after Rojas' Interim Presidency
  • Félix Estigarriba's portrait will now display correctly
  • Fixed Azandeland Peace Deal so they can join the Japanese Economy Sphere
  • Fixed states in Congo not being cored
  • Fixed Germany adding the Cabal Statelet to the Pakt
  • Fixed Post-Mandate Reconstruction Discontent
  • Fixed CAR Collapsing Twice
  • Fixed Angola going into Civil War during CAR Collapse
  • Fixed an infinitely looping C.A.R World Event
  • Fixed Burgundy not collapsing
  • The "oil for food" idea in Amur should now display properly
  • Fixed a decision that should give a prison for Amur
  • Fixed a wrong policy effectiveness change in a focus effect for Amur's regional tree
  • Fixed the Deficit/GDP ratio tooltip when mousing over the GDP value at the top of the screen (was always 0% before)
  • Shiina Etsusaburo will no longer be erroneously displayed as having the Corporatism subideology instead of the Reform Bureaucracy one
  • Fixed several misleading options and tooltips for Kaya events
  • Fixed the wrong ending firing after failing the Dai Li Conspiracy
  • Fixed Léopoldville Verwaltung not leaving the Pakt during the Congolese civil war
  • Paraguay no longer gets 60% esonaz popularity when the FdG wins
  • Speer's reorganization of Ostland will no longer give Belorussia a core on Nordstern. Additionally, Reichsland Baltikum/Baltischer Bund will lose the Ostland tag cores on the Belorussian states after the reorganization
  • The Second Philippine Republic winning over the USFIP and the AFRSR will now count as cold war victory points
  • The LNPP outcome in the Grapes of Wrath event chain no longer locks MCS out of taking any national foci
  • Madagaskar no longer becomes an empire if the Malagasy Civil War finishes during the German Civil War
  • Deutsches Freikorps now have the correct national spirits during the slave revolt
  • Removed split-second lag when clicking on a state due to a code issue
  • RFK should no longer implement UBI out of nowhere
  • The CIA may no longer fund Hawaiian partisans when Hawaii is apart of the United States
  • CAR should get its African Crisis victory tree if it wins
  • Boer elections should fire now
  • Fixed the heightmap around Iwo Jima
  • Fixed US postal service being infiltrated by Kempeitai agents and sends equipment to the Republic of Indonesia instead of Free Indonesia
  • Fixed Tver Republic get cores on Herat instead of Rybinsk
  • Fixed England's monthly influence not increasing in the "An Atlantic Battleground" mechanic
  • Fixed England's econ sphere being called "no sphere"
  • Fixed Thatcher's Fair Employment Act being stuck in the parliament forever
  • Possibly fixed England joining a faction after they stayed independent in the faction mechanic
  • Fixed a blank regiment spot in the US infantry template
  • Hopefully fixed Nixon not resigning sometimes
  • You can no longer win and loose the Guyana war simultaneously
  • Fixed USA event "War in Russia", "The Battle for Russia: Eastern", and "The Conclusion of the Battle for Russia" having no available option sometimes
  • Various behind the scene Margaret Chase Smith fixes
  • LBJ no longer tries to support South Africa by sending volunteers to Italy
  • Added a missing level 3 fort in Bechuana Land
  • The lowest temperature will no longer be higher than the highest temperature in the Eastern Canada region
  • Fixed a province in Ardahan having an invalid terrain type
  • Fixed Japanese sabotage decision targets MPLA instead of UNITA during the Angolan Civil war
  • Fixed Japan being able to send technicians to Madagascar during the Congo Civil war
  • Fixed Japan being able to start bombing campaigns against Göring and Göring's subjects in the Pakt during the oil crisis
  • Attempt to dismiss an operative will no longer cause a CTD
  • Answering requests for garrison manpower support from foreign countries will no longer cause a CTD
  • Fixed various misspellings of "independence" as "independance" (again)
  • Thermal Nuclear wars should no longer trigger once it's disabled in arcade mode
  • Fixed various clipping issues in the intel ledger
  • SAW and Burgundy volunteers now gets cleared properly upon the conclusion of the conflict
  • Fixed countries puppeting non-existing countries at game start
  • Further cleaned up some deprecated events
  • Fixed various GUI issues
  • Guided missiles and modern battle tanks will no longer cost oil to produce (seriously... after all these years, we still haven't finished the MTG integration)
  • The Partisan Republic of Buryatia should capitulate properly now
  • Fixed Kamchatka fleet disappearing
  • Fixed various instances of the loc being indecisive about whether the city should be called Sverdlovsk or Yekaterinburg
  • Fixed PRC decision Empower Civilian Faction decreases the loyalty of citizenry
  • Fixed several PRC focuses increasing GDP in Eastern Mongolia
  • Fixed Omsk's custom regional development decisions being unavailable after putting down the old guard
  • Fixed some weird issues during Göring's conquest of RK Moskowien
  • Fixed Göering focus from Paris to Madrid not being available even after the conquest of France
  • China will no longer join the Pakt if Göring's at war with them
  • Fixed an incorrect display in the description of the "Crack the Sphere" decision category
  • Fixed Göring mission "Conquer the Balkans" and "Conquer Scandinavia" stop reactivating once one of the nations in that country has been conquered
  • Fixed some incorrect decision names in the congo civil war decision
  • Iranian civil war contenders that have been capitulated will be annexed immediately upon the collapse of the coalition
  • Fixed a socdem wales unable to take nationalization decisions when having exactly 50% socdem popularity
  • Sudwestafrika focuses now properly apply "Incoherent Bookkeeping" national idea
  • Focuses with US_has_no_bill_in_senate trigger now can't be taken if there's a bill in the Senate
  • BRA_maintain_business_connections and BRA_connection_with_the_corps now no longer give you 2 civilian factories
  • If you sell APCs as Brazil in the SAW, you no longer lose money
  • In the ILP focus tree, land forts no longer vanish somewhere in construction in Lothian
  • Fixed Iberian Wars contenders endlessly re-declaring war on breakaway states after losing to them
  • Fixed "Airlift" and "Identify Insurgents" decisions
  • Temporarily disabled the Magadan Conference event chain and replaced the focus outcome with a generic Comintern founding so Sablin can access the Comintern properly

Balance Changes

  • Extreme (>10%) real GDP growth will lead to inflation and in some circumstances to reduced growth
  • Scotland should no longer get a GDP Multiplier of -3.369 when the english get repatriated
  • Lowered the requirements for the Gulf of Guinea Campaign
  • Lowered various decisions costs during the WAC
  • Made the Philippine Reconstruction easier for both Japan and the USA
  • Various proxy war rebalancing in the Philippines
  • Ferdinand Marcos now removes socialist national spirits after his coup
  • Slightly buffed AFRSR
  • Increased all base supply (from VPs, population, infrastructure), as well as supply hub range, to hopefully make the low-supply war situations in TNO playable
  • Removed Division Attrition from states without administrators for the Second Northern Expedition
  • Reduced Südwestafrika's GDP by 90%
  • Changed some effects that add infrastructure to instead build SocDev buildings or railways as appropriate
  • Iberia's National Infrastructure Plan focus will construct additional railway lines
  • Free Indonesia will now receive the same tech as the Republic of Indonesia at the start of the civil war
  • Yunnan decision that invites countries to the United Front will be removed immediately once the GAW
  • The battle of Sichuan will last for 112 days, and the clash will trigger once every 7 days
  • Reduced the player campaign time from 6 days to 5, AI campaign time from 11 and 21 to 10 and 20, respectively, in England
  • Halved the monthly influence gain from the decision "Denounce the Superpowers in Parliament" so that England wouldn't stay independent all the time
  • Ported various balance changes from the base game. These changes include:
  • Weather penalties
  • Difficulty settings
  • Operations will no longer require transport planes if there is none in the stockpile
  • Effect of leader skills
  • XP needed for field marshal/unit leaders to level up
  • Effect of various unit leader traits
  • Effect of various ship modules
  • Increased cost of building naval bases
  • Increased the naval invasion capacity gained from landing craft research
  • Reduced / Removed the manpower bonus at game start for some countries
  • Doubled the cost of building an infrastructure and doubled the effect of building infrastructure
  • The cap of the infrastructure remains to be 10, but reduced the infrastructure level on every state by approximately 25%
  • Natural Orator trait will now increase the effect of propaganda operative mission (since it isn't allowed to boost ideology/launch coups in TNO)
  • Tweaked Onega to make it more playable
  • Kazakh warlords now start with power and TT buildings
  • Several tags around the map now start with transport planes in their stockpile
  • Changed Tyumen's 5 Year Plans to have dynamic decision costs and have more diverse effects

QoL Improvements

  • Removed civilian and military factories to overlord modifiers from all autonomy types, making subjects more playable

Other Changes

  • Leclerc will now succeed de Gaulle
  • Improved Miguel Ángel Soler's portrait
  • Changed Manchukuo to "State of Manchuria" or "Manshukoku" if they are a Republic
  • Added a generic decision icon for CIA Decisions
  • Added Effects to McGovern's FREEDOM Act
  • Pierre Gaxotte now properly displays as having the Interim Government Despotism Subideology
  • Che will now get owned by the triple Alliance like God mandates
  • Added the possibility for coups to happen in Chile
  • Added the OFN Theme to the OST
  • Samara now changes economy types/subtypes depending on its path
  • Fixed Samara having Planned Economy as it's Economy Type
  • David McDonald is replaced by Robert J. Fleming as country leader of the Panama Canal Zone
  • New Sakharov portrait in Tomsk using a more period accurate source
  • Loc changed to make clear the deficit and surplus is yearly, not monthly
  • Changed names for Administrative Efficiency Socdevs
  • Updated Icons for the Aryan Brotherhood
  • New Portraits for Jellicoe and Wilson Second Term
  • New Cultures for the Philippines
  • Character-integrated has_country_leader triggers for ease of translation.
  • Added daily army and air xp based on Army RnD funding
  • Added daily naval xp based on Navy Funding
  • England is now allowed to build convoys, transport helicopters, and transport planes before the ECW begins
  • Reduced the chance of AI attempting to elect Chesterton / Stirling from 33% to 20%
  • Increased the likelihood AI actually Chesterton / Stirling if it attempts to do that
  • AI is less likely to complete the focus Cash Out before completing all other focuses related to the Dover conference
  • Delayed the assassination of JFK by a month
  • Rebalanced the AI factors of the Nixon tree, which means that AI Nixon may choose to go neutral on CRA
  • Imroved generic urban terrain gfx
  • RK Canada will move their capital to Winnipeg once Ontario is given to USA after the defeat of USA
  • Moved RK Amerika's capital to New Orleans
  • Moved RK Feuerland's capital to the actual Buenos Aires
  • Moved RK Brasilien's capital to the actual Rio de Janeiro
  • Moved RK Quebec's capital to Montréal (I know Québec City would be a better candidate but that's a base game issue)
  • Moved RK Pazifik's capital to San Francisco
  • The time it takes for Göring's economy to collapse is now re-calculated once a new war is declared
  • AI Scotland will now attempt to stockpile some equipments so that they could send them to HMMLR during the ECW
  • AI Scotland will now prioritize completing focus related to ECW
  • Iran now joins the German economic sphere if the Monarchists win the Iranian Civil War
  • AI PRC will now assign states to citizenry/military and keep a dynamic equilibrium between the number of the states owned by the military and citizenry
  • Number of civilian factories and military factories on a state / in a region will no longer be displayed on the intel ledger since the number is always 0
  • Burgundian geographers have now realized that they had their maps on the wrong side the entire time, and that Ost-Paris is actually located north of Paris


Version 21.11.21 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.10.1 - 1.10.8)

  • A large amount of new content.
  • Correction of errors.


