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After several human sacrifices and a pact made with a crossroads demon I bring to you a foundation mod. Not a framework but a foundation, frameworks have no content built into it, this does, so it's a foundation to build on. No more having half a dozen different batteries/power cells/chargepacks or charging platforms/ports/sockets/plugs to fuel your varied autonomous worker collective from several mods, now just one set usable by any and all that opt to do so. The only cost is a small fragment of your soul and maybe a moment of time configuring it. If you don't need any of that content though, it won't be visible on the player end outside of messing with DevMode tools. The primary purpose of this is for the creation of Automatons (autonomous working "animals" and non-living pawns like robots, golems, zombies, etc).

To be clear, since people would ask and probably will anyway, this does not include any Automatons, it is a tool for modders to create them without having to create an entire energy need and functionality for them. These Automatons are typically just simple robots tasked with one or two jobs, like Biotech mechanoids in a way, unlike those however the player has control over the jobs they can currently do with a simple set of toggles, and they don't have any of the Mechanitor mechanics involved.

User Features:
You will not see these in-game if there is nothing capable of using them installed. If you have a mod using this foundation just to create golems without an energy need then these things will not be enabled, it's that simple.
- Chargepads - Floor mounted ports where Automatons can charge directly from, they'll take a moment just like you fleshy meatsacks do when eating but without the mess and disgusting sounds.
- Wireless Power - There are both mid and late game methods for wireless power, Automatons will not seek it out however so you'll just have to be strategic with your placement.
- Chargepacks - Food packets for Automatons essentially. They'll leave behind empty chargepacks which can be recharged in a Chargepack Recharger.
- Recharger - Recharges chargepacks, automated so does not require pawns to work at the building, just needs empty packs brought to it and it'll dispense charged ones over time. Simple and cost effective.

Modder Features:
- Easy creation of new Automatons that can function fully on their own.
- Automatons can be drafted, but only if set up to be able to do so, they can even equip weapons if set up to be able to do so.
- Individual colour mask selections, repaint Automatons whatever colour you want and individually, and use two different colours for even more visual customisation.
- Control over which charging methods they can use.
- Can also be used to handle animals/golems/zombies/etc capable of doing jobs too, the energy need is not a mandatory component and associated buildings/items are hidden when not needed!
- Lightweight race framework for handling non-human pawns, nowhere near as flexible as Humanoid Alien Races as it's mostly just to have pawns not be treated as 'living' but if you only need some small changes and explicitly no gene mechanics on the race, this does the job!

The Wiki for how to use this is being worked on now, till that's done however you can refer to these mods as an example...

Mods using Asimov

  • Outer Rim - Droid Depot
  • Mechadroids
  • Subpersona Shells (Soon)

- Wireless Chargers wouldn't always unlock with the research, now they do.
- Style Dominance would error occasionally for Humanlike Automatons, was harmless but now shouldn't error.
- Crafted Automatons Ideo should now match the dominant one in the colony when crafted.
- Automatons can now be set to not matter to colonists if they die. (no "colonist killed" debuff, if the mod is set that way)

09.01.24 (1.4)


28.11.23 (1.4)


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