Mod «Millennium Dawn: A Modern Day Mod» for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.12.1 - 1.12.9)

Millennium Dawn: A Modern Day Mod

With the dawn of a new millennium, a new chapter in human history is about to be written. Globalization continues to change the lives of countless billions, while rising extremism is showing signs of igniting the fires of conflict. New powers begin to emerge, and not all believe their place in the global order, or that of some competitors, is warranted. A struggle will soon begin, and it will likely change everything. Will you lead your Nation to prosperity and dominance in the decades ahead, or will your Nation fall victim to the defining moments of history?

Welcome to Millennium Dawn.

Millennium Dawn is a multi-mod project set in the year 2000 and carries forward to modern day. The mod itself boasts new and unique tech trees, focus trees, events, and decisions to immerse you in the intricacies of the modern era.

Further it offers a new and unique economic system, a new political system, national taxation and debt, custom internal political factions, international influence mechanics, custom 3D models, a custom soundtrack, and much more!

New additions

  • New and Unique Map (new provinces, real borders, states, resources, industry, and population)
  • New Countries (all with portraits, correct statistics, and military leaders)
  • New Economic System (development, debt, corruption, and budget-management)
  • New Tech Tree (extending from 1965-2035)
  • New Equipment and Unit types (all made from scratch to make combat a complete new experience)
  • All countries have highly detailed and accurate armies, navy, aircraft, and equipment based on real world statistics collected by the IISS’s The Military Balance 2016, SIPRI’s Trends in International Arms Transfers 2016, and FlightGlobal’s World Air Forces 2015.
  • Detailed Civil Wars (if it exists, it's here)
  • Modern 3D models
  • New Political System
  • Custom Internal Faction System
  • Custom Sphere of Influence Mechanics
  • Custom Missile System
  • Custom European Union System
  • All new modern sound effects

Focus Trees:

  • Afghanistan
  • Botswana
  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • China
  • Denmark
  • Ethiopia (Eritrea Puppet Shared)
  • Shared EU Focus (USoE & POTEF)
  • Finland
  • Greece
  • Gulf tree for BHR, KUW, OMA, QAT, SAU, UAE including shared GCC tree also available to EGY, IRQ, JOR, MOR, YEM
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Korea (South & North as well as a shared tree.)
  • Nigeria
  • Norway
  • Poland
  • Russia
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • Syria
  • Ukraine
  • United Kingdom
  • United States

We still have a long way ahead of us before we reach the end of our development so stick with us and keep up!

Graphical errors will occur with DirectX 11 or OpenGL. Use DirectX 9


  • Now International Bankers are using new Foreign Modifiers (cost and duration)
  • Rebalanced some generic focuses
  • Ethiopian War ends with both ERI and ETH "demobilizing" (They go down to 2 and 3)
  • Added additional focus to assist Ethiopia in economic management


  • Fixed broken recruitment officers for some releasable nations like California, Texas, New England, CSA
  • Fixed broken army icons for Armenia
  • Auto-influence now correctly deletes a nation if it no longer exists
  • Fixed broken EU focuses
  • USoE should inheriting missile stocks, nuclear weapon stocks, satellites from member states
  • Fixed a bug in Ethiopian focus "Request International Loans"
  • Fixed a bug in the Influence Actions logging (?? vs ?)


  • Eliminated unneeded checks in influence system to optimize calls


  • Ledger integration for players
  • Added agriculture mechanics for various African nations
  • Added literacy rate mechanic for all of Africa

Game Rules:

  • Allowed the disabling of the ledger for more competitive play


  • Added Initial Investment Cost to all 15 investment projects
  • Added a ID note in the investment decision descriptions for better debugging
  • Added some Localisation for Spain


  • Eliminated unneeded checks in influence system to optimize calls

Version 08.01.22 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.12.1 - 1.12.7)

  • Fixes


Version 03.11.22 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.12.1 - 1.12.5)


  • Rebalanced several African nations starting positions to keep them from early game bankruptcy


  • Fixed tank upgrades without NSB dlc (hopefully)
  • Fixed bad localization call in Ivory Coast news event
  • Fixed New Turkish Submarines using the wrong hull type
  • Fixed display issue in the GDP/C dynamic research slot system
  • Fixed 5-year-plan decision effects for resource gain efficiency and offices
  • Fixed bad unit definitions in USA's
  • Fixed Wagner Tank PMC Purchase
  • Fixed decision visible for ZSR
  • Fixed tooltip for ZSR nationalization


  • Victor of the Ivory Coast Civil war should now become Ivory Coast again


  • Added 4 new generic portraits
  • Fixed Polish Portrait Errors


  • Better localisation for 5-year-plan decisions


  • Removed unneeded dynamic calls in subideology window

Quality of Life (QoL):

  • Debt/International Investment Container in Budget Tab now support the same functionality as the top bar
  • New map modes: SCO (Shanghai Cooperation Organisation)


Version 29.10.22 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.12.1 - 1.12.4)


  • Russia no longer attacks the countries of the former USSR if they are in NATO, until 2016
  • Russia no longer attacks the countries of the former USSR if they have guarantors from China, until 2012
  • Russia no longer attacks Azerbaijan if it has a guarantor from Turkey, until 2016
  • AI now knows how to properly distribute military plants for aviation production
  • AI received new army templates.
  • AI will now pay off the full amount of their debt should they have the money available
  • AI should now properly reject economic aid
  • AI will now send his tank armies to the mountains less often. And in general, AI will now not send troops to slaughter in an unsuitable area
  • A new game rule for economic AI, which removes restrictions on the adoption of economic laws


  • Updated the popularity drift from operatives
  • Increased Defense for "No Turret" tank turret type: from 4 to 8
  • Decreased conversion cost of "No Turret" tank turret type from 2.25 to 0.75
  • Made tank hulls not producable by default (experimental change)
  • Reduced Manipulate Politics influence cost from 10% to 5% loss to make it more useful
  • Cost tweak to policies so they're slightly more expensive
  • Adjusted some nations starting tax rates
  • Balanced several italian modifiers, added a couple of recurring decisions


  • Fixed NATO sharing group if NATO disabled due game rules
  • Fixed Resource Exports disappearing if you lease factories
  • Fixed missing upgrade for Air Superiority Fighters
  • Fixed American Naval OOBs so they didn't get 2015 modules in 2000
  • Fixed a CV MR text icon error
  • Fixed missing localization for Production Cost Max modifiers
  • Fixed PMC's trying to spawn units with non-existing c&c equipment
  • Fixed wrong number of max planes in airwing menu (instead of 100 from vanilla now 50)
  • Fixed broken localisation for revolts in Spain
  • Fixed broken icon for focus Spread Right Wing Propaganda in Spanish Focus Tree
  • Fixed issues with the North Korean Focus Tree
  • Belize, Northern Cyprus, Cyprus, Bahrain, Hezbollah now have gifted income to avoid debt shit
  • Fixed strange effects tooltip in event IMF Demands Land Reform
  • Fixed missing technologies for Liechtenstein, Mexico and Germany
  • Fixed decision to reduce autonomy don't disappear if you lost puppet
  • Fixed prerequisites in decision Replace Saudi Arabia as Leader of the GCC
  • Kuwait now don't should have completed focuses in 2000
  • Fixed decision for China to reduce autonomy in Hong Kong
  • Fixed Korean Unified idea It wasn't modifying correctly due to bad variable names
  • Fixed Chinese Focus Zhejiang Megacity Project
  • Removed Uzbekistani divisions in Kyrgyzstan in 2000 scenario
  • Added bypass for British Focus Develop Infrastructure
  • Fixed GCC Focus Mass Deportation
  • Fixed Spanish communist everywhere decision (Commies needed to be in coalition to work)
  • Fixed weird tooltips with influence changes (was 2 same countries)
  • Fixed pending investment offer bug (You can no longer spam players with investments and they need to be accepted successively.)
  • Fixed graphically bug where limited invested buildings would give you the false hope of being buildable at 10 when there can only be 5
  • Fixed T-62 cannon and reloading type
  • Fixed AWACS graphics for all nations
  • Fixed the MBT7 for India
  • Fixed the error spam from the peace conference
  • Fixed an error spam due to a bad unicode character
  • Fixed a bunch of non-MTG errors in the OOBs
  • Fixed the 2017 SOV NSB file
  • Fixed duplicate triggers about SCO ideas for Officer International Training law
  • Fixed missing localisation for insult opinion modifier
  • Fixed decision Move our Embassy to Jerusalem
  • Fixed terror threat change for focus The Salafist Rise


  • Increased cost to drill oil for China
  • Increased cost to make anti DPP campaign
  • Chinese Tourism Restricted idea now also should add additional expenses
  • Buffed idea The Four Asian Tigers Legacy
  • Various changes for GCC focus tree and decisions
  • Various changes for Chinese focus tree, decisions and ideas
  • Rebalanced some effects for Chinese STE decisions
  • Modules and other minor techs now can have XP dumped on them for tech bonusesgi
  • Added new Naval Doctrines for Bluewater and Greenwater Navy
  • Rebalanced decisions to encourage/deport migrants for Gulf countries
  • Updated Jamaican political parties
  • New tags: CSM, FNC
  • Ivory Coast & Senegal event chains
  • New Political Party icons for most Arab Autocrats in Africa
  • New political parties for SHA, MAU, LIB, SIE, GUI, BFA, GUB
  • New starting political setups for AFG, AGL, BFA, CDI, GUB, GUI, LIB, LUR, MAU, NAM, SHA, and SIE
  • New Equipment Purchasing System to replace decision menu (button can be found in political menu)

Focus Tree:

  • Tweaks to the American Focus Tree
  • Added Libertarian Tree within the Reformed Republic added content teased in 1.7's release
  • Improved Generic Tree (Added new focuses and rebalanced some stuff)


  • Changed the Office Sector building to be a light blue so it's more obvious when it is available
  • Additional models for various countries and some bug fixes to them
  • Fixed poorly sized portraits
  • Added icons to ideas missing pictures


  • Better position for things in topbar
  • Fixed the Ship Filters section in the naval production screen
  • Fixed interface in Naval Intel Ledger
  • Small interface tweaks in country view window


  • Improve localisation for Rentier state - include information on when it will be removed
  • Various improvements in EU focuses localisation
  • Adjusted localisation for SOV cannons
  • Some localisation fixes in User Interface


  • Introduced four new custom modifiers for content purposes


  • Optimized on_startup on action so the game should load in faster
  • Optimized the Investment System UI so it should run smoother in game

Quality of Life (QoL):

  • Added Project Count to International Investments Tooltip
  • When laws are blocked it now shows you the duration until you can change again
  • Added a scrollbar to technology description
  • Rewrote most of the tooltips for the Investment System so requirements are more clear


Version 08.10.22 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.12.1 - 1.12.3)


  • Azerbaijani AI should no longer suicide into Iran
  • Armenia should be more chummy with Russia
  • Danish AI should be more chummy with Scandinavian nations
  • Improved French Francosphere AI
  • Ukrainian AI if it has a wargoal shouldn't suicide against Russia
  • Russian AI now must choose Putin with historical/United Russia path
  • Tweaked the Rejection AI for Economic Aid (Opinion matters)
  • AI should be less likely to go jihadist as the Gulf Nations
  • AI will no longer get submarine/ship defense companies if it has no dockyards
  • Economic Aid AI should now be more relative to opinions vs scripted hard triggers
  • Investment AI should now fall more on opinion and scripted some specific cases where they would be more likely to reject
  • Restructured Russian AI for initial election to make Putin the only choice (only can be changed via game rule if you are on historical focus AI)
  • AI will now use PMCs
  • Improved the North Korean focus AI to focus more on reducing the Arduous March
  • AI peace deals should result in annexation of cores and puppeting of the rest of the conquered land
  • AI peace deals should see war winners seek to keep puppets close to their border if possible
  • Custom AI peace deal behaviour for Roman Italy (ITA), Nationalist/Salafist Afghanistan (AFG) and IR Iran (PER)