Version 07.06.21 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.10.1 - 1.10.7)

v1.1.2 “Ordem e Progresso”

Major Additions

  • Integrated content from CSS' Ordem e Progresso demo into the mod

Minor Additions

  • A whole new variety of loading screen quotes from Latin America
  • Accurate party names and dates for next election given to all nations in Latin America
  • The Mexican PRI is now only Authoritarian Democracy
  • Changed Higinio Morinigo's and Fidel Castro's portrait
  • Speer's Natsoc Failstate event chain now also plays in case the Slave Revolt NSDAP Coup happens
  • Added OFN Observer Status, a new Faction Icon that South Africa and Brazil can get
  • New portraits for Oktan, this time it's actually him. Regular and 70s version
  • Added flavor for the Lobster War for Zentralafrika
  • New portraits for 70s Franco, Ullastres Calvo, Fernández-Miranda and Gutiérrez-Mellado
  • Added custom difficulty settings to Ireland

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed game rules save/load menu
  • Fixed text clipping when using show_effect_as_desc
  • Modifiers that previously affected paratroppers now affect air assault
  • Fixed several recurring unit texticon errors
  • Added padding to several tech trees to make scrolling easier
  • Fixed an issue with motorized equipment not appearing in the production screen correctly
  • Fixed Map Compatibility Issues
  • Fixed Various GFX Compatibility Issues
  • Fixed multiple loc errors in Speer content
  • A few Germany loc fixes
  • Fixed various misspellings of 'modify' as 'modifiy' in Bormann oil crisis tree
  • Hopefully fixed Samara event "Vlasov's Secret Speech" may have no available option to take sometimes
  • Andrey Vlasov can no longer lead an army after his death
  • Taking Omolon decisions from category "Wrath of God" should no longer increase the command power
  • Fixed Chita event "Planes in Harbin" having an empty event option
  • Fixed various misspellings of "Altay" as "Atlay"
  • Fixed Magadan focus "No Partisanship, No Problem" firing the incorrect event
  • Fixed Magadan event "New Trade Opportunities" and "Left Hanging" firing only once
  • Fixed an exploit where player can spawn OP divisions by modifying the template
  • Fixed completing Project Tsysklon (WRRF) gives events of all three results
  • Fixed The Divine Mandate of Siberia loosing their divine white color during superregional / national unification
  • Fixed Tyumen event "A Long Night" firing repeatedly in regional stage
  • Fixed Samara state modifier "Inner Circle-Controlled Fief" and "Civilian-Controlled Fief" not changing the local construction speed
  • Fixed a few Tabby events being hidden despite having loc implemented
  • The Russia Tourist event chain should be able to bypass Irkutsk / Buryatia when one of the countries cease to exist
  • The second Five Year Plan can only start after the first one is over
  • Fixed Werbell event "Begrudging Teamwork" not giving player the general Yuri Vitvitsky
  • Tabby's mission "The Reckoning" should no longer appear intermittently after midnight
  • Fixed various after midnight national spirits that don't correctly modify the recruitable population factor
  • United Siberian Salvation Committee national spirit "A Light From the East" no longer give 10% stability weekly
  • The national spirit "Peasant Uprisings" will now be properly removed after completing last focus that deals with the peasant uprisings
  • Hopefully fixed Irkutsk and Buryatia post-war tree being loaded after midnight
  • Fixed a few Magnitogorsk national spirits not being removed after midnight
  • Fixed a few Magnitogorsk mechanics not being disabled after midnight
  • Fixed various Redeemed Black League events referring Yekaterinburg as Sverdlovsk
  • Race for the Urals decision category will no longer be visible after midnight
  • Fixed Magadan focus "Reunion" and "Consolidate Control" being completable before the capitulation of Amur
  • Fixed bastillard Tomsk decision "Develop the Icebreaker Fleet" not being visible
  • Fixed Omsk event "The City Secured" displaying a weird effect
  • Fixed a few Samara decisions categories being visible after midnight
  • AM warlords will no longer have civilian factories utilization national spirits
  • Fixed a misleading Novosibirsk tooltip that suggests all Russian warlords can be influenced after 1969
  • Fixed Redeemed Black League holding elections after midnight
  • Fixed Komi event "A Request for a Ceasefire" may have no available option to take sometimes
  • Fixed an Omsk event not switching EconMins properly
  • Fixed USA event "Little to X" triggering an invalid event
  • Fixed a few instances where the party popularity bonus doesn't get applied properly
  • Fixed Thurmond investigation getting the best ending if it received a medium amount of resources. Doing so now correctly gives the "okay" ending (maximum resources now properly gives the best ending)
  • Removed Israel Paramilitiary technology used to clone CIA agents (Operation WSLOCUST now properly subtracts an agent before starting)
  • Katanga will no longer gain two extra states during the collapse of CAR or Congo Mandate
  • Fixed the state menu showing occupation breakdown of the state despite the owner fully controls that state when an African country declares independence
  • Fixed despot Congo not having a name. It's now called "Congo State"
  • Hopefully fixed CAR collapse firing multiple times
  • HMMLR England will inherit the fleet from the Kingdom of England
  • England will now consistently gain troops and fleet from Scotland during peaceful unification
  • Germany will receive the Cornwall fleet and generals when Cornwall is defeated
  • Fixed England event "Bloody Will Be Thy End" referring "Harold Macmillan" as "Howard Macmillan"
  • Fixed England event "Charge and Lock" having an empty event option
  • Fixed England event "The Maudling Proposal" having an empty event option
  • Satisfying Cornwall as England no longer gives some aryan blessings such as +200% division speed
  • Fixed a few dynamic VP name issues in Cyprus and Rhodes
  • Fixed Italian national spirit "Italy on it's own" being able to reach +2500% trade deal opinion factor and -2500% Ideology drift defense during BFI
  • Fixed unintended cap of 3000 skilled laborers to Burgundy's states
  • Fixed an incorrect tooltip in the effect of a radical Mergers, Takeovers, and Monopolies Bill in Ireland
  • Removed some unnecessary tooltip in Ireland event "End of the Line"
  • A few Ireland loc fixes

Balance Changes

  • Increased the division speed boost of the national sprit "The Far Eastern Front" from 5% to 15%
  • Every Omolon decisions from category "Wrath of God" can now be taken during the far eastern conquest, but most of these decisions have an increased command power cost, spawns slightly weaker divisions, and has a 20 day cool down
  • Decreased the time it takes for an AI only Far East to reunite

Other Changes

  • Revamped many old pieces of focus icon GFX
  • Made subtechnology icons easier to see in the tech trees
  • Adjust decision entries to make progress bars fit into decisions more naturally without clipping
  • Sorted tech icon definitions into a subfolder in the interface folder
  • Fixed various misspellings of "Kriegsmarine" as "Kreigsmarine"
  • Fixed various misspellings of "Committee" as "Comitte"
  • Fixed various misspellings of "Patrol" as "Patrool"
  • Fixed various misspellings of "acquire" as "aquire"
  • Fixed various misspellings of "address" as "adress"
  • Fixed various misspellings of "development" as "developement"
  • Hopefully fixed some of the Middle Eastern civil war victory news events not firing at all
  • Brazil's Senado candidates are now sorted by popularity
  • Replaced Hanns Matin Schleyer with August Frank as Heydrich's economy minister
  • Fixed some icons having broken shines for Speer
  • New icons for Speer's Oil Crisis and ending trees
  • Added new, more period accurate portrait for Boris Yeltsin
  • Christian Republic of Samara national spirit "Beacon in the Wastes" now gives 250 weekly manpower instead of +25% monthly manpower
  • Russian Empire idea "The Pretender of the People" now gives 0.25 political power daily instead of 0.025
  • Tannu Tuva will be renamed to Tuva when captured by a non-communist power
  • United Siberian Salvation Committee national spirit "A Light From the East" now gains 125 manpower weekly, instead of 500 population monthly
  • Aryan Brotherhood national spirit "Aryan Schematics" will now be displayed on country selection menu
  • Safa Gaziz's new portrait will also be used in his unit leader portrait
  • Various other Russia loc fixes
  • Slightly decreased the chance of Omsk collapsing in regional stage
  • Tabby focus "Expand On the Arsenal" can now be bypassed if the country already has the national spirit "Unrestricted Chemical Arsenal"
  • The division template of Omsk infiltrators can now be edited after regional unification
  • Onganía now will only be a
    ble to coup Framini in 1965
  • Onganía won't be able to coup Frondizi
  • Illia and Frigerio now replace Balbín as the UCR candidate in 1964
  • Reworked Argentina's natspirits and news events' loc


Version 28.03.21 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.10.1 - 1.10.4)

v1.1.1 “After Midnight”

Major Additions

  • Added an epilogue for post-collapse Taboritsky

Minor Additions

  • Added custom difficulty settings to Novosibirsk and PRC
  • USA now has a popular vote calculation for presidential elections
  • Implemented competitive AI for Bormann's Kartenhaus mechanic, meaning the Reformist and Militarist factions will now take actions against the player
  • Gave city localization to some major cities
  • Speer can now dismantle megacorporations during the Oil Crisis
  • Speer dismantles all megacorporations at the end of the Slave Revolt
  • Gave Germania new Localization
  • A whole new variety of loading screen quotes
  • Natspirit icons for (almost) all remaining natspirits, as well as loc
  • 3D models for the new nations

