Mod «No Random Relations» for Rimworld (v1.3 - 1.4)

No Random Relations

This mod disables the creation of random relations during the game. No more blood relatives, ex-wives, lovers, etc showing up that should have been left behind. Relationships formed by your colonists during the course of the game, "social" relations, and children (if using a mod which enables such a thing) should have relations generated normally.

Only newly created pawns will be affected. Existing pawns (including ones in the world) will not have their current relationships removed. If you wish to clear those as well, check out RuntimeGC or other mods which can clean up world pawns.

This has not been fully tested with the newly added children and family additions added by Biotech, so it may not function 100% as intended if Biotech is being used. Will plan to fix these issues eventually.


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