  • Removed Local PMC decisions, as global are enough even in MP
  • PMC decisions require 'No Step Back' dlc temporarily
  • Made tank engines a bit faster
  • Generic Defense companies buffed from giving 1% buff to around 6%
  • Decrease unit xp combat bonuses from 25% per level to 15%
  • Decrease air superiority effect on defense from 65% to 50%
  • Revanchism idea in Generic Tree gives you +1 Volunteer size


  • Fixed Spanish Carlists not coming to power properly when completing the decision "Install the Carlist Monarchy"
  • Fixed Russian tech categories not applying to MTG stuff
  • Fixed Scoping error in the Spanish Demand Andorra Events
  • Fixed flag for South Korea in Equipment Purchasing decisions
  • Better focus tree positions for Armenia, Greece and France to avoid some problems
  • Fixed effects from technology Machine Learning
  • Fixed increase by 0 terror threat in radicalization event
  • Fixed Revoke Citizenship decisions for Spain (The culture group core was wrong)
  • Fixed Cruiser Hull 2 (1985) having a bad tech year
  • Fixed Operation Yellow Ribbon showing up in 2000
  • Fixed Attacked influence opinion modifier, now should reduce by -10 opinion and should be 12 months
  • Fixed permission type Friend for Volga-Don Canal, now Russia can move ships from Caspian Sea
  • Now Russia should have Thermobaric Warhead from 2000 start date
  • Fixed icon for Fuel in lend-lease window
  • Fixed position for Artillery title in tech tree
  • Fixed spamming remove idea Army of Yes-Men
  • Fixed Foreign Data Kraken and Asylum Shopping ideas from game start if game rule disable EU is activated
  • Fixed events about Donbas (was missed Luhansk state in uprising and return Donbas in Ukraine)
  • Fixed revolt events for Spanish missions
  • Fixed missing GFX for Saudi Prince, Paramilitary, Azerbaijani Wester Drift Idea
  • Fixed carrier engineering blueprint
  • Fixed missing technologies for Netherlands and Ukraine
  • Karabakh now should have Non State Actor idea instead of Aspiring State
  • Fixed research slots not correctly costing anything
  • Fixed Ukraine leaving its own Baltic Black Sea faction
  • Fixed bad calls in the Harsh Path of the Culture conflict for Spain
  • Fixed all of the influence starting values so China can't instantly puppet Korea
  • Fixed requests 2 ruling parties in Danish focus Restrict Immigration
  • Fixed wrong data elections for Ukraine, Russia and Georgia
  • Fixed bad call for MBT_3 and MBT_2 in Spain's licenses
  • Fixed Russia and Iran having 2 recon companies in unit templates
  • Fixed wrong network technologies for some countries after game start
  • Fixed idea African Brain Drain, now this idea should be removed if country have 4k GDP per capita and at least higher education
  • PMC decisions now will spawn actual tanks instead of hulls
  • Fixed PMC available amount not updating when units are deleted
  • Fixed Iranian Focus Tree crash
  • Fixed check compliance and resistance for formable nations decisions and other small fixes for these decisions

Focus Trees:

  • Redid Korea Unified Tree to get rid of negative debugs
  • Rebalanced Japanese Tree so it's less painful to play
  • Added more wargoals to give accurate Spanish Empire Borders
  • Improved some availables in the Spanish Monarchist tree
  • Added a protest mechanic to prevent Italy sitting on 0% stability
  • Added a small reduction to reform expectance from some italian recurring decisions


  • ideological powers have all their WIP icons replaced with custom GFX
  • Updated the Spy portraits so now there are at least spies for every nation (need to add more generics)


  • Improved positions for social buttons
  • Added MD version and release date in main menu
  • Added Subscription window from vanilla


  • Spanish localization improvements for the tree
  • Fixed spelling/grammar for USA, Azerbaijan and Italy focus tree
  • Fixed localisation for event Quebec Supports the Government
  • Fixed localisation for Battleship technology
  • Fixed missing title for module category about engines in naval designer
  • Fixed localisation for Economic Exploitation action
  • Updated Investment decision description to show active projects


  • Handful of new states in Germany for Hamburg and Berlin
  • Provincial fixes around the world per normal

Quality of Life (QoL):

  • Explained how the education cost from research slots is calculated and added a utility script into the decision so you can see exactly how much it will increase cost by one slot.
  • Re-Allowed Naval Engine Modules refitting, previously soft-blocked
  • Reshuffled and rebalanced admiral traits
  • Scrollbar for bookmarks, news events and focus descriptions, now you can have long text without any problems, also scrollbar should fix problem with long textes in other languages and invisible button in news events.
  • No slowdown mode now integrated in Millennium Dawn with small changes

Other things:

  • Game rule to disable formable nations


Version 24.09.22 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.11.9 - 1.11.13)


  • Improved Generic Tree AI
  • Economic AI should now evaluate taxes and raise and lower as needed
  • AI will produce better units
  • AI will now invest in infrastructure
  • AI will invest until 6% interest rate and then stop to focus on debt maintenance
  • AI will now produce equipment more effectively to provide a more robust AI
  • AI in Africa and Western ENG should no longer support the Nigerian Caliphate
  • Nigeria has a couple additional AI strategies to be more dominant in the ECOAWS region
  • Nigeria's AI should be a bit more dynamic now
  • AI should be more aggressive at paying down debt
  • Russia should have better war declaration AI


  • Econ Cycle Upgrade is now 7.50% of your current GDP
  • Healthcare/Social Spending are now more expensive for lower GDP/C nations
  • Rebalanced Cost and gain from certain Afghan focuses
  • Rebalanced Afghanistan Tribal Culture to not be too punishing now that other PP
  • Reduced influence from SCO decisions


  • AFG "Claim Pakistani Paschustani" reworked
  • Adjusted Special Forces Tree and NVG position
  • AFG Our Nation Recovered Bug Taliban Could Not Complete Focus
  • Generic Tree Infrastructure and Radar Station focuses can now be bypassed
  • Generic Tree Interventionism avaliable for Salafist Outlook
  • Reduced Riau Islands Starting Internet Station to 1
  • Corrected Southern Illinois Incident Typo
  • Demand the Return of the Crimea state corrected
  • Capital of Georgia is now correctly labeled as Tbilisi
  • Fixed land doctrines cost reduction in focus trees
  • Fixed incorrect tag lookup for Moldova in faction checks
  • Corrected a tech path retrieving a tech that doesn't exist
  • Corrected some empty enable_equipments in warheads.txt
  • Removed improper references in French localization to tags that do not exists
  • Fixed Syrian focus "Close PKK Border"'s broken available
  • Fixed Danish Neutral conservatism localization
  • Fixed AI researching 2035 Helicopters in 2015
  • Fixed Brazil and Vietnam non-MTG ships appearing in production
  • Fixed two corvettes missing class for Philippines
  • Fixed Saudi Panavia Tornado IDS to be the right aircraft
  • Fixed electronics tree missing 2025
  • Miscellaneous organisation
  • Chile now has also Small Arms 1975
  • Fixed duplicate localisation
  • Patched Turkish Socialism leader
  • Fixed manipulate politics as a non-aligned country giving salafist outlook
  • Fixed improper tooltip in military aid section
  • Fixed State will acquire it option in "A large foreign company buys domestic small business" event not having a cost
  • Fixed Iranian Quds focus not giving a faction opinion increase
  • Improved Serbia's starting position so there is no longer a debt war
  • Fixed Shia Resistance Effect Typo idea
  • Recall Volunteers no longer displays if Game Rule isn't enabled
  • Fixed Double Saudi Royal Family Check in Diversify the Economy focus
  • Fixed Investment Exploit where you find the cheapest state and then invest in other states with the lower cost
  • Fixed the triggering of a non-existant event in 2017
  • Corrected Exploit by Suspending Elections during Coalition Formation
  • Corrected incorrect tag reference in custom factions
  • Corrected incorrect tag reference in "The Military Takes Power" news event
  • Afghanistan now gets Middle Eastern Portraits
  • Attacking communists no longer makes them stronger. McCarty had my name on a list. DW I hated Animal Farm
  • Fixed several tags not having factions. No longer were the perepetually stronger than normal!
  • Religion for the Religion Law is now capitalized
  • Fixed Highlight State Triggers in numerous decisions
  • Fixed Investments not matching construction time
  • Fixed Investment "10" from displaying incorrect information
  • Fixed Satellite Screen from bricking MP games
  • Albania no longer gets spammed on startup with USA Events
  • Corrected Counter Terror events no longer showing the removal of values
  • Fixed Germany volkswagen focuses
  • Fixed scientific advances idea for generic tree
  • Fixed French Canadian Happiness in 2017 (now Canada should have only 1 idea with Happiness)
  • Some fixes for Greek content
  • Skilled Staffer requires 18 or more units now to gain experience rather than 24
  • Fixed missing icon for British Special Treatment
  • Fixed missing icon for Bureaucratic Drain
  • Fixed bad event picture in Britain Demands Special Treatment event
  • Fixed Delete Influencer Check not properly deleting duplicate influencers
  • Fixed missing tax rates for Somali National Alliance
  • Fixed Liechtenstein wrong election date in 2017
  • Polish focus trees now have normal position
  • Fixed Afghan focus Hude Equipment Production
  • Fixed problems with annexation of Osetia and Abkhazia
  • Code improve and spelling/grammar fixes for Brasilian content
  • Fixed Releasing Puppets having only 45% Domestic Influence
  • Fixed Liberating influence scoping errors
  • Fixed Puppeting during peace conference now gives influence to the actual overlord
  • Fixed Ukrainian event to join CSTO, now Ukraine will join to CSTO, not giving and getting guarantees
  • Fixed Steam link in game menu
  • Fixed overlapping w/ the Research with XP button in tech windows
  • No longer can you become NATO Aspirant as a subject
  • Fixed decision to integrate Portugal for Spain, now Spain will get cores on every Portugal territory, not only some
  • Fixed broken requests 30% influence in SCO in Chinese focus An Alliance to Rival NATO
  • Now player don't should see EU decisions if EU disabled due to the game rules
  • Fixed 0% influence in some countries
  • Fixed Abdelaziz Bouteflika death in 2004