Bug Fixes

  • Cayo will no longer agree to peaceful unification
  • Fixed some broken Welsh Localisation
  • Hopefully fixed Thatcher England being able to join Pakt / OFN temporarily when they leave the faction during the unification war
  • Fix a duplicate tooltip in England focus "An Ignorant Population Doesn't Vote”
  • Supermac can no longer have two capital "m"s in the word "Macmillan”
  • NDL Mechanic no longer adds to more than 100%
  • Fixed both Thatcher national spirits The Cashflow Under Control not giving additional building slots
  • Fixed SLP national spirit Every Worker a Soldier and Armed Union Workers not increasing the recruitable population factor
  • Fixed Scotland focus Free the Market triggering an invalid event
  • Scottish Labour victory against England now triggers proper peace
  • Unionist path with Scotland now properly annexes England on a victorious war
  • Fixed many English loc issues, including ones with Macmillan that confused the Prime Minister and Chairman
  • Many Ireland typos fixed
  • Fixed the focus "Promote Christian Socialism" make Ireland having a total of 114 left & right popularity
  • Adwil projects in Ulster should reset properly now
  • Fixed Broken Adwil Localisation
  • SE uprising no longer create units in Russia
  • Ireland: Fixed faction cooperativeness have no effect in the time it takes to pass a left-wing bill
  • Ireland: Fixed a typo in code that resulted in the cooperativeness of De Valerists being used when calculating the effect of the cooperativeness of the hardliners
  • Ireland: The effect of faction cooperativeness and wing power should be applied correctly when their value is not an integer
  • Ireland: Fixed an exploit where players can radicalize / deradicalize their bill after it being passed by holding the event that gives the bill effects
  • Fixed an event during Bormann's dismantlement process having two options with the same name
  • Fixed a longstanding SIG value logging issue in the Kartenhaus mechanic
  • Fixed various misspellings of Ordensstaat as Ordenstaat
  • Various Germany loc fixes
  • US debate events now only fire when the candidates have been properly set
  • Goldwater flavor event has a title now
  • Goldwater fighting fascism doesn't require attacking the left instead anymore
  • MCS is no longer a trans icon (Speer event "This Old House" no longer refers to Margaret Chase Smith as "he")
  • Fixed Wallace event "A New Letter" doesn't have a description
  • Fixed RFK event "The Phone Call" referring LBJ as Jonhson
  • Fixed RFK focus "The Party above All" referring NPP as National Populist Party
  • Fixed McCormack's minister description saying that RFK assumes office after the impeachment of Nixon
  • Fixed a few concord issues in USA loc
  • Fixed some variables related to Harrington don't get clamped properly
  • L-NPP Activist no longer has an Iphone
  • Various other USA loc fixes
  • Fixed various issues related to the South Africa war peace deal
  • Boer Republic should no longer white peace with South Africa when capitulating them in the Second South Africa Civil war
  • Hopefully fixed the issue where the Boer Republic branch is still visible on the Reichstaat tree even if the Boer Republic doesn't exist
  • RK Ostafrika idea Renewed Offensive should no longer be instantly removed when added
  • The SAW will now end instantly after RK Ostafrika white peace with US if they managed to capitulate South Africa during American intervention
  • Fixed some forts in South Africa doesn't get added on game start
  • Made the Angolan Mandate try to balance the UNITA and MPLA
  • Fixed PRC's focus "Bomber-Focused Doctrine" having no description
  • Added the missing loc for PRC's focus "Right Hand of the soldiers"
  • Fixed a misspelling in the name "Fedor Ozmitel"
  • Fixed PRC event "Maintain Officer Elections?" having two options with the same name
  • Fixed Omsk event "Comrades in Arms" not giving the player the generals
  • The country with a higher diplomatic weight will no longer be annexed by the country with a lower one during unification
  • Fixed some Russian unification decisions / decision categories not disappearing after a successful diplomatic unification
  • Russia diplomatic unification can no longer be initiated if the unifier of that region is shattered (either by collapsing themselves or defeated by a non-unifier)
  • Fixed an issue that prevents Omsk from removing the national spirit Batov's Insurgency
  • Fixed Japanese intervention in the Mongolian civil war doesn't shorten the time to sign a ceasefire to 14 days and creates invalid dates in the national focus requirements such as June 35th, 1962
  • Fixed PRC not white peace with China when Japan intervened in the Mongolian civil war
  • Zhukov can no longer build factories in West Siberia through his regional focus "A Western SibPlan"
  • Samara's corruption spirit will now be updated correctly when the corruption value equals 25
  • The event introducing Samara's web of tension mechanic now gives correct national spirits
  • Samara's web of tension values now gets clamped and their effect updated in monthly pulses
  • Fixed Samara's military tension value doesn't get clamped sometimes
  • Fixed Tukha / Zhukov’s tree not being loaded when their fiefdoms beat WRRF
  • Bukharin will no longer redirect the Om River to Novosibirsk
  • The Eurasian dream decision category will no longer drop to the bottom of the decision tab after completing all projects
  • Fixed Komi event "Eurasia Teeters" firing long after the eurasian dream mechanic is over
  • Ceasefires in the Southern Urals War between two unifiers can no longer be proposed after 1969
  • Fixed the second option in Komi event "Stalina's Speech" having a ridiculously high chance to trigger the event "Shots Fired at the National Assembly!"
  • Fixed PRC focus “A new future” having an incorrect requirement tooltip
  • Fixed some inconsistent colorcoding issues in PRC state GUI
  • Fixed various dynamic Russia VP name issues
  • The Russia VP names will now be updated upon government change
  • Fixed Novosibirsk mission "Crush the Agitators" completing on game startup
  • Fixed the bypass condition of the Amur unification focuses
  • Corrected a few inconsistent tooltips in Tyumen's regional tree
  • Improving diplomatic stance as the Far East Unifier will no longer prevent the country from taking any other diplomatic decisions, and will complete immediately just like any other improving diplomatic stance decisions
  • The Siberia Unifier will now declare war on Southern Ural nations if West Russia failed to unify before that. This is used to prevent a soft lock caused by Orenburg / Ural League annexing other west Russia nations
  • AI Sablin will now declare war on Yakutita
  • Fixed the buggy civilian factory usage requirement in WRRF power struggle decisions
  • Fixed some issues related to the Project Indrik
  • The WRRF faction influence value will now be displayed when Zhukov and Tukha have the same influence
  • The WRRF factionalism status will now be properly displayed when this value equals to 19
  • The mechanic that prevents the same warlord being raided twice in 90 days now works properly
  • A raid canceled by a change of events (usually because the target is having a war) will no longer prevent the attacker from launching future raids
  • Properly fixed the West Siberia Unifier can't declare war on Onega-shattered Central Russia
  • Fixed Finland / Onega not white peace with the Central Russia / West Siberia unifier when the former capitulate the latter sometimes
  • Onega-shattered west Siberia nations now get cores on territories they own
  • Fixed WRRF event "SMERSH on the Case of the Sabotaged Oil Wells" may have no available option to take sometimes
  • Fixed WRRF event "Conspiracy in the Records" may have no available option to take sometimes
  • Fixed the global flag about sign non-aggression pacts during the Russia diplomatic unification is incorrectly set
  • Fixed some decisions in Zhdanov's succession mechanic being unable to complete if the player choose Chelomei
  • Fixed the WRRF decision Appease the Yakovlev Faction being always visible and decision Persuade the Other Factions (for Yakovlev) being never visible
  • Fixed Omsk idea A New SibPlan not giving additional building slots
  • Rejecting Altay commune's request will no longer give the player another chance to convince them again
  • Fixed a Sverdlovsk's AI campaign issue
  • Fixed an invalid Omsk tooltip
  • Added tooltip that triggers when two superregional unifiers are ideologically compatible with each other
  • Tabby coup will trigger, even if Gumilyov has been killed
  • Tabby will now date his journal
  • Russia will now gain cores on Salia and Petsamo when integrating Kola if they own these states
  • Russia national diplomatic unification events should no longer refer to the wrong regional unifier
  • A successful preliminary conference during the superregional unification will no longer skip the requirement of holding a successful preliminary conference during national unification
  • Various other Russia loc fixes
  • Colorized "Creating Provinces" on the loading screen
  • Replaced various occurrences of the character "ϋ" with "ü". The character "ϋ" doesn't display properly in loc
  • Fixed various typos of "civilian" as "civillian"
  • Fixed various typos of "the" as "teh"
  • Fixed various typos of "of" or "for" as "fo"
  • Fixed various typos of "connect" as "conect"
  • Fixed various typos of "battalion" as "batallion" or "batallion"
  • Fixed various typos of “committee” as "comittee", "commitee" or "comitee”
  • Fixed motorized equipment not receiving proper equipment bonuses from a few ideas
  • Fixed some equipment (especially helicopters) being categorized into the wrong type
  • Fixed various tech issues on game start
  • Fixed various OOB issues

Balance Changes

  • Socdem Wales will be more likely to accept unification request from libsoc England while less likely to accept the same request from Authdem / Despotic / Authsoc England
  • Added a national spirit to the AB
  • Reduced the Effects of the Luftwaffe Bombing to West Russia and West Siberia
  • Halved the debuff of Siberia Bombing spirit for Tabby
  • Infrastructure now has a less likelier chance to be damaged through conflict
  • Effects of the Western Bombing has been lessened
  • Laws have been tweaked, to be more in tone with the future TT changes
  • Most WRRF power struggle decision effects will now happen when the decision is removed instead of completed
  • Most Onega decision effects will now happen when the decision is removed instead of completed
  • Resistance will now start when PRC loses its core on western Mongolia
  • Blowing up Zhukov’s oil well as Tukha will now temporarily decrease the oil production in Uktha
  • Increased the cost of Zhukov’s deploy red army labour battalions decision, while lengthened its remove time and reduced its popularity boost
  • All prepare final unification talks decisions now take 45 days to complete
  • Removed the pp cost of Vyatka's campaign decisions, but added a 5-day cooldown to them
  • Reduced the pp cost of Vyatka's Suppress Minority Voting, Encourage rural Voting and Encourage Minority Voting decision to 30 and significantly increased their popularity boost effects to varying degrees
  • Vyatka focus "Carte Blanche for Smyslovsky" and "Root Them Out" now gives a higher NTS boost and a lower VHS boost
  • Rebalanced AI Omsk. They will now collapse more commonly in warlord stage in an AI only West Siberia and less commonly in regional stage

QoL Improvements

  • Added a warning tooltip that triggers when you have a lower diplomatic weight during peaceful unification
  • Added an event tooltip that triggers when the raid can’t be initiated (usually because the target is having a war) after the target refuses the ultimatum
  • MacMillan Mechanic now has a tooltip showing the percentage power
  • Glenn's Mars landing now has a mission indicating how long the rocket to mars needs

Other Changes

  • New Josias portrait
  • Tabby's collapse events can no longer be triggered before national unification
  • You need to finish the political tree of Tabby before doing the Military and Economical one
  • Completely replaced mechanized with APC. This includes mechanized equipment, mechanized units, unit name templates, and a few equipment bonuses
  • Added flavour events for Japan
  • Scotland no longer has new ship classes named after English History and places
  • Renamed Saór Eire to the Irish Republican Army, and the Real Irish Republican Army to the Irish Citizen Guard
  • AI will now be less likelier to slog through the Regional and Superregional stages
  • AI Russia Warlords will always prioritize diplomatic unification if available
  • AI Russia Warlords will now be more prepared for the superregional / national unification war
  • AI Finland, Onega and Central Russia unifier will now prepare for the Russia - Finland War
  • AI central Russia / west Siberia unifier and southern Ural nations will now prepare for the Southern Urals War
  • AI central Russia / west Siberia unifier will now declare war on the Southern Urals if they refuse to be integrated
  • AI Russia / Siberia unifier will now declare war on Kazakhstan if they cannot be integrated
  • AI Russia / Siberia unifier unifier and Kazakhstan will now prepare for the Southern Urals War
  • AI communist Komi won't take the focus "An Icy Reception" before Voroshilov dies and is less likely to take it when Zhukov becomes the Grand Marshal
  • AI WRRF will no longer appease and work against their opponent simultaneously during the power struggle
  • AI WRRF may sometimes prioritize minimizing factionalism instead of winning the power struggle
  • Some other tweaks to how AI WRRF handles power struggles
  • AI Russia Warlords should no longer take political campaign and secure control simultaneously
  • AI Russia Warlords are less likely to make their daily political power gain into the negatives by taking warlord development decisions
  • Russia Warlords now raid puppets of other Russian warlords
  • Russia Warlords no longer raid any country in the RK Moskowien
  • Tweaked the Onega AI. It’s now capable of dealing bandits / crushing radicals / invite nations to their faction
  • AI Onega will no longer put units on Finland borders
  • Most Russian warlords can now scavenge for loot and use them to improve social development


Version 09.01.20 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.10.1 - 1.10.3)

Minor Additions

  • Added unique icons for several OFN Angola national spirits and gave one missing focus an icon.
  • A number of flavor events for Omsk, including an epilogue event.
  • Revamped icons for Nixon's Integration focus tree.
  • Updated the portrait of Robert McIntyre (Scotland).
  • Flavor event for positive NASA Public Approval with Glenn.
  • Flavor event for the Mandate of Congo.
  • More USA event pictures.
  • More USA minister descriptions.

