NGNT Nuclear Facility for Teardown

NGNT Nuclear Facility
Salutations to you loyal employees of the NGNT Nuclear Facility.

Here at Ryavgrad's finest NGNT Facility, we are power.
We must not cause any faults to the smooth operating process of our giant nuclear reactor.
Remember to follow all safety protocols*. You must know what to do during any sort of emergency here at the facilities:

  • SCRAM reactor using AZ-5 buttons located in control room
  • Reactor will then simply shut off, preventing potential meltdown and destruction of property

Thank you for reading the NGNT Nuclear Safety handbook*, and good luck with your employment.

*not a real handbook or safety procedures, do not perform any procedures mentioned above in any real-life event

Version 29.10.22 for Teardown


Version 15.06.22 for Teardown


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