  • New Tags: SPA, TLS
  • Majors are now at the top of the list of game rules
  • Nationalist Germany now can claim Liechtenstein
  • Added initial missile stockpile to ITA
  • Added initial missile stockpile to SPR
  • Rebalance and restyling of the italian Mafia system
  • Added new branches to the Italian focus tree: City of Rome, Church Relations, Media
  • Added Technocratic governments to Italy with unique mechanics
  • Complete rework of the Italian territorial claims, military and diplomatic branches of the focus tree
  • Rebalance of Italian officer corps (nerfed, but improvable through new military focuses)
  • Italian leaders no longer change upon losing elections, they can instead be replaced in a dedicated branch
  • Added several new italian parties unlockable with leaders change focuses
  • Rework of the italian policy system to be based on decisions that can be enacted and repealed infinitely
  • Given access to policies to non-democratic italian paths, added democratic senate path and reworked overall branch
  • Minor rework and additions to Italian Education, Debt, Administration and Industry branches
  • Added several new options for integrative restoration across the whole mediterranean
  • Updated romanization decisions with new states and added decisions for previously missing roman provinces
  • Added rewards for completing all integrative restoration and all romanization decisions
  • Rewrote calculations for italian reform expectance party drift and rebalanced various other effects
  • Updated starting stockpile for Italy
  • Restructured Brazil and Vietnam Navy
  • Improved Influence GUI Localization in tooltips
  • Tank Designer Compatibility
  • Full Naval System Redesign
  • Reworked cost of investments for Cyber Security Infrastructure, now it depends on the percentage of GDP
  • Minor changes in CSTO faction
  • Added Private Military Companies mechanic
  • Added tooltip for russian focus The 2000 Elections to avoid future questions
  • There are now unique Aces for various cultural groups
  • Added ideological powers to all political parties
  • 18 new formable nations, still without any country flags/names, but will be later
  • New game rules to weaken countries
  • Dynamic Research Slot System
  • Gave SHB's leader some traits

Focus Trees:

  • New/Improved Focus Trees: Spain, Armenia,


Version 18.06.22 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.11.9 - 1.11.12)



  • Model Compression has been reverted back. This should not change checksum.

v1.6.3 'Tac Strikes'


  • Investment AI will no longer offer you projects that exceed 730 days
  • Disabled Anti Bully Decisions for AI (They didn't use it anyways)
  • Armenian/Azerbaijan Hostile Relations added
  • Armenia will try and protect Artaskh
  • Tweaked the ability for the AI to build offices
  • Expanded their desire for industrial strength above all (Should build up longer)
  • Expanded some AI strategies for South Africa to be more domineering over the local African minors
  • Switzerland will protect and befriend it's Alpine Brothers
  • Eritrean AI will now be more cautious against Ethiopian in Ethiopian-Eritrean conflict
  • Fixed some issues with some AI frontlines for RAJ, UKR and CHI
  • Introduced AI Ship Limiter
  • Added "Tick" checks so the AI won't decrease and increase taxes in the same week
  • AI will strike back when nuked
  • On DoW AI will set its nuclear weapons on alert


  • Fixed Steam Link leading to outdated steam page
  • Fixed social buttons positioning for all resolutions
  • Fixed Brazilian idea "Crippled Currency" from not always being removed
  • Brazil should no longer support Ukraine via Employment Projects
  • Fixed Ukrainian event not properly displaying localization
  • Removed broken tooltip from IMF events
  • Fixed Carrier model shading
  • Fixed the 2015 UAV showing up as a tu22
  • Fixed issue w/ Operative Portraits coming up as blanks
  • Fixed Natural Orator spy trait giving useless effects
  • Game rules localisation fixes
  • Corporate Tax Cost localisation clarification
  • Fixed firing ground-launched missiles form foreign launch points
  • USoE integrate new members decision reseach slot bug fixed
  • Denmark can now get planes from SOV/USA aka, denmark.4001
  • Fixed nationalist limited support for POL giving too much of a bonus
  • Most of focuses for POL in 2017 will now bypass instead of completion to prevent unhistorical results
  • Fixed Hejaz not being cored by UAR after SAU is integrated
  • Fixed coalition partner drifts not being applied correctly
  • Fixed Outlooks having popularity but all of the subparties being at 0% popularity
  • Fixed change of laws in events "US Requests Help With Taliban" and "Joining the Invasion of Iraq?"
  • Fixed Russian focus "Federalise Union State"
  • Winston Peters no longer has duplicate traits.
  • You can no longer hold elections as a nation without elections via political decisions
  • Fixed GCC Permit Activism and End Censorship Fault Triggers
  • Syria can no longer invite you to their non-existent faction if you don't have the Jerusalem Defence Pact
  • Fixed North Korea never accepting the South Korean peace offer
  • Countries that reject Mercosur invitation won't get a second chance
  • Fixed Burmese Set Politics not working as intended
  • Xinjiang and Tibet now start with the correct political setup when released
  • Jihadist autonomy levels are now exclusive to Jihadists
  • Guarantees are now correctly cancelled when a country switches Outlooks, not just ruling party
  • Xinjiang is no longer called S.A.R if puppeted by someone else
  • Removed Schröder and Merkel from the German cloning program
  • Fixed some countries starting with 4 internal factions
  • Fixed Somali National Alliance not having basic laws
  • Network Infrastructure now properly decrease building time in for investments
  • Network Infrastructure no longer will immediately cancel
  • Network Infrastructure building description will now show you the amount per building level
  • Fixed Investment Decisions scoping to the wrong fuck off state
  • Spelling and localisation improvements in the Syrian focus tree
  • Fixed clipping in the tech research
  • Chaebols will properly display it's opinion
  • Event wot.25 will give results now
  • Gulf states will now unban Caliphate parties if they do Jihad
  • New England no longer broken
  • Libya's Airforce Chief should now give you air buffs
  • Fixed Sudanese and Congolese Templates being non-deletable
  • Even more event picture fixes (even more even more)
  • Clarification of Tighten/Federalize the Union State effects
  • Cleaned up Defense Spending tooltip. (No more broken tooltip! Yeah!)
  • Removed redundant/unused localization in MD_laws for Russian/English localization
  • FCA Has Flag
  • Fixed missing name in Yemen's Subideologies
  • Fixed Missing Event Image for GCC Arms Sales Event
  • Fixed inability to remove "IMF Debts" national spirit form Brazil
  • SOV will now be allowed to station troops in PMR & ABK without "exile" in 2000 start


  • USA, SOV, CHI, ENG, FRA, RAJ, JAP, ITA, SPR, PER, KOR, TAI, ISR, NKO, TUR, GER, UKR, BRA, PAK, EGY missile technology setup
  • All countries now start with reworked generals and advisors
  • Updated Turkish political parties, leaders and starting political setup in preparation for more Turkish content
  • Temporarily disabled Narco State/Mafia State content which is causing perpetual civil wars in South America
  • Minor additions + some quality of life changes to the Italian Tree
  • Rework of the Italian mafia system with new decisions, focuses, qol changes and rebalancing of existing stuff
  • Minor Eritrean-Ethiopian war content
  • Rebalanced Investment Stats so it should be a bit quicker and some of the smaller buildings are longer to construct
  • Reworked Counter Terror system
  • Reworked Influence System
  • Kicking out the Assad's as Syria replaced Shia conservatism/liberalism mechanic with the corresponding Sunni mechanic
  • Reorganised the Syrian focus tree to be a bit more compact
  • Syria's civil war chance after the Damascus Spring depends how much popularity various Assads have gained before the revolution
  • New/Reworked Focus Tree: Liechtenstein, Generic
  • New Music: 22/02/2022
  • Stability from budget laws has been reduced
  • Reintroduced starting factions and reworked faction mechanics
  • New Supported Language: French


  • New Russian Infantry Model
  • New Czech and Slovakian models
  • T-90, BTR-80, BMP-3, BMP-2 Russian models
  • Added planes to the deck of the Russian AC model
  • All generic nations now have plane models based off their equipment types
  • DirectX 11 Compatibility is now supported for all image types
  • Added missile gfx: CHI ALCM, NKO ICBM


  • Bosnian templates are no longer non-deletable
  • Replaced "Trucks" with "Utility Vehicles" in various supply tooltips


  • Semi-Consumption Economy can no longer be taken by a "Rentier State"
  • Subjects can now ask for debt relief only from the IMF or their Overlord


  • Optimised Party Popularity calculations
  • Optimized budget law creation
  • Optimised Textures so mod weight is significantly lower than before


  • Gave Mongolia it's rightful clay from China
  • Added Xinjiang core to Aksai Chin
  • Provincial rework to Northern Australia
  • Split Central Anatolian State in two for Turkey
  • Added new states in Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, and Artaskh


  • Special Purpose Payload now ready for modding


Version 10.04.22 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.11.9 - 1.11.10)

  • Fixes


Version 10.04.22 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.11.9 - 1.11.10)


  • Baltics shouldn't leave NATO if neutral


  • Fixed GROM image for Poland focus tree
  • Brazilian 2017 Election Killswitch fixed
  • Liechtenstein state name is now correctly name
  • Fixed LEB being named "test"
  • Fixed vanilla custom icons not being present
  • "Assert Control" focus in North Korea will now correctly annex the Korean civil war nation
  • Declare Independence for Hong Kong should now end puppet status properly, also removes Basic Law, Lack of Universal Suffrage and One Country Two Systems national spirits
  • Fixed LIC, MNC, and ADO ability to have buildings
  • Fixed a hole in the Syrian Republican Guard template
  • Fixed Syrian debt negotiation exploit
  • Fixed BAE Aerospace icon
  • Insult event pictures fixed
  • Fixed integrate decision Yemen for Saudi Arabia
  • Fixed SCO event picture pathing
  • Updated Botswana national focus tree for NSB limitations
  • Updated EU scripted effects for NSB limitations
  • Updated Italy events for NSB limitations
  • Made it so the 'Ukrainian Revolution' mission will fire everytime you go over 15 Chance of Revolt not just once and altered the variables to better the pacing of random stability events
  • Fixed Syrian Civil War peace event firigng too early
  • Fixed TAI being unable to be puppeted as anyone other than CHI
  • BRA UNASUL focuses fixed™
  • Fixed TUR.Neutral_Social missing localization
  • Fixed some event pathing errors & overlaps (part 2 electric fixaloo)
  • Fixed some Greek event triggers and tokens
  • Fixed Poland not having the AA it needed
  • Serbia has internet once again
  • Romanian internet is fixed
  • Fixed a Nuking Container Issue
  • Fixed Negative Campaign Event not showing up properly
  • Switched out some Brazilian vehicle graphics
  • Fixed Brazilian stockpile lacking equipment or having erroneous equipment
  • Brazilian corporate tax and debt percentage to more accurately reflect real-life levels
  • Fixed some Brazilian issues, made focuses clearer
  • Fixed Ukrainian Event "Cooldown of 2001 Protests" now showing the correct text


  • Reworked Officer Corps for CZE, GRE, FRA, NKO, SWS, SOO, TAB, SYR, SOO, SWA, NKR, NIC, NCY, NAM, MRT, PAP, MOZ, MNC, PAL PRU, PAN, PAR, PHI, NEP, MNT, SUR, NGR, SLO, SRI and 6 releasable tags
  • GRE-CYP Enosis event chain allows for Akrotiri's return under correct conditions


  • Added Nagmachon (IFV 1995) to Israel in 2000 bookmark
  • Updated Israel's population to match real life numbers
  • Patched remaining goals_shine.gfx errors
  • Switched loadup scenario to be 2000 vs 2017
  • Increased Greece's starting military spending level by 1
  • Changed Greece's starting convoys 150 -> 400
  • Futuristic Nuclear Reactors now has the proper historical year of 2015
  • Fixed Victory Points databasing (They should now be correctly sorted into their state files)
  • Minor nations now start with $3.0 Billion in treasury for balancing purposes
  • Increased Nigerian oil to better represent their oil reserves
  • Fixed double power ranking setting
  • Cleaned redundant variables from Canada
  • Corrected the name of a Swedish politician