Balance Changes

  • Prevented Buryatia from using its troops to man the border with Mengjiang.
  • Glenn!'s NASA budget is no longer a fiscal black hole where money must be paid by everyone in the future to get anything to move forward.
  • More Clarity in what effects increase or decrease NASA's approval rate.
  • Doubled the maximum debuff the England player can receive when failing to fulfill multiple Generaloberst Demands.
  • The Goering AI is significantly less likely to win the German Civil war due to him crushing the hopes and dreams of anyone playing a game in Europe.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed some minor issues in two Thatcher events.
  • Removed a repeated trigger of a Südwestafrikan event
  • Ensured that military factories acquired via decision are able to be built in previously full states.
  • Prevented the noncompletion of a WRRF focus tree if Gorky did not exist.
  • Removed the ability for unresearched naval modules from the 70s and 80s to be used to upgrade ships at game start.
  • Fixed the USA constantly shipping England military equipment even after the -Sea Lion 2 is over. Sorry, Britain, the Arsenal of Democracy is for wartime only.
  • Fixed some British news events being triggered by country_event instead of news_event.
  • Fixed an issue when UE compromises with the liberals in an act.
  • Fixed the name of the decision that Activates Stay Behind Units in Dover.
  • Fixed a massive issue in the USA senate election code that led to NPP-FR always losing their senate seats at low NPP unity and Yockey senator candidates winning far more than they should.
  • Thatcher is no longer a member of the off-brand "Roayl" party.
  • MacMillan can no longer impact the SLP through bills.
  • Various Irish loc Fixes.
  • The English Generaloberst Demand mechanic will now work properly when failing to fulfill all his demands.
  • Stopped the Iberian "Death of Salazar" tree from appearing if he dies during the Iberian divorce.
  • Fixed the Iberian opinion modifiers (many were backwards).
  • Some minor loc fixes for Iberia.
  • Various Göring fixes, like removing misleading tooltips, adding missing localization, simplifying effects, and fixing and reprogramming the AI to be more attentive and prepare for war against the war plan targets.
  • Bormann's Operation Vier should no longer permanently lock out other operations.
  • The Franco-Burgundian War should consistently fire again now.
  • Fixed the loc in the "SLP wins election" event option.
  • Fixed the bug where Turkey would not get Rhodes or Cyprus if they won the Italo-Turkish War.
  • Fixed the Russian Warlord "Invest in infrastructure" decisions having no effect.
  • Fixed the typo in a Scotland's national focus "The Flag will Fly Forever".
  • RFK ministers now are loaded by the correct event.
  • Major Glenn fix that prevented him from getting to the moon and mars.
  • Fixed a bug that made it so that if you failed two manned missions, the NASA mechanic was stuck.
  • Fixed bug where the text for diplo crisis against japan was showing when the crisis was against germany.
  • CIA Tech research buttons now highlight when the tech can be researched.
  • Wallace should not have 3 votes for each Democrat in the senate to repeal the CRA.
  • Wallace's Cutting a deal should reload the amount of senators after an election.
  • Fixed a crudload of typos.
  • Hopefully fixed an issue where Hüttig's Reichsstaat would only partially explode then stop.
  • Fixed Oberkommando Südafrika's politics after victory.
  • Adjusted some Congolese ministers' ideology.

Other Changes

  • Various grammar and spelling corrections, as well as better titles for several events/focuses.
  • Added more endonyms for certain regions of the world with supported name changing to reflect the current holders.
  • Made war crimes in Africa exclusive to the side committing them (and also made said war crimes visible for the USA).
  • Added tooltips for two Komi focuses to properly show the conditions to do said focuses.
  • Changed a few VP names in Russia and Central Asia.
  • Improved some effects on Iberian oil crisis reaction trees.
  • Purged the Italian Algeria focus tree; skeletonized its content.
  • Reworked Wallace's internal mechanic (you might have caught the new tooltip in the previous version). Dixie Wallace will now rapidly lose the support of the North, while Yankee Wallace will quickly get hated in the south.
  • The "Invest in infrastructure" decision (Russian Warlords) will now prioritize adding infrastructure to states with lower infrastructure level and will no longer be available when all owned states have max infrastructure.
  • The "Industrial investment" decision (Russian Warlords)
  • Encourage Foreign Investors (Onega) will now only add factories to states with free building slots and will no longer be available when all owned states have max buildings.


Version 22.12.20 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.10.1 - 1.10.3)

Minor Additions

  • New tooltip if LBJ betrayed the African-American community
  • Flavor events linked to LBJ's Great Society decision category
  • Added new chain of events to Margaret Chase Smith
  • Added Attack Helicopters as a Support Company
  • Added Night Vision techs to the Support Weapon Branch of the infantry tech tree

Balance Changes

  • Made the CIA less effective in changing people's votes
  • Made societal unity matter more
  • Rebalanced RFK's internal mechanics
  • Made the Pre-Ecw google map system update monthly instead of every 30 days
  • Buffed Elite Infantry
  • Changed how RFK assassination triggers. It should no longer be based on randomness

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a lot of effects in the last part of LBJ's tree
  • Fixed tooltip for the "Impact on the Environment" part of LBJ's Great Society not working
  • Fixed description for LBJ's second inauguration

Other LBJ fixes

  • [OFN Mandates Africa] The Last RK to be capitulated now can properly do their tree after capitulation
  • Can now reach "Very Strong Impact" on all categories of LBJ's great society
  • AI LBJ doesnt have to save PP to do its focuses now
  • LBJ can now lift his race riots if he fucks up
  • Fixed the event ENG_International_Mechanic.6 having two options with the same name
  • Fixed passing the The Worker Protection Act as NDL triggers an invalid event
  • Fixed the "52nd Lowlanders" division being called the "52nd Highlanders"
  • Fixed the expansion tree doesn't get loaded when the center wins the election
  • Fixed the president doesn't get elected during the 1964 election
  • Fixed some loc being displayed incorrectly during the 1964 election
  • Fixed various issues caused by Ulster Becoming a puppet of England
  • Fixed Collab England not getting an event (and a few flavor events) after joining the OFN
  • Fixed Ian Paisely's minister portrait
  • CIA progress bar now properly tracks the progress
  • CIA coup in Dominican Republic now has a name in the decision tab
  • Aktobe can now unify Kazakhstan properly
  • Fascist Ukraine will no longer have vanilla's Nazi Germany flag


Version 12.12.20 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.10.1 - 1.10.3)

Minor Additions

  • Added an tooltip telling people how RFK is perceived by the Right
  • Added photos and flavor events for Kirkpatrick
  • Gave a proper ending to the C.A.R. War path

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed some English unification news events being triggered using the country_event effect
  • Made an Irish event not happen for Heydrich's Germany
  • Fixed CIA operation having no effect on Ireland's decision to deal with the economic crisis
  • Twomey Ireland can no longer be a Pakt observer
  • Lisboa Flood no longer kills a decimal number of people
  • Fixed a bug where the Reichsstaat died after two weeks
  • Fixed a bug where the Reichsstaat sometimes never died
  • Zlatoust peace deal fixes
  • Fixed the Father receiving two of the same Motorized Brigade
  • [RUS] Revised some loc to make its tone more fitting and corrected grammar mistakes
  • Onega now always returns karelia, instead of keeping zhukov as a pet
  • Now you always annex all of Zlatoust puppets
  • Fixed Mongolia receiving a wrong event
  • Fixed US insurgency management decision category not vanishing if mandates get decolonized normally
  • Fixed a LBJ event having flipped options
  • CIA can no longer sponsor the Hawaiian struggle against imperialism if the US owns Hawaii
  • CIA can no longer interfere in Indonesia once the ICW is over
  • Made two focuses that weren't mutually exclusive due to missing code mutually exclusive.
  • Fixed RFK civil right speeches making RFK more liked by the Right
  • Native uprisings will no longer annex important RKs without warning
  • Fixes to the GCW2 peace deals now ensure that native uprisings no longer vanish upon beating Schorner and Speidel
  • GCW2 contenders now have the tech of Germany before them
  • GCW1 decisions no longer appear in the GCW2

Other Changes

  • Renamed Khromtau to Aktobe, as Khromtau did not exist until 1967
  • Changed Aktobe's ideology to despotist from fascist
  • Raised the VP value of Tomsk to 20
  • [US] Added some flavor events
  • Last events for the ‘72 Presidents now fire the endscreen
  • [US] Various loc revisions to better fit space, correct inconsistencies etc.
  • Added a timed natspirit for Far Eastern warlords boosting their army speed a bit as well as some other bonuses during their expansion phase
  • Schorner is now harder to kill
  • Milch's Madagascar can now rejoin the Pakt peacefully


Version 05.12.20 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.10.1 - 1.10.3)

Minor Additions

  • Added 70s bio for WerBell
  • Added Chita unification flag
  • Bormann visits the President when he comes to the USA
  • Added icons to Glenn Ideas
  • Added debate Events for 1964 between the candidates
  • Added an info button with an Explanation tooltip for USA and Japan

Bug Fixes

  • Ireland can no longer get negative support for a wing
  • England no longer has to deal with Wales, if the Welsh unionists willingly returned.
  • Fixed a regular event being a news event for Omsk
  • Misc bug fixes for some Southern Ural warlords
  • Some WerBell/Magadan fixes and polish
  • Fixed missing loc for an AB event
  • Speer should no longer rise from his grave during the 2nd German Civil War
  • Misc Ural League bug fixes
  • Fixed Petlin getting replaced by WerBell post unification
  • Fixed some typos in the Irish Loc
  • Fixed Charles Haughey being authdem in his minister trait. It has been changed to despotic
  • Ireland now deals with investments in millions of dollars
  • Scorza Italy now actually invades Greece when chosen to.
  • Made Bennett less woke on Civil Rights (unintended change)
  • Added missing localisation in CIA missions

Balance Changes

  • AI should not spam Iberia CIA missions
  • CIA is less effective increasing the stability of Iberia

Other Changes

  • Default game rule for diplomatic crises changed (AI v AI diplomatic crises will always deescalate)
  • Gave Ulster an economy
  • Removed Market Liberal popularity from the Rif Republic and Catalonia
  • Tweaked effects of the gas used by Ostafrika, making it more potent.
  • Gave a way for Ostafrika to peace out with the U.S directly by managing to hold out for long enough if they took the Reinige den Süden focus.
  • Fixed the peace deal for the total OFN victory over the Reichstaat.
  • Added crisis checks so NPP presidents can't do the FP tree if the country is in a crisis. This also prevents Thurmond and LeMay from doing FP until they have completed their main trees
  • Revised Dirlewanger Brigade loc, including the entire focus tree, decision tooltips, spirits, bios, the bookmark as well as a number of events


Version 28.11.20 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.10.1 - 1.10.3)