  • New models for Mig21, Mig23, Su17, Su24, Mig29, Su27, Su33, Su57, and correction to the tu160 models
  • f111 aardvark model added for USA
  • F14 Model Replaced to match USA Tech Tree Icon (F15)
  • J15, Type 003 Aircraft Carrier, and ZBD-97 for China model added
  • Brazilian tank model added
  • APC and IFV models switched around to correctly match icons (APC Battalions previously showed as IFV models)
  • Optimized current in game models to have a lower and more light weight impact on game runtime
  • Custom city graphics for Austria, France, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Monaco, Spain, and Switzerland
  • French focus Total SA now has an icon
  • Train Graphics
  • Updated general portraits for China, Germany and Russian
  • Updated some portrait from Swedish politician


  • ALCM launch button trigger tooltip rework
  • Fixed Possessive in French focus Napoleon's Dream


  • New Outer Donbas state for Ukraine
  • Added additional maps
  • Fixed provincial issues in Sierre Leone


  • added instructions for map changes to Millennium_Dawn\history\states\#readme.txt


Version 21.03.22 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.11.9)


  • Removed minors from mockup missile defense AI (including HLS & SMA)
  • Improved project AI so they should now be more willing to put other buildings in project queues
  • Improved logging of AI Investment targets so Bird can make better AI (Bird fix AI)
  • Added a AI check for the AI to ignore taking debt if they fit well within targeted budgets
  • The AI will be more likely to keep their policies in line with their focus trees
  • AI will now use 'revert ideas' decisions for Poland
  • Fixed and added historical AI for the nordic countries
  • The Nigerian AI should no longer ping pong between Islamic and Christian religious paths
  • Ukrainian AI should no longer bum rush the Baltic-Black Sea Union every game
  • Sanity checks for Korea. They shouldn't take their wargoals for JAP or USA if they're currently at war with South Korea


  • Civilian Folder Horizontal Scrollbar patched
  • Fixed diplomatic actions UI issues for resolutions smaller than 1920x1080
  • Fixed policies UI for resolutions smaller than 1920x1080
  • Bosphorus strait fixes (map & missile launch triggers)
  • Strait icon not covered from missile buttons anymore
  • Updated Housing Crisis Effect for "Cool Down the Markets"
  • Fixed Somalia Civil War issues and converted cleanup events to an on_action
  • Fixed increasing tax rates giving their proper popularity changes
  • Fixed the missing leaders for San Marino
  • Fixed agencies being listed as the Iraqi Falcon Intelligence Cell
  • Fixed exploit adding additional nuclear warheads to ongoing production
  • Fixed Canadian Infrastructure sections
  • Removed Rail Guns from Frigates
  • Added ability to have ESM on newer (2005 and newer) Destroyers
  • Fixed Ukrainian spirit "Ukraine without Kuchma" not disappearing
  • Fixed Ukrainian Donbass Civil War Events Triggering improperly
  • Fixed Tsaryov not being NOV's leader on civil war
  • Fixed America's Great Recession event not properly ending.
  • Fixed Communist Cadres not showing up if communist
  • Fixed Brazilian election issue
  • Fixed Nigerian ideas not giving full benefit
  • Fixed Ukrainian Orthodox Church being takeable w/o the requisite focus
  • Fixed Ukrainian Strong Republic not getting the strong republic idea
  • Fixed La Resistance Portrait not showing up
  • Fixed resources strip showing incorrect icon when missing resources
  • Added ISR APC tech & 1985 MR tech
  • Deleted Aircraft tech from UAE (2017)
  • Fixed Lithuanian state name Siauliai
  • Fixed focus icons not displaying for communist path for Poland
  • Fixed Polish State Run Economy main cycle failing even if all requirements are fullfilled
  • Fixed localisation for Polish State Run Economy main cycle notification
  • Reduced monthly cycle for State Run Economy to 29 days (with mission re-enabling it should now be 30 days)
  • Fixed Polish focuses not constructing correct amount of refineries
  • Fixed MR & STK certification not working, MR & STK can now be used for ALCM
  • Added Japanese Core to Okinawa Base
  • Improved Ukrainian Novorossiya Trigger
  • Tweaked the decisions for Ukraine
  • Nigerian decisions tweaked
  • Fixed a Nigerian deadlock in the Boko Haram path
  • Fixed broken division template in LAR Triggers
  • Fixed Ethiopian missions always being active
  • Fixed portraits not displaying properly for LAR agents
  • Fixed American event paying yourself for demanding Sudan reparations
  • Can boost parties for non-Muslim nations if you have the salafist game rule enabled
  • Fixed Air & Missile Defense Auto Deploy not updating stats
  • Fixed Air & Missile Defense minus buttons add more missiles than deployed to inventory
  • Changed coup by influence math so anything above 1 GDP/C isn't immune to coups
  • Corrected russian state name Veliky Novgorod
  • Fixed MBT pictures for India
  • Fixed MIC, SML, SHA, ABK, and TAL not having starting tax rates causing them to go bankrupt early game
  • Nigerian Foreign Investments and Neighborly Expansion should no longer scope to Nigeria
  • Removed reference to a vanilla event from LAR
  • Patched economic cycle events. Negative events should now be much more likely to occur
  • Patched internal faction The Bazaar immediately plummeting to 0 when taking any kind of opinion option
  • Fixed nuclear doctrine triggers for fire button not working correctly
  • Fixed nuclear test not working correctly
  • Fixed satellite access adding wrong stats, when own sat system is higher


  • Added option to Stock Market Crash to "bailout" to give you a player option
  • More factions dislike when the Stock Market Crash
  • Added Ukrainian Event to cooldown the 2001 protests
  • Added German ship names
  • Rebalanced some Nigerian focuses
  • Syrian Civil War named threat is now 5 tension rather than 2 allowing for volunteers
  • Cut the PKK system (System for Turkey needs to be completely reworked)
  • Added an event for nuclear tests


  • Added AA Upgrade 3 to Russia
  • Removed minors from on start up SAM sites and SAM tech (including HLS & SMA)
  • Officer rework for MIC, MLC, MLD, MLT, MLW
  • Added Early Helicopter to Nigeria
  • Updated Israeli Aircraft Names
  • Updated Isreali starting Techs
  • Removed some UAE starting Techs

Focus Tree:

  • Revealed hidden North Korean tree branches
  • Reduced negative modifiers from Arduous March so you can actually research something (in 8000 days :kek:)


  • Updated Investment System Icons to new building icons


  • Fixed a typo in alert button
  • Fixed a typo in Trajectory Tooltip
  • Updated localization for Investment System
  • Fixed grammar and spelling for the print money tooltip
  • Fixed type in Eau Claire, WI
  • Fixed typo in Turkish city


  • Fixed FREMM-FR class not having VLS


  • Optimised Syria's events
  • Additional optimization to event runs


  • Removed Power Projection mechanic
  • Strike Fighter now are fighter cas tactical_bomber scout_plane
  • Multi Role Fighter now are fighter interceptor cas tactical_bomber scout_plane
  • CV Multi Role Fighter now are fighter interceptor cas tactical_bomber naval_bomber
  • Balance changes to CAS damage and survivability
  • Updated Defines to help balance Air-to-Ground stats
  • Increased Air-to-Air damage for Aircraft
  • Adjusted Terrain Penalties for CAS damage
  • Adjust Air Combat Damage scale to more closely align with Vanilla numbers
  • Adjusted Defines for Positional Values and Stacking values to penalize Death Stacking Navies


  • Replaced hoi_22typewriter font with hoi_18mbs for missiles UI
  • Fixed strategic priorities overlapping visuals
  • Added click options +10%, 50%, 100% to nuclear energy/nuclear material buttons
  • GDP and GDP/C is now viewable on diplomacy screen in treasury and income tooltips
  • Fixed overlap in strategic priorities screen
  • Nuclear warhead production +10/-10/+100/-100 click options added
  • QOL Update Missiles Launch Control Center: salvo & duration automatically set to 1 when selecting a missile
  • Fixed policies screen to view the policies on lower resolutions


  • Capped max negative population growth from GDP/C to -100% from -115%
  • Taking control of the Panama Canal and the Suez Canal from their original owner will now give income
  • Changed Power Ranking calculation to prevent overflow making everyone a non-power


  • Fixed unit locations in Western Tibet


Version 12.03.22 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.11.9)


  • Implemented Country Specific Civilian Industrial Targets for CHI, USA, ITA, FRA, UKR
  • Implemented a generic country industrial target for generic minor, regional, large, and major nations
  • AI is now willing to trade away 35% of their factories for resources
  • Expanded the AI for the naval powers {Any nations with navies now have targeted AI for vessel construction and breakdowns}
  • Removed the Afghan and Tajikistan AI to build dockyards. (yes this was a weird thing)
  • Tweaked the way the Ukrainian AI handles event options
  • Improved AI for economic budgeting
  • AI is now much more anti-debt than before
  • Taliban should no longer suicide on Afghanistan
  • America now should no longer abandon Kuwait Naval Base when at war with Iraq (hecking Bush)
  • North Korea/Korea should not invade the other if they are guaranteed by superpowers
  • Added investment AI for South Africa


  • Balanced Refitting IC cost of modules
  • Balanced IC cost of many modules, especially ESMs
  • Added new module choices to many slots, especially ESMs
  • Various minor changes to mtg modules
  • Buff to carrier wings
  • Tweak to CHI Xi's part focuses
  • increased sub spotting
  • Buffed resource to factory ratio
  • Rebalanced the LAR Agency system
  • Increased factory requirements for research-related focuses in the generic tree
  • Increased Naval Attack and Targeting for Aircraft
  • Slightly nerfed AA stats on Naval Modules (needs testing)
  • Increased Air Attack stats on Aircraft
  • General balance to dockyards
  • Rebalanced Ethiopian railway decisions
  • Rebalanced China's STE decision to not give infinite Research Slots
  • Reduced MD's LAR operatives to 10 from 16
  • Shore bombardment is now capped at -100% vs -200%
  • Nerfed Close Air Support
  • Buffed Anti-Air
  • Buffed Naval Bombing from aircraft
  • When you financially collapse subjects are released
  • No longer can manually take debt when interest rate is greater than 20%
  • Engineer companies have greater entrenchment
  • Tension from puppeting is now reduced
  • Yearly tick down for tension increased from 1.2 to 1.8


  • Fixed some naval variant errors
  • Fixed the subideology scripted GUI spamming an error whenever selected/hovered
  • Fixed the musical compression to be 44.1KHz for Firewall, Memories Without Colour, and Lost on The Hill
  • Fixed Italian 2017 equipment not loading
  • Performance improvements to hourly checks for the EU Tree (should yield a large performance boost to many users)
  • Fixed Canadian events not triggering properly
  • Fixed a 3D Model spam
  • Fixed Carrier techs not having the general category of Carrier
  • Non MTG ships should now spawn properly
  • Tweaked some localization
  • Nationalist Bosnia will now correctly show up in event texts
  • Prerequisite tooltip for CHI focus "The Persian Link" now shows correct state names
  • Fixed several issues within the Brazilian Tree
  • Fixed missing technologies in some releasable tags
  • Fixed Carrier Event chain for China
  • Fixed some localization issues within the Election event chain
  • Fixed UK decision icons not showing up
  • Fixed stats changes for equipment variants overlapping in the upgrade window
  • Fixed/updated some SCO content
  • Fixed research start year for C5ISTAR Equipment
  • Fixed leader for Salafist Kurdistan
  • CAN Provincial Infrastructure decisions won't appear when infrastructure in the state is at max level
  • GRA Western conservative party now has a name
  • Fix some typo in localization and terrain name
  • Fixed Italian focus spamming you with 200+ "NATO Leaves"
  • Fixed Vilinus terrain image error
  • Fixed Dockyard being created in Copenhagen province (caused some issues with crashing)
  • Fixed missing LibyaNews.1.a localization
  • Fixed MTG VLS category
  • Fixed MTG modules localization
  • Fixed treasury change for The Retirement Reform focus for Denmark
  • Fixed the picture for King Frederik The 10th of Denmark
  • Fixed Ukraine focus Reduction of the State to decrease centralization instead of increasing it
  • Fixed Andorra localization for its political parties
  • Fixed the on actions for Canada OP Yellow Ribbon
  • Fixed GFX texture paths for air
  • Fixed generic focus tree naval base to add building slot
  • Fixed ideas for Brazil
  • Fixed a lot on the Brazil focus tree
  • Fixed saudi_royal.4 event
  • Fixed events for the Gulf and EU
  • Fixed focus four Gulf focuses that didn't add building slots and one that didn't change treasury after adding building
  • Fixed US Push The Ban Through event
  • Fixed the investment system so you can't invest for free using released countries
  • Fixed Pakistan Defence Companies that were available to Norway
  • Fixed UNASUL members to be the correct members and not the whole South America continent
  • Fixed Paracel Sea spelling
  • Fixed Poland missing research on the techtree for 2017
  • Fixed Kilkis to be capitalized
  • Fixed event texture paths
  • Fixed decision texture paths
  • Fixed goals texture paths
  • Fixed skills of Brazil commander Augusto Rademaker
  • Fixed non-MTG ships appearing when using MTG on India and Brazil
  • Added localization for Polish Lithuanian commonwealth
  • Fixed state category updating
  • Fixed Nigeria & Ukraine localization
  • Removed duplicate localization for EU, France, Japan, UK, Denmark, Greece, Canada, Brazil, USA, Italy, Germany
  • Fixed Botswana event localization
  • Fixed typo's, readability
  • Corrected grammar and spelling mistakes
  • Fixed China nuclear power localization
  • Fixed Chubu state localization
  • Fixed localization of Ukraine defense companies
  • Fixed Brazil.35, Brazil.19 and Brazil.21 event text
  • Fixed cartel.12 event text
  • Fixed the temporary tax cuts decision
  • Fixed USA.31 event text
  • Fixed influence coups math
  • Fixed LAR Operatives Linguist stuff not working correctly
  • Fixed Ukrainian militia decisions
  • Fixed the way Ethiopian railway decisions work
  • Fixed broken Ukrainian party icon
  • Fixed Naval Lists not have localization
  • Fixed Angolan Civil War Event that makes Afghanistan become Angola
  • Fixed clear portrait on default operatives
  • Fixed Zhirinovsky Monarchist Effect not properly gaining National Populist Support
  • Fixed missing portrait for Rosario Crocetta
  • Fixed Confederate States having non-MTG techs w/ MTG enabled
  • Fixed loosing research solts when forming the United States of Europe; gained Techs now don't popup anymore
  • Fixed German Legacy is now removed with focus Constitute the new European Nation
  • Fixed Operatives no longer generating properly


  • New Gamerule to control duration of influence mechanics cooldown
  • Made Cyber Warfare decisions for Non-LAR Players (will convert and add on to LAR systems)
  • Evergiven Blocking the Suez Event Chain
  • New idea "PLA Business Ventures" and "Decline of PLA Business Ventures" for End PLA Business
  • Leader term limits implemented for relevant countries
  • Jihadist border crossings restricted to countries that have the counter-terrorism mechanic
  • Jihadist border crossing event descriptions updated to show a bit more information
  • Added AI behavior for Italy in gamerules
  • Removed Rio Pact and Budapest Memorandum
  • Added a code to cancel all given and received guarantees when changing Outlooks
  • New Internal Faction events
  • New Economic Events
  • Complete Rewrite and expansion to Investment System and Economic System
  • Complete Rewrite and expansion to Internal Faction System
  • *insert trollface here* kek
  • New Missile System (Yeaaaa babyyyyy)
  • Changed how Ukrainian random events trigger
  • Limited the Generic Civilian Factories Focuses to be done at peace only
  • Added base equipment capture rate: 5%
  • Reworked officers and officers corps for MD
  • Starting Reactors are given to most nations who have them


  • Cleaned texticons.gfx of vanilla ideas
  • Archived unused decisions for greater load-up speed
  • Archived unused localization files

Focus Trees:

  • New Tree


Version 04.02.21 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.10.1 - 1.10.4)


  • Improved AI Strategies and on_actions to fire less
  • More improved AI logic for upgrading fleet design
  • Greece shouldn't leave NATO now
  • Added new Game rule for Potato PCs -- Expanded on the AI division limiter to be more limiting for PCs
  • Expanded AI rules for investments to make it more likely to occur
  • Tinkered with Debt AI to be more likely to take debt during war
  • Iran should now historically send volunteers later on in 2018
  • Improvements to Italian AI
  • Expanded AI strategies
  • Improved AI for moving up and down trade laws
  • More AI management of money
  • Improved AI unit production of ships
  • AI should now use dynamic brigade/division templates. Whos ready for Skynet?
  • Improvements to AI Production dynamics
  • Canadian AI improvements
  • Additional influence AI for NIG, SAF, RAJ, ARG
  • More improvements to money AI
  • America should no longer dump troops in Somalia for them to just die
  • Added an AI decision for influence to try and get keep domestic influence up
  • Toyed with the AIs likelihood to use the economic decisions
  • Created an AI Strategy Plan for Nigeria so their game rules function better
  • AI should be slightly more dynamic with trade agreements
  • Corrected an AI issue where they would try to puppet nations that are already puppeted


  • Increase fuel cost of Naval training
  • Replaced trickleback bonus from body armor with recovery rate bonus
  • Body armor buffs non-militia units a bit more now
  • Nerfed resource requirements of the utility vehicles
  • Reduced the speed of transport helicopters so the airborne units don't fucking ZOOM
  • Reduced speed for Recon Tanks
  • Aircraft nerfed
  • Aligned support companies HP to batallions HP
  • reduced IC cost increase from upgrades bought by XP for land units
  • new starting division templates for Italy
  • Nerfed gain from special forces tech/made them more expensive


  • Buffed ISIS again to ensure they last longer than a few months
  • Handful of Research Slot Balance to prevent the generic tree nations from having more than more industrialized nations
  • Economic decisions now has a bankruptcy explanation as well as debt section
  • New Game Rule to remove micronations
  • Russia is more likely to chose options beside going putin if playing Ahistorical
  • New War on Terror Stuff
  • Islamic State no longer starts at full scale conflict with Kurdistan
  • Nerfed Focus tree rewards for Brazil
  • Balance to Italian Ideas and Focuses, especially non-democratic paths
  • Balance to Mafia mechanics, moved basic decisions to events and added more
  • Slight reduction for infrastructur
  • Some math fixes are now redone
  • Upped the penalty for researching ahead of time
  • Reduced max tech sharing from bonus
  • Added a month timer to economic/military aid so you can't spam puppet
  • Balanced Canadian Subsidies
  • Capitulations no longer generate world tension
  • Some equipment now uses steel rather then aluminium.
  • Total rebalance to all modules
  • Buffed ships
  • New revised bankruptcy mechanic
  • Mexico should no longer fall apart 4 years into the game
  • Military Officer training laws now increase general/admirals skills along with their level
  • When treasury gets too negative now for both the player and AI it adds it back to debt and adds 25% more money to be in the positive again
  • New Strengthen Nations game rules


  • Added 1965 utility vehicles to HUN in 2000
  • Cleaned up some background stuff


  • Rebalanced costs to influence decisions
  • Changed Charles Taylor to Right-Wing Populist from Neutral Autocracy
  • Added influence values for Liberian and Sierra Leonean rebels
  • Made Armed Forces Revolutionary council a puppet of Taylor's Liberia to fix some weirdness with the wars
  • The default subject level is now Satellite instead of Puppet (2nd highest autonomy level)
  • Disabled Collaboration Governments
  • The influence puppet action now makes the target an Associated State (highest autonomy level)
  • Puppeting a country now gives them elections or removes them depending on the overlord


  • Added ceasefire for Ethiopian-Eritrean war to stop them fighting forever
  • New Game Rules to Randomize Outlooks/Religion/Internal Factions
  • New pictures and names for Italian vehicles
  • Added custom name lists for Italian divisions and ships
  • Syrian focus "Increase Exports" now raises your export law
  • Simplified Syrian "Depose the Hashemites" focus coup chance calculation
  • Syrian focuses for choosing between conscripted army and volunteer army now show correct effects
  • After relations between Syria and Rojava break down, their NAP is disabled
  • If Syria goes into civil war, it will get the Divided Syria idea and Lebanon will break free
  • You no longer get double elections in Russia in 2000, instead you get the election event on the date of the actual election
  • USA now needs to own Guantanamo Bay to setup the detention center
  • Bonn Agreement now sets the leader correctly for Afghanistan


  • Updated Graphics for Coat of Arms
  • Fixed a few broken shines
  • Pictures for Italian events and custom logos for parties
  • Fixed broken Indonesian Divided Icon/India Divided Icon


  • Fixed AI spamming Trade Agreement
  • Localization fixes in One Child Policy
  • Fixed released nations not being able to initialize custom political content
  • Fixed issue in Greek tree where the clamp_variable was not correctly assigned
  • Corrected Winnipeg's name
  • Fixed Light Striker Fighter carrier category name not showing up
  • Fixed a minor missing bracket in the Israeli tree
  • Fixed nukes not producing
  • Minor loc fixes in the Danish focus
  • Fixed one of the nuclear reactors having a fuel cost
  • Fixed Legacy Italian ship variants showing up for
  • Localized Missing Tech Share Name for Israel
  • More cleaning of the error log
  • Fixed icon for Greek modifier
  • Non-MTG variants should now only show up for non-MTG things
  • Military Aid button requirements corrected
  • Improved logic for manipulate politics so it actually removes 10% of the influence in the nation
  • Corrected the name of the Saskatchewan class Frigate
  • Fixed Nigerian Fleet crashing in 2000
  • Cleaned up experience errors in Naval OoBs
  • Fixed stuff being unable to convert in engine sections
  • Releasable should now have politics/ability to invest
  • Releasable now inherit the technology from releaser
  • Fixed exploit with the invest and cancel bug
  • Social Services tech gives a buff to rooting out resistance and entrenchment
  • Fixed UI positioning of the puppet view in diplomacy
  • Additional fixes to the MTG OoBs and tech balance
  • Fix to the Italian carrier being a carrier rather then a heli operator
  • Fixed AI Russia not following game rules
  • Russia should now only go Putin when playing Historical
  • The world will no longer randomly shift to preWW1 borders for no reason
  • fixed releasable politics not initializing
  • Corrected a handful of broken graphics
  • Non-MTG legacy techs should no longer be given so no legacy ships should be present
  • Greece should no longer go down other path if specified in the game rules
  • Fixed texticons for units
  • Fixed a handful of issues with influence actions
  • Bill from Brussels should now fire after the first year
  • POTEF election campaigning not disappearing fixed
  • Fixed EU military exercises
  • POTEF election campaigning re-enabling
  • Integrating Finland and Greenland no longer gives you cores on the Galapagos and Ecuador
  • Added tooltip to the Occupation of Lebanon idea
  • Added a bypass for Russia's Novorossiya focus if Ukraine is a puppet of Russia
  • Added missing anti-air attack from dual purpose light gun modules
  • Turkey's util vehicles Ejder Yalcin changed from Otokar to Nurol
  • Reworked money scripts so MP bug should now be fixed
  • Flag compression redone
  • all text icons in battles should now work as intended
  • Added back Andorra's name
  • Naval Defense Companies should now give buffs to Naval Units (The tooltips are going to be long. I am sorry)
  • Ships should now c


Version 26.12.20 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.10.1 - 1.10.3)


  • Tweaked AI ratio of mils to civs to prevent frequent conversion
  • Tweaked AI for Intelligence Agency
  • Add AI division limiter
  • Improved economic AI with tax rates
  • Improved Economic AI with peace time decisions
  • AI should now properly take and buy down debt
  • Baltic countries no longer leave NATO immediately
  • Overhaul of unit building AI
  • New AI strategies to get the AI to manage their budgets better if they need to
  • AI is now more likely to embargo other nations
  • Trade AI - AI likely to make trade agreement
  • Improved Influence/Investment AI for new nations
  • Functioning AI for MTG ships
  • Better AI for Fuel management
  • AI uses more planes now
  • better AI management to prevent influence spam
  • Better Unit AI
  • Improved combat AI to ensure proper wars
  • Improved Trade AI. AI should be more likely to import oil in peace and during war to ensure fuel and a reason to actually have oil
  • AI will now dynamically reject economic aid based on opinion and other factors
  • AI Ukraine will now build units in 2017 start date to defend itself against Russia.