Minor Additions

  • A couple of minister bios for Chita as well as one general bio
  • WerBell can now offer contracts to nations in the Iberian Wars, as well as Kurdistan in the Iraqi Civil War
  • Added a small flavor event chain for West Alaska
  • 2 flavor events for Chita, 1 for Petlin's Magadan
  • Raiding Tooltip is more clear that the missing loot is from the country targeted for raiding
  • Added 70s portrait for Mitchell WerBell III
  • The Zollverein's Economic Overview window now has another page listing all member states
  • New events bridging Speer's Oil Crisis to the Slave Revolt
  • A new Gang rises in the east
  • Adjusted Post-Heydrich Germany to be more destructive
  • Heydrich's Coalition decision mechanic now displays more information by default
  • Minor balance to changes to Heydrich's foreign influence mechanic
  • Added cooler operation names for CIA
  • Added New OFN handshake icon
  • Added some new debug decisions
  • Added names for England Focus trees
  • Added 6 flavor events to Iberia that didn't get in initially
  • New portrait for Wolfgang Schenck

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed missing focus loc for the Riches of Siberia in Novosibirsk
  • Fixed PRC getting both Military and Civilian administration
  • All PRC national spirits have GFX
  • Fixed empty trigger in the Final PRC warlord expansion tree
  • PRC focuses that triggers wars will bypass if it's already at war
  • Gumilyov's Eurasian Archaeology mechanic no longer breaks instantly due to a misplaced NOT.
  • Fixed Wolgastaat portraits not showing up for Bormann and some GCW2 portrait fixes
  • Zollverein GDP now properly accounts for every member state
  • Speer's regime collapse mission is now correctly disabled in his endgame
  • Fixed a missing icon in the operative selection menu
  • Technology archetypes will appear properly
  • Heydrich's GUI will properly update with new leaders
  • The Vertical Envelopment tactic now has a proper image
  • Fixed an issue with research bonuses clipping in the tech tree
  • Fixed a wrong color formatting character in the effect tooltip of the focus From Ash
  • Ireland no longer rejoins the Pakt if Heydrich wins the GCW
  • Ireland does not get blocked out of their focus tree if Heydrich wins the GCW
  • Accepting Right Wing Demands no longer increases Left Wing Power
  • Fixed Saor Éire demobilizes Event Picture
  • Party name change during Sean McKeown's coup now happens when the event triggers instead after clicking the event option
  • Passing the Tariff Commission Repeal Bill will now give Ireland Export Focus instead of Closed Economy
  • Fixed some oddities with the max devastion post-collapse Reichsstaat
  • Hopefully fixed the Republic of Madagascar bugged leader
  • Fixed Garrison decision not costing command power
  • Fixed a few missing event locs for the Reichsstaat
  • Fixed a bug where two ceasefires could happen at the same time
  • Now Angola should now be part of the Afrika-Schild after the Reichsstaat
  • Angola should now leave the OFN when it rebels against them
  • The C.A.R. collapse will now not happen every week
  • Fixed the event chains related to the OFN intervention in the Madagaskar Civil War
  • The different contenders of the Second South African Civil War now gets cores when it ends
  • Now, the All-African Summit has its proper endings setup for if you don't have the required Administrative/Military Hold
  • Fixed various C.A.R. decisions and effects
  • Now hovering over the "Establish Military Camps" focus on the C.A.R. second tree won't crash the game
  • Hüttig's portrait has been corrected
  • The Reichsstaat should now properly collapse, even in AI hands
  • Added description to the "Iberia joins the Zollverein" world event
  • Fixed SAW events firing after the war has ended
  • Removed all instances of a bill's effect not working (notably for RFK's Social Security)
  • Fixed bug when monthly deficit is positive but lower than reserves, that would cause reserves to exponentially increase up to overflow
  • All of CIA mission firing the wrong mission fixed (hopefully)
  • Wallace's "Cutting a Deal" disappears if Wallace stops being the president without completing the vote
  • Goldwater's Union Busting Tree can now be completed
  • 'Strengthening American Sentiment' will no longer override lower priority missions in the CIA.
  • CIA AI will no longer send massive amounts of rifles to it's preferred Russian unifier
  • Bennett VRA increases the status of civil rights in America
  • Bennett Republican relationship reworked to make Unity effects more useful
  • USA AI will no longer help the other party, the one that is filled with traitors and rattlesnakes
  • Gao no longer has the ability to double the GDP of China by increasing resource shipments to Japan
  • Fixed the Islamic Republic of Iran joining the Sphere immediately after defeating the monarchists in the Iranian Civil War

Balance Changes

  • Changed PRC army decisions cooldown to 90 days
  • PRC army decisions to improve a modifier will slightly reduce the mutually exclusive modifier
  • Eurasian Archaeology decisions no longer only take three days.
  • Bennett CRA will be less progressive if the CRA has been passed under Nixon
  • AI will not spend more than 600 Million Dollars per year on the CIA
  • The time between Oil Crisis and Slave Revolt has been shortened
  • Social Agitation now ticks less strongly
  • "The Wheel Turns" mission has been extended to 200 days
  • Social Outlook points per level have been increased from 150 to 250
  • Terrorist Attacks now have a small impact on government approval

Other Changes

  • Changed the WW3 Superevent music
  • Hid the effects for the Tourist event chain to prevent spoilers
  • Removed the liquid reserves requirement from the Novosibirsk "A Tale of Two Megacorps" decision category, instead just adds debt upon taking the decisions
  • Burgundy now has the State Religion law
  • Burgundy's GDP has been lowered
  • New minister icon for Theodor Oberländer
  • Senior Testers now have the correct role color in the credits
  • Swapped WW3 super event music with the previously unused one
  • Changed Economy Law to Early Mobilization
  • Ireland now rejoins the Pakt a bit later than previously
  • New Flag for Paisley's Ulster
  • Gave Ireland a production queue
  • German-Aligned Ireland now joins the Zollverein some time after the Arms Crisis
  • Redos of a few older generic icons
  • Removed Saudi Arabia's faction


Version 22.11.20 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.10.2)

Major Additions

  • Content for the Großafrikanisher Reichsstaat
  • Content for the three OFN mandates in Africa (accessed via the USA)
  • Content for the Central African Republic (accessed via the USA)
  • New mechanic for Ultravisionary Russia, added the beginnings of new paths at the end of the game
  • New mechanic for Eurasia, with several archaeological event chains
  • 1 new path for Magadan, with 2 new mechanics (WerBell)
  • Full content for 2 unifiers with their own paths and mechanics: Novosibirsk and the People's Revolutionary Council
  • Several, several, several fixes to Göring that should make him much more playable now
  • New diplomatic & dismantlement focus trees for Bormann
  • New Oil Crisis focus tree & mechanic for Speer
  • The RND has received a significant expansion in content, and Bormann now has his own version in form of the HVA
  • Full content for Heydrich’s Germany
  • Added epilogue trees to all 6 potential candidates in the 72 election. Providing a glimpse of their planned content
  • Added a CIA mechanic allowing the player to influence how the cold war plays out by nudging certain countries towards US favorable paths/sabotaging enemies
  • Reworked Battle for Italy to have a GUI and be more interactive and transparent
  • Full 5 years content for Ireland including 3 mechanics, 150 focuses and 300 events
  • New mechanic for Collab England to deal with the Cornwall Garrison
  • Reworked 1970s Foreign Policy tree and its decisions
  • Around 150 new events, including a new event chain and 130+ flavor events
  • Added progress bar to the Caudillo Popularity decision category so that the player knows the current balance of popularity
  • Added a new game rule to prevent Diplo Crises from escalating to WW3
  • Ceylon now starts independent from India

Minor Additions

  • Various new portraits for African leaders
  • New portrait for Hans Hüttig
  • The OFN Mandates will now receive their own OOB instead of inheriting the RKs' ones
  • Added Laser SPAA unit type for Ultravisionary Russia.
  • SocIntern has been moved to a decision GUI
  • Several Minister and General descriptions for some warlords
  • Germany now annexes the Cornwall Garrison on the peaceful outcome for the crisis
  • New "Pakt Observer" faction status for Sweden, Finland, Iran and Ceylon
  • Germany can now steal oil from the Middle East during the Oil Crisis
  • Speer can now send volunteers to the Middle East during the Oil Crisis
  • Stefan Tiso now has a bio
  • Germany now declares war on the Slave Revolt should Brandt, through his sheer sexiness alone, beat Schörner
  • New Remer portrait
  • New Speer 70s/natsoc portraits
  • Added a world event for Speer's regime collapse
  • Each German GCW contender now has a unique capitulation quote
  • Added descriptions to the Cornwall Garrison's ideas that were missing them
  • Response trees for all SAW outcomes for Goring
  • The War Cabinet events and decision category for Goring
  • Goring now has the ability to spend political power on experience points
  • Minister and General descriptions for many important characters in Germany
  • Flavor event expansion for Speer's Germany
  • New flags for Schutzzone Germania and Göring's Germany
  • Speidel's government in Germania is now Despotist
  • Theodor Oberländer momentarily features in Germania
  • Added several new flavour events for Bormann’s Germany
  • Bormann's Poland/GGN diplo tree has been replaced with an event chain
  • Bormann's Sweden and Finland diplo trees have been replaced with new extensive event chains
  • Goering’s GCW2 & WPC are now functional
  • Reworked George Wallace's welfare branch to be more populistic, racist and true to his character.
  • Expanded Bennet’s interactions for crafting and passing a civil rights act.
  • Added a response tree in cases where Thurmond became president
  • Added various flavor events
  • New system to pass the Civil Right Acts with Bennett
  • New Kirkpatrick and Harrington Portraits
  • Corresponding loc and events for the Battle for Italy
  • Flavour events for Japan
  • Unique English Content for Sealion 2
  • More Welsh and Scottish World Events
  • Added icons for all remaining Italy National Spirits.
  • Added all missing focus icons
  • Pictures and fixes for Italy-Greece events.
  • Added loc for Dem Italy's Göring diplomacy tree.
  • Added remaining missing loc for empire management events.
  • Fixed loc for post-1969 CD, BN, and FD
  • Added loc for Scorza's epilogue events.
  • Added a bunch of flavor events, including some for Italy's space program.
  • Added custom tooltips for Scorza's Greece event chain, and a few event pictures for Scorza and DC.
  • Iberia can now declare war on Yves when he declares independence
  • Added bios for several generals and admirals
  • Restored a piece of cut content for the Frente Azul - they will now ask to join the Pakt should they win the Wars
  • Countries that join a faction now get automatically embargoed by the other two factions
  • Iran now joins their supporter's faction once their civil war ends
  • Implemented ministers and missing idea GFX for the microstate tags (Andorra, Monaco, the Vatican and San Marino)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Ural Integration failsafe
  • Fixed Anti-Salon decisions Increasing their popularity
  • Fixed Tomsk name/flags being reset when a new Salon takes over
  • Fixed Amur not getting Chita generals when they are integrating the territory
  • Russian Unification Superevents won't display Ending screen for who is not Russia
  • Nerfed Collapsed Omsk into the ground so they don't miraculously conquer West Russia again somehow
  • Fixed various loc issues in several warlords (e.g. typos)
  • Various misc bug fixes for the warlords
  • Invasion notifications for focuses that were missing them
  • Switzerland now gets proper laws and no longer decides to overturn ~700 years of democratic tradition by crowning a king because they beat Göring
  • Ukraine now joins Speer's Pakt properly
  • Ostland contenders who join Speer's Pakt are now properly displayed in the Zollverein GUI
  • Speer Free Ukraine tree has GFX
  • Restored some old effect tooltips for Speer's GCW tree that had been lost
  • Germany won't send ultimatums to countries that no longer exist during WW3
  • Rewrote the GCW city capture code to be less buggy
  • The Copenhagen Talks world event is no longer too big for the event screen
  • RK Kleinasien can actually get cores on Turkey now
  • Iraq no longer takes over Göring's Germany (Changed GFX for a lot of Goering NatSpirits to something more German)
  • Fixed Fall Rot breaking if the Workers Revolt succeeded in Central Siberia
  • Speidel's Germany will no longer be taken over by a time traveling Speer during the GCW2
  • Changed peace deals for Fall Rot that should allow the player to progress to WPC even if the Russian warlords have reached regional state
  • Parts of the Fall Rot tree should no longer disappear randomly
  • WP0- Touched up on some peace deals and decisions that prevented the player progressing to WPA
  • Fixed Germany having Battleships researched, but not the "Resume Battleship development" technology
  • Fall Blau peace deal now fires for both the Iberian wars tree and unified Iberia tree
  • Removed some outdated foci in the Fall Blau tree, and fixed many existing effects
  • Fixed the Schild naval invasions for good this time
  • Speerite science no longer gives Zhdanov a run for his money with infinite research slots
  • Speer's Free Ukraine reaction focus tree should correctly trigger now
  • Fixed various effects adding to the wrong OFN unity variable
  • Fixed a Goldwater event chain and bill not firing
  • Thatcher is no longer racist to clams
  • Made some English Events not appear where they should not
  • Prevented England from stealing Ascension
  • Several small bug fixes
  • Fixed Scorza's natspirits and added proper titles for them.
  • Fixed Croatian world events not firing.
  • Fixes to Dem Italy's military tree and Italy's intervention in the Oil Crisis.
  • Fixed prerequisite of "Labor Camps" Levant focus
  • Fixed some of Italy's focus tooltips
  • Italy's Levantine Imperial Investment will now drop to 0 if it is couped.
  • Margaret Chase Smith will no longer use backwoods Maine witchery to turn the NPP into a 60 unity hive mind
  • The correct debate should pop up in the 72 elections
  • Fixed Bennett Silver Act senate support calculations
  • Fixed microstates colors