  • Fixed missing Algerian party icon
  • Fixed missing texticon error with subunits
  • Corrected Rwanda/Tanzania not having Commonwealth of Nations Ideas
  • Fixed missing Malawi party
  • Fix bailout event not updating interest rates
  • Some minor fixes to 3D models
  • Fix the Feedback Exploit to Tax Cost
  • Fix names of Guatemala's leaders not showing up
  • Fix Macedonia not having a core on its Eastern state
  • Fix being unable to take the highest level corruption
  • Fixed some general influence bugs
  • Fixed several backend UI bugs
  • Non-existent deleted weekly to improve performance of influence arrays as well to kill ghost influencers
  • Fixes to Counter Terror Advisors decisions
  • Texticons for various unit types should now show up properly
  • Fixed being able to invest in lands you control


  • Fixed being able to sue Microsoft twice as USA
  • Created cheat decision to max internal faction opinion
  • Improved AI for Nigerian decisions
  • Finalized Vehicle Equipment Purchasing
  • Added additional checks to decisions
  • New Influence Decisions to combat 1-3 influencers as well as improvements to influence decision AI
  • Fixed support GCC membership decision showing up for a country that is already a member


  • Increased resources for all nations across the globe: Particular focus on global exporters
  • Economic decision to drop money on to spur growth
  • Leasing decisions to recieve mils and civs when needed
  • Rentier state and other resource driven economies now have more variability in income depending on exports
  • Various techs now impact expenditures
  • Additional factories for South America, Asia, and Africa. Particular focus around the regional powers.


  • Fixed Turkey Kurdish politics event spam
  • Added Xinjiang rebellion event
  • Made GCC countries less likely to veto initiatives
  • In-Depth Italian Events

Focus Trees

  • Made Nigerian tree compatible with Counter-Terror systems
  • Fix Nigerian tree not properly deleting christian militias
  • Moved Brazilian focuses so they no longer overlap
  • United States of Europe Focus Tree
  • Reworked Ethiopian Industrial tree
  • Changed a handful of Ethiopian focus triggers
  • Added Xinjiang SAR focus
  • Fixed 'Alliance to Rival NATO' focus not creating a faction
  • New Italian Tree
  • New Canadian Tree
  • United States of Europe (USoE) focus tree
  • President of the European Federation (POTEF) focus tree
  • New Extension to Brazils Focus Tree
  • New Greece Tree
  • New Israeli Tree (NOT FINISHED, PLAYABLE)


  • Annexing Puppets Yields Cores on their core territory (prevents a uber aggressive nation conquering other countries and then annexing them to gain all cores on all their lands)
  • Annexing Puppets forces you to inherit their treasury, debt and international investments
  • Nukes are toggable now via the Game Rule
  • Generals now can take 24 units rather then 15
  • Max experience has been buffed to 1000 from 500
  • Nerfed Biofuel refineries to cost 25000 from 45000
  • European Council (Reworked Voting System, Voting Prediction)
  • European Parliament
  • European Union Budget
  • Breach of European values
  • Reworked EU Tutorial
  • Reworked Influence Mechanics - Better balance with more AI usefulness, new military aid option
  • Mexican Drug Cartels
  • New Scripted Diplomatic Action - Trade Agreement
  • New Mafia Mechanics
  • Forambles: Arab Republic, Baltic Union, Central America, Gran Colombia, Scandinavia, Iberia
  • New EU Council mechanics
  • EU Parliament
  • EU Budget
  • Breach of EU value system
  • POTEF election system
  • Reduced influence gain from investments to prevent spam


  • Added missing Portuguese Portraits
  • City graphics for all of Africa, Russia, Japan, China, Australia, New Zealand
  • Graphics for some major landmarks like Mt Everest and Mt Kilimanjaro
  • Additional Focus Icon Graphics added
  • New Idea graphics
  • Fixed Swiss portraits
  • Fix to Spanish parties
  • Metric fuckton of flags for you flag dweebs
  • New Loading Screens


  • Updated localization for Election Events
  • Fixed typos in Game Rules
  • Various focus tree localization improvements
  • Updated Land Tech Doctrine Localization
  • Updated localization for influence
  • Various background loc improvements
  • Internal faction opinion changes should display unique names now whenever doing the effect


  • New urban tiles and improvements to maps
  • A large number of new states and fixes to some other states/provinces
  • Fixed Botswana's Capital name
  • A number of new landmark/City Graphics
  • Fixes to some major cities not having Urban Terrain
  • New straits!
  • Fixes to Tunis' capital
  • St Helena & Canary Islands now are present in their respective states
  • Corrections to some supply areas in Europe


  • Remastered Soldiers Without Guns, and Technology
  • New Songs: Lost on The Hill, We Remember


  • Dominican Party no longer shows up in Denmark
  • Fix for Ukrainian Leaders now having the proper names
  • East Timor is no longer radical Shiites
  • Reworked Politics for Togo, Guatemala, Algeria, Ghana, Switzerland, Zambia
  • Swiss Top 4 Parties now in coalition to more accurately represent the Swiss Federal Council

Tech Tree

  • Added Nuclear Reactor tech allowed by Game Rule
  • Added Construction, Fuel, Special Forces, Support Weapons trees to techs
  • Rebalanced tech costs
  • Improvements in tech tree localization
  • New MTG Tree
  • New Naval Doctrine


  • Units have received a comprehensive speed rework
  • Costs are now more appropriate given new resource values
  • Nerfed Maritime Patrol Aircraft
  • Gave naval planes Scout Plane abilities
  • Removed Engineer Tanks
  • Fuel is now balanced according to new resources reworks
  • MTG Compatibility


Version 20.07.20 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.9.0 - 1.9.3)


  • Constructing Building Effects are now returned to vanilla levels
  • Increased likelihood of economic events
  • Removed all starting Factions
  • Only Great and Super Powers can create factions
  • Increased faction joining tension limit for other power ranks
  • Military Junta can now trigger civil war


  • Fixed empty slot in Mozambique's 2000 OoB
  • Damascaus Spring no longer causes weird things to happen with duplicate ideologies and missing leaders
  • Puppeting a country now correctly sets leader traits and uses real life politicians if applicable
  • Corrupt Oligarchy removes in other branches aside from Putins in Russian Tree
  • Fixed several Taiwan, Tibet, China cores and claims


  • Reworked the Flag System to be more clear while also expanding its abilities

Focus Tree

  • Reworked cosmetic tags in BRM, CHI, Gulf States, POL, SOV, SYR, FRA, LBA
  • Uniting Europe now gives cores on all united terrain

Game Rules

  • Created new game rule to allow edgy flags


  • Assortment of new flags for many countries
  • Nordic City Terrain correctly scaled
  • Added a few more icons to Syrian tree
  • New 3D model for Italy
  • Changed Australias rifle to be correct on their model
  • Icons for most Autocratic/Monarchist Arab Parties
  • Icons for various socialists Sub-Saharan parties


  • Expanded tooltips in Market Boom event to clearly explain what they do
  • Egyptian Victory Points now correct


  • Fix jagged naval path in Pacific
  • Fixes to the Weather Map
  • Fixes to the strategic regions
  • New state for Zanzibar
  • Added the straits of Messina, Kerch Strait, Kanmon Strait, Tsugaru Strait, Hainan Strait
  • Plethora of other generic map fixes to improve the height and terrain maps.
  • Rebalanced East African States


  • Namibia is now Emerging Radical Socialist
  • Angola is now Emerging Radical Socialist
  • Italian Ruling Party is now correct for the start


Version 28.06.20 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.9.0 - 1.9.3)


  • Positive events should now correctly fire (Birb accidentally deleted them like a dingus)

Focus Tree

  • Stabilize Food Supply focus now correctly increases opinion for Ethiopia


  • Fixed remaining issues with GDP/c upgrades
  • Drifts should now correctly update on economic cycles
  • Drifts from low stability neighbors now should be checked weekly if stability is lower then 35%


  • New event pictures
  • New focus icons
  • Fixes to tech tree icons. Mainly industrial/engineering
  • Reorganization of focus icons (backend update)
  • Corrected missing portraits for Lesotho and Trinidad
  • Fixed missing portraits for Uruguay


  • Added Awdal and Khatumo states for Somalia


  • Changed Navy from Portuguese to Spanish


  • Gave Humanoid Robots an effect


Version 21.06.20 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.9.0 - 1.9.3)


  • Fixed USA Cabinet Member Decision

Focus Tree

  • Fix for Burmese focus prerequisites being bugged out if rebels are annexed
  • Fix for Russian Annexation of Crimea. They receive a core now


  • Subsidizing reintegration of child soldiers properly deducts money from treasury
  • GDP/C upgrades now function as before


  • Tech icons fix so they no longer disappear


  • Steal tech operations now function properly referencing appropriate techs


  • Fix the ability to build equipment via research


Version 20.06.20 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.9.0 - 1.9.3)


  • AI now should correctly create intelligence agencies
  • Peacetime AI will now research industrial/engineering tech
  • Additional AI strategies to make SWE aggressive/nationalist AI smarter
  • AI now should no longer take generic if they have a better/unique defense company
  • AI will be more likely to take their starting ideology path
  • AI for Air Doctrines so certain nations will prioritize their historic routes
  • CHI Red Dawn Strategy added a few more steps to ensure CHI has necessary opinion from Communist Cadres to take desired focuses
  • New SAU strategy that focuses on building up economy and unifying GCC before shifting to Global Jihad.
  • Added a AI weighting exceptions to the gdp checks for China so that CHI won't ignore most research options
  • Added AI weighting to pay attention to how far ahead of time techs are, so they won't waste years trying to get techs early
  • AI will now embargo countries dynamically
  • New AI strategy to prevent CSTO from joining Chechen War and spiking world tension
  • AI will now correctly budget and maintain dynamic laws based on ruling party
  • AI should no longer ratchet military spending to max
  • AI should be less likely to convert military factories
  • AI should produce the most up-to-date aircraft models now (some aircraft slightly more powerful as a result)


  • Slight tweaks to some EU events to optimize triggering
  • Optimization to load order

Decisions/Diplo Actions

  • Enabled politics decisions again
  • Removing elections now correctly not changes your leader
  • Created Embargo and Recall Intervention Forces
  • Afghan decisions fixed provinces trigger
  • Jihadist manpower decision to recruitment
  • Islamic State can no longer send ceasefire


  • Lower construction cost on Mils/Dockyards (Reduced to 65k from 90k)
  • Fixed manpower requirements on Carriers. More in line with historical figures
  • Added Transport and Attack heli 3 to USA at 2000 date
  • Distribution of training laws
  • Biofuel refineries now cost the same as CIC and produce fuel worth 5 oil
  • Fuel silos no longer require building slots
  • Mobile radio masts give local construction speed instead of research
  • Economic events happen less frequently now
  • Aircraft should now be more resilient against AA
  • Adjusted some techs values to give more varied modifiers
  • Buffed influence gain from Influence Things
  • Reduced cost for laws

Focus Tree

  • Poland, Saudi, USA and Nigerias dockyard focuses no longer give landlocked states Mils/Dockyards
  • Added Mil/Defense industry opinion buffs to German Bundeswehr reforms
  • Chinese and Gulf focus trees have tooltips to show the benefits gained from swapping an internal faction
  • Added a Salafist branch for Generic Muslim Nations


  • Expanded the Counter-Terror system to Sub-Saharan Africa and Central Asia
  • Air strike decision for states to target jihadists in their own territory at Severe Threat and higher
  • Terror threat now increases as a result of being puppeted by a non-Muslim nation rather than being in a state of war
  • Arab Spring System: over time tension will increase in Arab states as a result of economic troubles, corruption and a lack of social spending that will eventually boil over into mass demonstrations
  • ISIS will now emerge if Syria is embroiled in civil war and the Invasion of Iraq has occurred
  • Corruption now pertains to political power gain, and easier to influence
  • Help system on tabs to help players navigate systems better
  • Division names for Belgium
  • Improved unit traits to match better for a modern setting
  • Positive Economic Events (increased consumer confidence and stock market boom)
  • Improvements to the Public War Weariness system
  • New war event on declaration for flavor
  • New descriptions for Computing Technologies

Intelligence Agencies

  • Agencies reworked to fit modern context
  • New operation to raise corruption in a targeted country
  • Counter-Terror operations involving intel collection, air strikes and special forces raids that can be used against on-map jihadists


  • New Zealand has elections again
  • Operatives won't gain media personality
  • defense companies should now work as intended
  • Fixed Early_APC not properly unlocking armor_Bat and armor_Comp unit types (there was a typo - armour instead of armor)
  • Fixed German Imperial Ambition Subtree seek non-aligned instead of nationalist
  • Fixed techs pointing to non-existent techs
  • Anti-Bully event target correction
  • Germany now correctly gets Drone Equipment
  • Typo in Equipment corrected
  • Korean Defence Companies now should have the right loc string
  • Iran will no longer lose cores on Khuzestan and Balochistan if uprisings spawn there
  • Fixed Shia uprising events in the Gulf repeating
  • Fixed American Recession Events
  • Fixed American Microsoft decision calling up an incorrect event
  • Lebanon and Libyas Fascist parties now correctly show up
  • Fixed some OOB inaccuracies
  • Fixed canceling investments didnt give you all your money back
  • Fixed you wouldn't lose influence when you cancel the investment
  • Fixed that you would only lose part of your int investment when you cancel

UI & Graphics

  • New soldier models for USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, France, Germany
  • New flags for Nigeria (Boko Haram and Nationalist)
  • New flags for Republic of Arabia
  • New GCC graphics
  • Converted laws to use list view
  • Some unique operatives for CHI, SOV, and USA
  • Handful of Generic Operatives for nations. No blank portraits anymore
  • New graphics for agency upgrades
  • Focus filter icons for influence, insurgency, mafia
  • Integration of Tolis' submod and additional equipment GFX. New tech tree icons!!!
  • New Focus Graphics
  • Stateview now fits all buildings
  • Unique terrain pictures for major cities around the world


  • Map fixes to the Caucasus and Ukraine


  • Reworked politics for Benin


  • Added Israeli music


Version 08.04.20 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.9.0 - 1.9.1)


  • Fixed crash caused by elections
  • Fixed CTD caused by Al-Qaeda HQ focus
  • Optimizations to Counter Terror Events


  • Fixed American NATO decision so it doesn't give you 217 brigades of armor for free
  • Added GCC military exercises that increase GCC unity
  • Fixed an issue with ai_strategy not correctly being applied with an EU decision

Focus Trees

  • Fixed broken Saudi civil war
  • Reduced some GCC unity requirements, GCC unity decrease effects
  • Oil dependency is more harmful so getting rid of it is more urgent
  • Shia Dominance removes Birthplace of Wahhabism in GCC tree
  • Simplified some AI strategies code in GCC alliance stuff


  • Added event to notify player when a prospective GCC member has been invited and informs them of the requirements for full membership


  • Fixed some missing/outdated tooltips


  • Added Fake Intel Units


  • New focus icons


  • Fixed Mimicking Operations Tactic not working
  • Renamed CV_L_Strike_fighterequipment to CV_L_Strike_fighter_equipment


  • Occupation laws no longer affect non-existent rubber/chromium
  • "Always Free" volunteers game rule now works


  • Vanilla main theme is now available on the radio


Version 05.04.20 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.9.0 - 1.9.1)

To be used only with 1.9.1


  • Balances to some American Events
  • Tweaks to the Elections Events
  • Removed stability malus from Uighur protests

Focus Trees

  • Added Focus Filter Icons (plus new GFX!)
  • Gulf tree for BHR, KUW, OMA, QAT, SAU, UAE including shared GCC tree also available to EGY, IRQ, JOR, MOR, YEM
  • Finnish Conscription Focus now actually has a worthwhile choice
  • Fixed Finnish tree not giving equipment
  • Fixed an 1000 line error from an broken trigger in the American tree
  • Fixed a bunch of broken mutual exclusive errors
  • Switzerland now starts out with "Join the United Nations" completed in the 2017 start date
  • Syria uses the new Counter Terror and Radicalization


  • Counter Terror, Social Reform Systems for Middle East Countries
  • La Resistance Agency names for Brazil, Argentina, USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Russia, France, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Albania, Belgium, Netherlands, Romania, Yugoslavia, Spain, Poland, Portugal, Finland, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, Israel, Turkey, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Egypt, Iraq, Kurdistan, Rojava, Lebanon, Japan, China (PRC), Australia, Burma, Taiwan (ROC), Algeria, Ethiopia
  • Military bonuses and influence from having military bases in other countries
  • Tweaked Gamerules so now EU actually works


  • Added political parties and leaders to some Middle Eastern Countries
  • Libyan Civil War outlooks changed
  • Light improvements to the election system


  • Ability to pressure countries into recognizing states
  • Rebalances and bug fixes to the PKK system for Turkey


  • Improvements to Air Units
  • Balances and task assignment fixes to Aircraft


  • AI builds newer planes now
  • Alt-History focuses/events less likely on historical AI focuses

GFX/User Interface

  • Custom Agency Logos for Canada, Russia, Pakistan, Germany
  • New Focus Filter icons
  • Tech folders are now easier viewed by people on smaller resolutions
  • Made better use of existing infantry weapon icons and prevented DLCs overriding MD icons


  • Various Victory Point fixed across the world
  • Fixes to the Colombian-Ecuadorian coast borders and Bahamas


Version 12.02.20 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.8.1 - 1.8.2)


File info

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hi,this mod is useable for 1.8.0 version?


yes i think you can also use it for 1.8 but you have to see older version not the new one 


can i play on 1.6.0


me to i need 1.6.0


kanka heiio4 için 1.6 mod bulabildinmi


you can pass me the link in version 1.8.3 because I can't find it



Because 1.9 is La Resistance and La Resistance includes new features like the Intelligence Agencies. 

If you run with 1.8 the game will crash


how to install this mod in hoi 4 ver, 1.9.3 ??


i tried but it crashes in the loading screen every time, 1.10.3 doesent work


sabes en que version sirve? tengo la 1.9.3


never works


bruh this is for version 1.11.9 to 1.11.10, not for 1.8.0


1.11.11 olurmu

Top Mod

Hi AMir No Its Just For 1.12.1 or High Version


Good with 1.7.1 thanx


i tested this mod on hearts of iron 4 version 1.9 but it dident work is it only my problem or you have same problem


Yeah, my game crashes when just when it finishes loading up. In other words, I don't even see the main screen (the one with the credits and SP or MP) before my game crashes. Any help would be appreciated.


In the official page of the mod it says **The current version of the mod is designed to work with the 1.9.1 Beta — support will not be supported for the 1.9 update! Please update to the 1.9.1 Beta when playing the mod!**

Basically only works on 1.9.1 beta also, some people say it still crashes when you join the game and start playing in 2000 in november so I guess we'll have to wait


Thanks man! 


this mod doesnt work. i have 1.9.1 beta. it crashes during loading page


The mod works on v1.9.0, but when the time runs, all the armies of countries disappear and there is no manpower to train them. Is the problem maybe because my version is broken Please help


mine loaded perfectly 


ver 1.2 "version 05.04.20" work only with HOI v1.9.1


thanks for those in charge of this site
can you upload version 1.2.1 - 08.04.20



Could you update this mod to its latest version, please? They added a bugfix to some gamebreaking stuff.


Can you please update this mod to v1.2.1. Essential fixes are made in latest patch.


you are the best, my best wishes for success

Türk Yiğitleri Burada TYB

Modu oynarken ingilizce olması gerekiyo mu ?




i dont now how to download it into my game


1- download the archive from this site
2- extract to MOD folder
C:\Users\<username>\Documents\Paradox Interactive\Hearts of Iron IV\mod
p.s. be careful, when decompressing the archive, you should get a file <millennium_dawn.mod> and a folder <millennium_dawn>
3- in game dir, run «dowser.exe» to activat mod
4- run game & have fun
sorry for my english

what am i doing with my life

Where is the MOD folder?


create by ur self at the launcher




I created a folder named mod 

Then decompressed the folder named 719416488_millenium_dawn_modern_day_mod and put it in thr mod folder

What to to next?? Nothing appears to change within the game


you need to activate it from paradox launcher, in my pc it named dowser.exe, located in the same folder of hoi4.exe

Mohammad DT

it doesnt unique focus tree for iran!

so bad :/

will it be added? :(


dash chera vase 1.10.3 kar nemide ?


please put pictures of all political leaders (opposition leaders, 2nd, 3rd leaders, etc.) some of them are not appearing in the game.


i have 1.9.1 and still crashes not even finishes the loading to main screen it says something about the map, any help?





Platinum2035 YT

all of us :(


can you please upload for the 1.7.1 version, like please… im begging you


1.8.1 pls ?


1.8 -


hello 1.9.1 husky please ? 


1.91 isnt worked but i try 1.8.1 thanks for ur help.


can u give me for the 1.10.6 ? 


thank you buddy but my games crashes in this mod or others what should i do vanilla crash too 

kosovo is serbia

1.9.3 allied armor please?!


can you add millenium dawn classic reupload ?


how can i install it? i copied it to mods folder but didint work. sorry for my english.


please add millenium dawn classic 

16:31 (edited)

Is it work for v1.6.0?


theres no faction like NATO ,witch is the most important thing in the game.