Balance Changes

  • Increased Tomsk regional tree Focuses time
  • Important Tomsk regional focuses will need Duma approval to be taken
  • RFK Liberalism less likely to convert the entire world to the science of Progressive Kennedism
  • Conservative Bennett now always removes Jim Crow
  • AI-America commits more "advisors" to South Africa
  • AI-LBJ send even more "advisors" to South Africa
  • Rebalanced various popularity effects
  • Speer's Germany is now considerably harder to play, depending on the path
  • The Oil Crisis now hits harder for Bormann
  • Bormann can no longer fully rid himself of the effects of the Oil Crisis
  • Bormann's "Shellshocked Wehrmacht" modifier effect on Command Power has been severely reduced
  • Goring's army focus tree buffs have been nerfed to more reasonable levels
  • The Anti-Heydrich Pact should now fire later
  • Tweaked English Generals and Admirals
  • Increased Ireland's Population
  • England AI Improvements
  • Göring can no longer ignore England, should they be in the OFN
  • Electing the LibDem party is now easier
  • Reduced the amount of Military Hostility in the LibDem tree
  • Gibraltar Dam now takes more time to complete and is more expensive to do so
  • Nerfed Falangist Spain in the Iberian Wars
  • Buffed military revolt in the Iberian Federation
  • The South African War has been rebalanced a bit

QoL Improvements

  • Moved Tomsk Duma Mechanic to a Full GUI
  • Duma Approval is Displayed directly on the Duma screen
  • Duma screen will show how much Representatives currently approves the government
  • If West Russia unifies early, Onega can be invaded/negotiated with by decision, and the remainder of the West Russian expansion tree skipped.
  • Some tweaks to Tomsk expansion decisions
  • Updated ministers for several Komi rightists
  • Added missing ministers for the Vyatka paths
  • Bunch of redone Russia focus icons, as well as new ones for several warlords
  • Changed some Far East VP values (e.g. Omolon and Kamchatka's)
  • Added tooltips explaining what the outcomes of a certain lederhosen discussion do
  • RFK decision menu now provides information on how liberal/conservative he is seen as being.
  • Added GUI arrows on the Grossraum to make the slider options more clear
  • RND/HVA investment is now automatic
  • Made nuclear destruction not trigger if the world is already undergoing a nuclear war to prevent CPU's dying
  • DLC made a little easier to navigate
  • General bugfixes and event implementation
  • Added decisions that allow for monthly purchasing of supplies
  • Tree reloads won't reset the current Focus

Other Changes

  • Added hundreds of new flavor events for various Russia paths
  • Added a more coherent story for Ultravisionary Russia
  • Added dozens of new icons in a unique style for Ultravisionary Russia's focus tree
  • Several foci and events for the SBA have been rewritten to have a more consistent quality
  • Removed the English OFN/Pakt mechanic for now
  • Göring has trucked his fat ass from Kiel to Breslau
  • The Einheitspakt now has its proper name
  • You can now recuperate a fraction of pre-OC GDP growth as Speer's Germany
  • Speer's AI is now weighted to retake Crimea only once Ukraine is back in the Pakt
  • Converted some Fall Rot foci into decisions and reduced it's focus duration from 28 days to 14 days
  • GCW 2 cabinets for CLN, ARC, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Aktau
  • Moved Bormann's Ukraine, Moskowien and Kaukasien diplo trees to Phase 1
  • Werner Mummert will now be in charge of the GCW2 collapse Lithuanian warlord (replacing Harald Hirshfeld) and Harald Hirshfeld will replace Armin Zimmermann as the head of the Austrian warlord state
  • Yockey and Hall are now National Socialist and Authoritarian Socialist respectively.
  • Goldwater no longer gets a reduction to the depression spirit from breaking the law, instead he has to do an epic EPA
  • Thurmond and LeMay can now do the NPP foreign policy tree if they have finished their main trees
  • No more generic starting admiral for the US
  • Merged some Cornwall National Spirits, and gave them descriptions.
  • Hid some of Italy's Empire Management events so their titles won't spoil the plot.
  • Changed the names of some Levantine Victory Points.
  • Italy can now properly influence the Jerusalem Peace Conference.
  • The Oil Crisis won't happen anymore if WW3 breaks out
  • Lack of political power won't prevent the superpowers from launching their nuclear arsenals anymore
  • WW3 can no longer end in a white peace
  • New Iberian Wars superevent music
  • New unification superevents for Russia, plus tweaks and additions for every single one of the older ones
  • Added unique pictures for most Russian unification superevents
  • Tweaked Thatcher's British unification superevent music


Version 01.11.20 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.10.1)

Bug Fixes:

  • Burgundy can no longer build tier 3 cities without completing the focus "Raze the Neighborhoods"
  • The USA will no longer declare war on its mandates following winning the SAW if they had previously declared war on the Afrika-Schild
  • Fixed calculations with LBJ exhaustion, leading to unintended drops in RD popularity
  • Added icons to Japan ideas
  • Petlin now properly gives people the right to vote
  • Fixed issues with Clause 3 of the Honolulu Accords not ending
  • Chita tweaks, bugfixes, QoL improvements (the regional political tree can now be completed without having to finish the other regional trees)
  • Omsk insurgency natspirit fix (it should now be removed once the insurgency is dealt with)
  • Added SocDev for Finland
  • Gorbachev is no longer national socialist as minister
  • YDL coup no longer triggers a NDL reelection
  • "Depose The Wicked Chuch" focus no longer confuses Amur with Magadan
  • Burgundian black magic no longer allows for industrial mega farms to be built in the middle of brutalist cities
  • Building more mines no longer decreases the Burgundian uranium supply
  • The GCW and the ECW will no longer last 10 years due to AI stupidity
  • Fixed Bennet, Burgundy and other not actually affecting OFN unity when the game said they would
  • Fixed some World events not showing their text
  • England will no longer steal Ascension and St Helena from the US
  • Bunya isnt an English collab anymore
  • Removed slavery from some places that probably shouldn't have slavery
  • Central Asian nations peace deal fix for Fall Rot
  • Fall Rot can target West Siberian superregional
  • Fall Blau tree no longer locks/unloads after conquering Iberia
  • Fall Blau tree for Iberian Wars modified and can now be completed
  • The FBW won't be triggered by every single manual war declaration anymore
  • Kishi will no longer stay with the previous PMs focus tree
  • Fixed the West Russian unifier not being able to declare war on Omsk's breakaways
  • Serov's Central Asian decisions won't be available for countries that don't exist
  • Sablin should no longer get events about killing English Collabs
  • Bormann's order to kill Terboven will now actually kill Terboven
  • Iraq will no longer fall into a civil war twice in a row
  • Solved Egypt's weird peace deal after Civil War
  • America will no longer bomb Luanda if the SAF controls it
  • Himmler no longer says "My God" if Heydrich becomes Hitler's heir
  • The AI can now combat Madagaskar's pandemic
  • Fixed the CLN couping a non-invaded Italy
  • Fixed some German dynamic modifiers having broken GFX definitions
  • Fixed a misspelling of the Storting as "Sorting"
  • German/American diplo crises won't fire if Germany is still in a civil war
  • Fixed AI Göring refusing to do anything at all
  • Solved Arabian Republic not capitulating Saudis
  • RK Ukraine now gets its darker color back after Bormann invades them
  • Schörner will now become a Field Marshal again for Bormann if he wins the GCW
  • GCW decisions shouldn't target dead contenders now
  • Fixed a couple broken GFX definitions
  • Fixed a misspelling of "Concept" as "Conecpt"
  • Fixed Tomsk propaganda decisions effects
  • Fixes to War plan 0 Denmark decisions
  • Project Trezubets now correctly costs 25 million/7 million USD to implement instead of billions
  • Added GFX to some Oil Crisis related ideas that didn't have any
  • Hopefully fixed the issues with Bormann's Kaukasien diplo decision/tree
  • Changed the way Bormann's diplo trees load up to be less buggy
  • Fixed a Scottish state not appearing correctly in the Election Season map
  • Russian coring decisions will no longer last forever
  • Fixed Göring's Crimea conquest decision category
  • Fixed the Long Yun Hyperwar this time
  • Fixed Konstantin Tsiolkovsky's name spelled wrong in the Zhdanov reunification superevent
  • Solved Giovanni de Lorenzo's portrait not showing
  • The ICW intervention category will now longer appear for Göring
  • Japan now only ends the world when they're losing instead of winning. Japenese chad levels have decreased, go cry me a river Pan-asianists :sunglasses:
  • Afrika Schild will no longer naval invade Capetown
  • WRRF events now have proper pictures
  • WRRF ideas have now somewhat fitting icons
  • Fixed up the loc for the "Getting England on Our Side" decision menu
  • Corrected LBJ's "Saftey Net" nat spirits to "Safety Net"
  • Fixed some Thatcher focus overlaps
  • All English ideas now have GFX
  • Fixes for the Hüttig investigation-
  • The conservative branch of Speer's NPP US diplo tree will no longer require the regime being reformist
  • Fixed some balance changes to the SAW done for Don't Surf that got lost
  • Switched the minister positions of Suwiryo and Subandrio because they were wrong for some reason
  • Removed cavalry from Japan's aircav template, removed phantom support division from triangular infantry
  • Various misc loc fixes (typos and other errors)
  • Fixed several cases of missing loc around the mod, in special for Italy
  • US pie chart should now correctly represent nationwide party faction popularities
  • Other minor fixes

Balance Changes:

  • Bennett should be less likely to cause a scenario where he loses to Harrington with a large RD majority, more Republicans will defect to the NPP-C should they be unhappy
  • Balance changes to Samara and Vyatka
  • Increased the effectiveness of MCS decisions at dividing or uniting the NPP
  • Thurmond is now approximately three times as destructive
  • Glenn now loses a lot less public support through his tree and decisions have been added to increase public support using NASA's budget so please stop asking for this reddit
  • Harrington now starts off with extra enthusiaism from all social classess based on his electoral college win margin (No I will not code in a popular vote measurer just for this, take it or leave it)
  • Capped the amount of pp that can be carried over between presidents at 600
  • Wales now has one military factory at the start of the game
  • Made the UP easier and buffed them a little bit
  • Added a minus stability effect for Malta Bombing
  • Samara warlord focus timing edits
  • Nerfed Bormann's economy

Quality of Life Improvements:

  • Either NPP or RD unity can be increased via the Increase Unity decision, no matter who is in charge now
  • Thurmond and LeMay have NPP FP tree which unlocks after they complete the main tree
  • Unlocked the Netherlands' division templates, they get an idea lock now. This should prevent locked templates being inherited by Germany once it diplo-annexes the Netherlands
  • Added cop to worker ratio to mouseover tooltip for states in the Burgundy domestic GUI
  • Globalplan system now has automatic monthly supply purchases alongside normal supply purchases
  • Made the Komi power struggle category better looking
  • US polling should be more accurate

Other Changes/Additions:

  • New map border
  • The microstates now have their own ideas
  • New tech icons for Iberia
  • Added unique superevents for England paths
  • Added a Scottish reaction tree to an English invasion
  • Cleaned up and hopefully fixed Scottish and Welsh Terrorism code
  • Ended the Aryan-Burgundian conspiracy (disabled Globalplan decisions for Burgundy AI, thereby ending NTS dominance in the Vyatka regional elections and some other fixes to issues caused by this)
  • Added event pics for Bennett and fixed generic US event pics showing the paratrooper photo
  • New portrait for Michael Harrington
  • RFK opening focus icon now matches his portrait
  • Gao now has a 100% chance of being simple and a 50% of being naive
  • Perm Anti-Fascist Committee flag
  • New starting portrait for Mikhail Matkovsky
  • Some new events for Sverdlovsk, Chita, Vyatka, Tomsk
  • Some new GFX for various Russian warlords
  • Added new flag for the Bastillards in Tomsk
  • Revised Ural League general roster
  • Zhdanov cosmetic tag is no longer bubblegum pink
  • Komi now has several more flavour events
  • Yemelyanov now switches to State Religion on superregional
  • New Gummy super event quote and sou


Version 31.08.20 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.9.3)

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixes to both Dismantlements: siding with Speidel shouldn't cuck you out of Dismantlement II anymore, initiators won't fire when they shouldn't
  • Fixed Bormann's North Sea conference not firing correctly
  • Workers sent to Centre-Sud now actually arrive in that state instead of being sent through a black hole
  • Fixed mixed up super event quotes for Samara
  • Fixed Pulling Out OFN mandate calculations
  • Bob Avakian will no longer switch parties to remain in the senate
  • Wales can now properly re-unite with Democratic/Socialist England
  • English ideology pie chart now updates
  • Collab oxford trials actually fire
  • Fixed the three AB focuses for Samara bypassing by replacing the required state with Samara instead of Samsun
  • Fixed "Our Western Domain" not needing "Destroy Onega" to be taken
  • Fixed comecon.11's swapped effects
  • Fixed the Scottish Terrorism idea being added twice via an event
  • Göring's Phase Three: Breakthrough's bypass now requires Switzerland to not exist instead of Sweden
  • Fixed some Russian flags showing up incorrectly at Regional/Superregional/National stages
  • Added some missing loc for Irkutsk and Suslov
  • SBA bugfixing and tweaks
  • Fixed a bug with Harrington's veteran program doing nothing
  • Fixed Nowa Polska declaring war on their puppets after Shattering Kazakhstan
  • Some bugfixes and tweaks for the Rightist Komi expansion tree
  • Fixed collab England faction mechanic
  • Added a failsafe to ensure that the English election missions don't happen after the election is over
  • The diplomatic event for the Dem Komi peacefully annexing Bashkiria now fires for Bashkiria
  • Some Gumilyov bugfixes
  • Some Omsk bugfixes
  • Samara bugfixes and missing loc
  • MacMillan's anti-RP foci actually do something now
  • All African 1-pop states fixed
  • A small fix to prevent Goring's AI causing WW3 over England
  • Fixed Goring's Gotenland which had previously not been hooked up correctly
  • Fixed a bug where you're not able to switch tag to Gibraltar during the Iberian Wars
  • Fixed some broken WRRF loc
  • Several minor loc fixes

Balance Changes:

  • Dixiecrats now more likely to listen to Bennett on the Civil Rights Act if they like him
  • Bomber Harris can no longer buy 400 Strategic Bombers, as 200 of those are now Fighters
  • ECW has been rebalanced
  • LBJ should blow up the RDs a bit less at the end of his tree
  • Wallace F. Bennett managing both Dixiecrat and Republican relations effects should be much more noticeable and important
  • Sverdlovsk nerfs and tweaks
  • Gave a nastier debuff to Collapsed Authority Kaukasia
  • Rebalanced the Bormann SAW focus "No Restraints" to actually give a bonus and not only maluses

Quality of Life Improvements:

  • Brought back a special feature for Bormann's Großraum mechanic
  • Kartenhaus GUI is now movable

Other Changes:

  • Disabled the German Anarchy, for now
  • Reduced timeout of the nuclear war events so they can't be cheesed for easy conquests anymore
  • Restructured Bormann's OCW ongoing Ostland diplo tree
  • Added GCW2 cabinets to CLN, ARC, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kirgizstan and Aktau
  • Added about 30 Bormann Flavour events
  • Added a bio desc for Heerema
  • Added Castro's leader bio from the demos
  • Changing Operation Dammerung to Fall Dammerung for consistency
  • Added a superevent for Fall Dammerung
  • WP0 will now function entirely via decisions
  • 4 new events for Goring's interactions with Denmark
  • The "Hunt for the Rising Sun" chain has been fully implemented
  • Bob Dole is no longer FRNPP senator for Kansas
  • England is now puppet of Cornwall during ECW
  • Shortened Russian regional focus times from 28 days to 25 days
  • Delayed date for the Oil Crisis
  • HMMLR is less sexist now
  • Expanded the English Military System
  • Railroaded the Mac/Maudling AI more
  • Added 4 new Scottish foci to allow the SNP to not be so nice to the English
  • Replaced Scotland's old English idea with a completely new mechanic
  • Tomsk will no longer be able to declare war on a warlord while being at war with another one
  • New events for the Harbin Three
  • Wales and Scotland are now in the English Economy System, after peacefully unifying
  • Some Gumilyov tweaks, new icons, new events for Regional and Superregional
  • Omsk starting minister tweaks, a new general, some new events
  • Added some new events for Samara
  • Added a few flavour events for Vyatka
  • Added event pictures to a bunch of Kemerovo events
  • Added some Italian-Yugoslavia relations loc
  • Changed Iberia's OFN investment decisions to be based on the economy system


Version 13.08.20 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.9.3)

The New Order: Last Days of Europe - v1.0.5 “Rule Britannia”


  • Added a full ten years of content for England, including 2 paths for HMMLR’s England, 2 paths for the Kingdom of England, 5 unique mechanics, over 600 events, and over 1000 focuses.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed Italian Algeria to be far more playable.
  • Implemented title loc for missing Italian focuses.
  • Fixed Tomsk turnout clamping
  • Fixed Tomsk cynicism crisis being enabled at game start
  • Ledger economic info can be converted to thousand/billion depending on their values
  • More Italy loc fixes
  • The NPP-C now properly has senators set to Hawaii, if they take it back.
  • RFK response tree loc now accounts for whether or not you managed to pass a Civil Rights Act
  • Fixed broken loc for Goldwater's second inauguration
  • LBJ lowers American depression by the intended 3 instead of 4
  • Wallace F Bennett's "Don't Rock the Boat" decision costs were raised
  • Implemented missing loc for LBJ.117 and chase.rog.20
  • Bormann Moskowien trees fixes
  • Germany won't turn into Ukraine anymore if Bormann lets them have a collab state
  • Erhard now actually passes Flat Taxes like he said he would
  • Fixed a Shafarevich focus that required two mutually exclusive prerequisites
  • Rommel will now properly retire after the GCW is over
  • Changed positioning of Speer's minor US/Japan diplo trees so they aren't too far to the right
  • Made 2 Speer focuses that had no effects bypassable
  • Made a MTTH Ural Guard event non-MTTH
  • Fixed a Bormann Dismantlement II event that triggered itself
  • Burgundian Bunkers world event now has a proper pic
  • Replaced the Bormann polygamy event
  • Cut down the Iranian Revolutionary Allliance Collapses world event
  • Unternehmen Königsmacher won't be visible if Vyatka doesn't exist anymore
  • Added some missing shines
  • Added some missing icon definitions
  • Gumilyov’s flag has been fixed
  • Fixed Men unification tree not firing properly.
  • Fixed some issues with the DLC event chain.
  • Finally fixed the Eternal Aichi bug for Japan.
  • Removed John Naziguy for good.
  • Fixed a Serov focus giving $250 bn GDP
  • Fixed some bugs where bill support changes for Harrington Social Security (and EEA) and Hunger Bill may have been applied incorrectly.
  • Fixed both Interregnum and DLC from softlocking the player if they make certain choices.
  • Burgundy decisions for selling stuff on the black market can now be taken more than once and have proper names
  • Burgundy can no longer culturally convert states after they have already been converted
  • LBJ response tree now only tells you it will degrade laws if you actually have those laws
  • William A. Blakley can no longer hold 2 senate seats and has been replaced with George Bush Sr. in his democratic seat
  • The Siberian Worker's Revolt no longer happens under Despotist SBA
  • Scotland's election gui has been replaced with a simpler version that works
  • Scotland will now be able to react properly if HMMLR or the collabs win the civil war
  • Various WRRF bugfixes
  • Made the backlash to LBJ more likely to result in a conservative surge
  • Removed “ooga booga nazbol gang unite”
  • Fixed the Rykov Conference not unlocking in Komi's Focus Tree
  • Fixed some issues that led to Tyumen getting infinite factories in every state.
  • Fixed Tyumen being full of unlocalized events.
  • Tyumen will no longer have focuses bypass when they’re not supposed to.
  • Improvements to the Göring failstate breakup sequence
  • Patched some mixing SocIntern loc.
  • Fixed Tomsk megaproject decisions not appearing
  • Tomsk Duma won't have negative members
  • Fixed Race to Urals\Kazakhstan ghost decision
  • WW3 super event title is in upper case
  • Misc loc and GFX fixes.

Balance Changes:

  • Lowered all 35 day (phase 2) LBJ focuses to 28 days
  • Harrington pushing for a radical version of the Higher Education Act now also raises NPP-C support for the bill, in addition to the old effect of lowering Democrat and NPP-FR support
  • The Economic Equality Act is now much harder to pass than the Social Security Act
  • SBA balancing, Despotists won't be able to get >35% recruitable population now
  • Rebalanced several Speer focus and events effects
  • Halved the effects of pulling out from Africa during a total OFN Victory
  • Further fixed up the math so you no longer get -100% stab despite actually doing your job.