1.6.1 versions


Cam you help me to work this mod plz?

i download from other website but it cant work


Crash on HOI4 v1.9.1

Some error in the map


Hello! Is it normal there is no airforces in the mod? Thanks 


Check the equipment stocks — the planes should be there.


requesting a bump for 1.9.3 compatibility ty


can you update Mod to version 20.06.20, thanks


the Mod updated to version 21.06.20
Is it possible to update?


didn t work for 1.9.3

Platinum2035 YT

yes sadly

hoi4 player

when it is 'initializing game' when loading the game crashes with failed to load map. anyhelp? 1.9.3


have the same error


same here. is it because of the cracked version used?


does the mod work on cracked version? or is like old war blues anti pirateries

Moon zed

I want to ask if the mod is working for millennial down to version 1.9.3

Mohammad DT

have been changed any focus tree in some last versions of mod?

Ong jeng wei

can this mod use in 1.7.1


Update please :D 1.4.1.


please tell me dose this right now work with 1.9.0?


I play on 1.9.0 and have some text and mod is strange

any help?


where the hell is the mod descriptor file?


any problems with 1.9.3 ?

Platinum2035 YT

it wont works :(


i want it for husky 1.9.0 please


Hi i have this game on steam i have latest version can i install this mod?


I have 1.9 version game and all DLCs available. (cracked game not original) No matter which country I choose it was start the 0 manpower and all units was distributed.


1.9.0 Husky pls


şey yeni cıkan sürümde oynaya biliyormuyuz 1.10.1


hello i need modern day for version 1.10.1


Hacı abi bu mod hio4 1.10 ' a uyuyormu ?


1.10.1 version please 


my version is 1.10.1



please upgrade to 1.10.1


Works but labels are pretty weird


there is a lot of bugs in mod. Is there a problem in mod files. When i unpack zip file, it extract files.


i need for v1.9.3 husky (a7a4) please, when i open the game, its become crash when loading


nuke doesn't work 

  1. did you find any soliton

This mod is best present day mod. Please add the west African conflicts.


map erorr, how to instal and play this mod to v. 1.10.1 la resistance ??? 


Hello, I have version 1.10.1
all mods run finebut this MILLENNIUM DAWN always closes me with a message that the map is not loaded
SHOULD I DEACTIVATE ANY DLC or activate some specific ones?
is there any trick to get it going?


Dude how do you download it if you dont own it on Steam and have the cracked Version?


i use 1.10.4 v but i keep getting this error. help?anyone? ''hearts of iron 4 some errors are present in the map definition''


Can anyone send link to this mod for me?  For game version 1.10.4 


Please! 1.10.5 version 


para cuando estaria la vesion 1.10.5?


We waiting 1.10.5 version. Please update mode.


can you add 1.10.7 ??

hoi4 playa lmao



hey can i run this on 1.10.5?


hi is it aviable for the 1.10.7?




This one dosent but go on page 4 on this site and download millenium dawn more countries that one works


my curent version is 1.10.6, is that version able to use this mod?


1.10.6 works?

Long John T Bag
  • It works well with 1.10.5 as well

can this also work for " Battle for the Bosporus " ?


for v1.10.7 please


İyi günler, 1.10.8 için oynanabilir mi? Oynanamaz ise güncelleme tahmini ne zaman gelir? Cevaplarsanız sevinirim.


Is there a mod for v1.10.8 or is there a millennium dawn in this version, in which versions can I use this mod?

for all

this mod is useable for 1.10.7 version?


Is there is an update for 1.10.8? or can you update Novum Vexillum to 1.10.8 as a substitute for this mod


hello, I'm looking for version 1.10.8 of this mod, I think they didn't put it


Hey guys can I use this for Version 1.10.7


Can I use it with 1.10.8?


Tải về quá dễ chơi thôi!

1.14 please update

Update to 1.14


Will there be version for no step back dlc


Hello, Can I Use This Mod For Version 1.11.1?

joseph stalin

millenium dawn version 1.11.5 please update version


man cant you update to v1.11.5?


can ı play this with 1.11


Does it work on Ver 1.11 No Step Back


when this mod update to version 1.11


Will this mode be availble on 1.11.5?


UPDATE PLS 1.11.1 !!!


update pls  1.11.8


The authors of the mod have not yet updated it for version 1.11. As soon as they do, we will add it to the site


ok thank you very much


This is link for update 1.6 version of this moda so please upload it:




Is this capatible for 1.11.4?


Unlikely. But try changing the support version parameter in the .mod file and run the game.


do it will work with 1.11.7


How to fix crash help


Can i run this in 1.11.7 since it tells me map error


If the creators of this mod read my comment, they should know that there is an insult in the name of General Soleimani in the Iranian army that makes Iranians very angry. Please correct it as soon as possible. Because Iranians are very sensitive about this and may lower the score of this material on various sites and Steam ...

General Eisenhower

Can admin upload the version for HOI4 1.11.1?


Pls update


It's done


What are the new things in 23.3.22 update?


First of all, i love your mod. I hope you will keep updating the mod till it finishes. The problem is i cant play this mod long times like 2000 to 2020. I cant even play more than few years because of lag. Can you optimize it by making some insignificant country ai afk. Even more maybe an addon mod that deletes most of the counties at all. It would be also good to make it more compatible to join eu. I played few times as Turkey no matter how I try, cant make it through without stacking pp by cheat.

Winston Churchill

You shouldn't state your problems here but rather in the steam workshop page. This website is just a reuploader of mods for people with the cracked version of HOI4.


when will you update steam?


hello, got a problem. Each time I try running it (i got 1.11.9 HOI4) It crashes in loading, this only happends for mill dawn. Any help/Suggestions?


Pls update


Why there is no special focus tree for Iran?!


1.7 Millennium dawn update is here, when will be released or updated here? 


Can you PLEASE do something about IRAN (PERSIA) ?

after all of this updates, iran doesnt have any focustree, unit, lore,… And its very wierd because all of the neighbours have at least special focustree.:(


скажите подойдет к 1.11.29?


im here again… im just asking the new MD has an update in april 11 adding new focuses and features.  "<a href=«» "="">

if its on the way, i will wait then 


Is millenium dawn a legit hoi4 only mod or it works with cracked hoi4 aswell. Me personally didn't have any success with it on the right version.


Hi, please add Focus tree for India.

Abdo Hammia


The mods is not working for me, even I have 1.11.9, please if someone can put the full with mod installed and send me the link.



Can I Get Tutorial?


Its Error


how can i become president of the european central bank?


I instaled the version for 1.11.4 and when i start it it say that i have some problem with the loading of the map. And it also says that i may need to disable the mod or to clean the user directory from the launcher. BTW I HAVE THE GAME CRACKED WITH MULTIPLAYER!!! Can somebody help me get this think fixed.


can you make modsfire link to download this mod


Please update mode heart of fate for heart of iron


Falta el archivo DESCRIPTOR del mod.


Hi, this mod is usable for 1.16. 1 version?

Random Guy

Does not work for me with v 1.11.12


How can I run the mod on the game?

Is Easy

if you are cracked just create a mod then go to the directory of the created mod and put the files of the mod installed in the created mod, then activate the mod and play.


help me, while in loading screen, the game keep crash (1.11.12)


Saime here


failed to load the map error help me


Why important countries like Iran and Israel do not have a focus tree!!??


My version is 1.11.12.
Why is it crashing saying «you might want to disable your mods or test steam integrity files or etc».
Can I know how to add the mod exactly and how to launch it?


you should put mods files in C:\Users\(username)\Documents\Paradox Interactive\Hearts of Iron IV\mod

if you dont have a mod folder then make a mod folder just like this

right click and new folder name it «mod» and then put your mods files in it


please add Iran focus tree in next update 


Works in 1.11.1?


yes its work for 1.11.12 too


this works in 1.11.1?


why is descriptor missing 


hello i cant open the mod it says failed to load map


Hello how to download  version 1.11.10

Mad Heads

The next time this is updated can they put the united nation in it?


is it compatible with 1.10.5 or do I need yes or yes the version 1.11.9 I have the problem that the game leaves me crashes from the middle of the loading bar of the beginning when you just start all the photos appear and dialogues below and the loading bar of the millenium but it reaches 40% and crashes out of nowhere solution please I don't know all the mods are working well except this one that is very good some solution


Same happens to me


bruh i cant download because its stuck at 0 kb


How do I install this? It's not working


WTF is this.why is georgias capital not tbilisi? why is it telavi? Wtfffffffff older versions were better


Does it works in 1.11.13?


i'ma test it to see if it works



Ramin .z

Top-mods ; 

Please update the mod. There is 1.7.1 version but you are still on 1.6.0 (missing 3 major update and 8 minor update )




pls add focus three for iran


is the mod updated to the latest (1.7) version ?


Is the latest version :/


Is this mod dead? It's been a while since the last update


The mod's still not working, it crashes at loading


Crashes at loading


OK, here's how to make it works, at least what I did:

1- Download the most recent HOI4 cracked game and this MD recent mod

2- Install the HOI4 game and start the game without any mod

3- Close the game, I'll do this just to create the content file (Documents/Paradox Interactive/Hearts of Iron IV)

4- Create two new file folders, one on the installed game area and other one on the content file mentioned above, both of them name as «mod», just like that

5- Extract the MD Iso file, copy and paste the Descriptor and file folder into both mod folders mentioned above

6- Install the dowser.exe, once there, go to playsets and click on «add more mods» button link on the right corner above, than check on installed mods area and check it is installed there, than go to Game Settings area and put on Directx9, otherwise the mod crashes. After that, close the dowser

7- Start the game, it the game doesn't crash at loading, it will works


mod crashes at loading


Read my comment above, it tells how do make it work, at least it worked for me


2017 outdated for me why?


Maybe is when the mod's been released, the background story was different. Now has been added with new content


donde se supone que debo colocar lo descargado ?tengo el juego descargado pirata 


hi,this mod is useable for 1.12.5 version?


why is 2017 scenario outdated?


hello can i use this mod on 1.12.6??

Thales E.

Agora que finalmente eu consegui uma versão 1.11 compatível você lança uma atualização rsrsrssrsrsrrsrsrrs

Igual muito obrigado!

É um excelente trabalho!!


True respect.  Thank you so much.

I don't get these modders that insist keeping mods behind exclusive applications like Steam or Bethesda.  Talk about the antithesis of modding....


Hey mate, how did you manage to get the mod working? when i install it it shows we a red icon in the dowser and says «the mod couldn't be encripted from the file» or something along those lines. could you help me?


Probably too late to help but you gotta type the path into «path=» in the .mod file where you copied it over.


can  u play in v1.12.7?




Hello, can u update mod for 1.12.7?


please add focus tree for algeria


please add for 1.12.7


Please add Georgian Focus tree and make 1.12.7 Mod


1.12.7 is buggy and contains many unhistoric facts! You guys say that Tbilisi is armenia?You are liars!new version is full of bugs and full of erors!very bad


Map load error. The game version is v1.12.1, does any have any ideas????


You need to download the newest version of the game




can i play on 1.12.8?


o jogo não começa na versão 1.12.9


map defition error ?


how to solve map definition erorr

Some errors are present in the map definition and have been logged to error.logYou might want to disable your mods and try again.If that fails, check the integrity of game files inside steam.If that fails, try clearing your user directory from the launcher.


Some errors are present in the map definition and have been logged to error.logYou might want to disable your mods and try again.If that fails, check the integrity of game files inside steam.If that fails, try clearing your user directory from the launcher.