Quality of Life Improvements:

  • United Russia will have a failsafe decision to integrate Southern Urals
  • Harrington can now gain increased NPP-C support for all his bills via the same decision system used for the other factions.
  • Reworking Göring SAW focus effects to make sure all RKs receive the correct effects
  • DLC has been given a friendlier interface and proper investigation decisions

Other Changes:

  • Implemented the PSD mechanic for Stalina, changed Stalina’s tree to work with it
  • Reworked Speer's Regime Stability and Social Outlook mechanics
  • Added a superevent for Goering's invasion of the USA
  • Added a General Assembly mechanic/decision category for the SBA
  • added new Zhou portrait
  • The addition of new Göring focus gfx and several remastered war plan focus icons
  • Implemented new focus icons for Komi, Tomsk, Omsk and Sverdlovsk
  • Added the Vatican, San Marino, Andorra, and Monaco to the map.


Version 26.07.20 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.9.3)

Bug Fixes:

  • SIGs can't be reduced to negative power anymore
  • Fixed Moskowien not being added back to the Pakt for Speer
  • Speer & Heydrich are removed from being the leaders of Germany's Fascist and BurgSys parties once the GCW starts
  • Speer now actually abolishes slavery at the end of the slave revolt
  • Magadan Free Enterprise focus actually makes your enterprise freer
  • Fixed a overlapping Samara focus
  • Russian raiding decisions now actually cost 20 CP
  • John Naziguy has tragically died due to a case of bullet poisoning
  • Fixed two broken RFK event descriptions
  • Fixed two bugs preventing the treaty ports from continuing
  • The 'Kokumin Yuseiho' branch of Takagi's recon tree now properly playable
  • Egypt now has cores and infranstructure on Suez
  • "Closer To the King" is not firing on a loop anymore
  • NIK.420 now has proper loc.
  • More than one person now lives at Nagaland
  • Fixed super events triggering during Nuclear War
  • Fixed Modernist Duma not being implemented
  • Fixed details tab for non-LaR users
  • Order 44 super event title is now all upper case
  • Fixed duplicate research bonus in 5% poverty rate
  • Unification category no longer shows up for non-unifiers
  • Fixed Superregional unification (Again)
  • Made unification by war less convoluted
  • Fixed a tooltip issue with diplomatic unification
  • Commented out some events that aren't supposed to fire
  • Tomsk megaprojects should gain progress properly
  • South Africa defeat can no longer fire multiple times

Balance Changes:

  • Reduced the focus duration of Bormann's Poland and Ostland trees
  • Balanced Effects, Ideas for Takagi's recon tree
  • Takagi's recon tree focus times extended from 7 days to 14 days
  • Buffed COMECON industrial development
  • Nerfed Scottish surrender limit

Quality of Life Improvements:

  • Tomsk political pie is now based on its Salon Popularity mechanic
  • Added a decision to increase diplomatic weight
  • Holy Russia is dead, long live the Divine Mandate of Russia!
  • Russian warlords now gain party popularity from warlords they defeat at war.
  • Laws now have a passive effect on Societal Development

Other Changes:

  • Assigned GFX to ITA_declining_trade_first_countermeasures" and "The Northern Shield"
  • Sverdlovsk Design Bureau national spirit now has GFX
  • Fixed some orphaned Italian focuses
  • Implemented icons for "Our Holy Duty" and "Faith in the Holy Father"


Version 22.07.20 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.9.3)


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equipment not manufactured with turkey how can you make such a mistake


because there is no content for Turkey


i like hitler but how could he have won world war 2 i just love nazis


the allies did not reach france

Double S

They didnt have to the Russians would finish them off anyway

you retarded?

you retarded?


Imagine getting ButtHurt about a comment that was written 2 years ago.


lol no, the russians where getting their assess kicked before the US joined the war


Whatever you say Mr. Statue Avatar Man!


The Soviet Union didn’t need US troops to defeat Germany, but they did need US supplies, without any US involvement, the Soviet Union would have been defeated, but just without the troops, they would have beaten Germany anyway.

Buttfucker 9000

American lend lease greatly helped in the Soviets first stopping the German advance and then pushing the Germans back. This was because although the Soviets were powerful industry wise they lacking in fields such as Aerodynamic and Tactics, as the Soviets were mostly using planes that were open cockpit and their tactics were similar to that of human wave tactics. So without U.S. intervention the Soviets would've had more casualties and if their was another General Purge the Soviet wouldn't so much as defeated but simply have their entire regime collapse without a centralised control in a major city which could mean that the soviets Command could fragment and then there could simply be that the war would of never technically ended because the Soviet government had collapsed, lost it's legitimacy and the Germans could simply solidify their territorial gains and be recognised (By who i don't know.) but this could simply all fail to when America, Britain and whoever else steps in to fill the void of France (maybe Canada), Obtain the atom bomb, Nuke the major German cities and commence operation overlord and I highly doubt the Americans wouldn't jumped on the opportunity to set up a pro American Governments in the German's territory gains.

(I am not a redditor, i am just bored)

Rectal Reviewer

Thank you Buttfucker 9000


stalingrad and kursk was before husky and overlord


no they weren't, the lend lease that the soviets recieved weren't the determining factor as to whether or not they would win at all


mate what are you even saying, the USSR was attacked in 1941, the US were attacked in December of the same year, but American Lend-Lease was only shipped in significant numbers in late 1943. Are you saying that The battles of Moscow, stalingard, kursk, rzhev, and sieges of countless other cities were somehow won due to the US? The US displayed to the Nazis and Japanese what a real superpower looked like, but the Soviets had the resources and agency to defeat the Nazis on their own. Hell the British alone could have defeated the Nazis, or at least forced them into negotiated peace


It's crucial to grasp the immense scale of support provided through the Lend-Lease program during World War II. To put it into perspective, the Soviets received 17.5 million tons of supplies, a staggering amount that significantly bolstered their war effort. To underscore the significance, consider this: the entire US Army utilized 22 million tons of supplies for their extensive European campaign. It was literally the lifeline for the Soviet Union. Without it, the dire prospect of starvation loomed large over Russia.

Moreover, it's essential to acknowledge the formidable might of Germany's military during that time. The Wehrmacht's power and the Blitzkrieg tactics were undeniably formidable. Had it not been for the combined efforts of the Allies, including the immense support to the Soviet Union, the outcome of the war could have been starkly different. 

Even Britain, with all its determination, would have faced an uphill battle in matching the sheer strength and resources of the German war machine. The collaborative efforts of the Allies, particularly the support provided through Lend-Lease, were instrumental in turning the tides of World War II.


Yeah in TNO instead of Stalin being Leader of the Soviet Union, Bukharin won the power struggle and he continued with NEP. This spelled disaster for the Russians as the economy was in ruins and there was little to no heavy industry in the Soviet Union. Bc earlier in timeline, through the help of Irland the English lost in the Channel and subsequently could go through with Operation Sealion. This forced the Allies to surrender to Germany. Thus the Soviets had no help whatsoever and collapsed in a few months. This is about how the TNO Timeline goes. Don't correct me on any historical mistakes I am just saying the things the mod creators said.

Mehmet Ali

what the fuck


stop being so rude. go fuck yourself




well we have a wehraboo


maybe if he didnt attack soviet union


yeah, imagine being this retarded

Dr.Hoffman Condom

Image falling for this obvious as fuck bait 


Very vile name… you disgust me… this mod is getting a bit laggy...


a scenario in which germany won ww2 is very unlikely and unrealistic. usa would've vaporized everything above ground in germany

Adolf hernand

Don't Worry Once Steiner Counter Attacks Everything will be alright




if only german didn't stuck in stalingrad


I used to make german ww2 legos on bricklink. that was before i goot banned… great mod!


bukharin becomes the leader instead of stalin, the ussr dissolves i think because of food/supply shortages and several nations break away from the USSR (Stalin also forms his own country named the West Russian Peoples Republic but by the starting date he dies and is succeeded by Lazar Kaganovich)


my too


May we receive the Cutting Room Floor update?


is America? For example, what happened to Argentina, Brazil or Mexico?


It is not works i swear


How do we install the Mod? I see multiple Download buttons.


Someting is wrong with the files, the game ain't running for some reason.

Can someone please tell me how to fix that problem

jose 23

no me funciona el juego, como lo soluciono?


hola amiguito 
si tienes el juego legal es mejor que te lo instales de la steam workshop, y si lo tienes ilegal mira esta página de reddit (está en inglés pero igual)


The files are incomplete, and it CTDs when the loading screen is at «Reforming the Wehrmacht». Some of the paths in the descriptor lead to nonexistant files, and deleting them/creating the folders does nothing. Is there any way to get all the files?


I'm still stuck with this, does anyone have any way to fix this mod? The new loading screens do come in, but it keeps crashing when the game's done loading. I put them into the mod folder, and enable them in the dlc_load.json file, but it still breaks. Is there a solution that I've never seen or what?


i downloaded the mod but i got the old version of the mod 




Everytime i try to run the game with this mod, i get an map error. Does anyone know how to solve? If yes, please help me.


This is TT??


verify your clock

Leonardo De Vito

update to 1.11.4


Why, until I want to say where my soldier is from and I want to build an airport, he is crashing. My version of the game is 1.11.3.


Hotfix released to work with 1.11.5, needs update.


how can I install the mod? upload the mod through launcher. copy the content into the folder named :TheNewOrderLDOE 

but Launcher says the mod doesn't have a descriptor file . 


every single time I want to deploy a unit the game crashes. what should I do?


me too


Hola podrian actualizar el mod a la vercion 1.2.1a que tiene el parche de compativilidad con la 1.11.5 salio 2 dias des pues de haber salido el mod


Pls update it, there a bug that in tool box you can't build up factories


The Mod crashes when I select state for troops to deploy. Does anyone have fix for this?


Will this work on 1.11.9


Good mod But When The man in the high castle mod?


Hello, i dont know if this is a bug of the mod or its my Hearts of Iron, but some descriptions and things are bugged, like some focuses, example: «OMS_initial_falling_snow» and that, any solution?


the mod is no stable it crashes alot 


The Country names dont APPEAR, not to mention there's a toolpack menu with the mod, I need a CLEAN MOD OF THIS


Oh… please, add the submod Goering Wild Ride.


steam URL please


pls update 1.11.12


why my game always chrashing when i want to play mods(ect. R56)?i dont have original game i have crack version?

i pirate game

it work normal in cracked maybe problem is from your pc


update pls thx


New hotfix for some game breakingish bugs came out this morning


nvm you guys uploaded it


update now

pigma 86

Please add a feature that if you destroy all nuclear state missile silos, don't start thermonuclear war. Thank you very much  for your great mod ImageImage


the text i very very bad


can you upload the sub mods pls?


Downloaded the mod, the moment it let me play after the long loading the game crashed, and no im not using an outdated version


i am the biggest gamer


I felt that when Himmler said ''It's burgundy time'' and then procedeed to burgund all over europe




Is this compatible with the latest version of hoi4?




looks at the comment section



The newest update for TNO, The Ruin has just been released. Please try to get it in the next few days.


Update pls


update this «the ruin»


update please


thanks for the fast update!!!

king spamton I

bouta do some devious shit as taboritsky


pls update mod to 1.13.7


pls update mod to 1.13.7


update please


Please update mod 8 March 2024