Mod «Darkest Hour» for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.11.12)

Darkest Hour

Darkest Hour is a total overhaul mod for Hearts of Iron IV. Start in the year 1933, see the rise of Hitler, fight the Great Depression, and prepare your nation for the upcoming storm that will shatter Europe and the World.

A Small summary of what the BETA stands for.

The Beta version of Darkest Hour is only a BETA for the upcoming 0.1 version, this means you can expect bugs and things that do not work. Still, we decided to release it in this state to allow all of you to discover the work that has been done by our dedicated team. If you want to help us speed up the development and release the mod that we all want it to be, please consider joining our team!

Here are a few of the many featues Darkest Hour brings to your Hearts of Iron IV experience!
  • A 1933 Start Date
  • Focuses on all seven majors (In Works)
  • New tech Tree (In Works)
  • New Units
  • Dual Leadership
  • Parliament System
  • Monetary System
  • Great Depression Mechanic
  • Improved Maps with Hundred of New States
  • New Ideologies and Sub-Ideologies
  • More focuses on minor countries

And after all of the above, many more features will come with the mod's next update, such as:

  • Addition of alt-historical paths
  • Reworked political system
  • Reworked diplomatic system

New Content:

  • Work on the United Kingdom Tree
  • Work on the USSR Tree
  • Work on the USA Tree (Willkie's Path)
  • Added the Hatay Issue
  • Added the Franco-Thai war and Japanese Occupation of Indochina
  • Added content for USSR Interventions in both Spain and China
  • Added the Third Treaty of Versailles, allowing for Germany to make peace with the English and French after a successful Sealion
  • Added more Reichskommisariats (RNR, RND, RBF)


  • The German AI should refrain from invading other countries too early
  • Fixed Issues with the French Parliament
  • Various fixes to localization entries
  • Nationalist Spain will now change it's capital to Madrid if it wins the civil war
  • Fixed a bug where Croatia would receive a Saudi Arabian state
  • Fixed an issue where Marshal Rydz Smigly's portrait would not display
  • Fixed an issue where 3D models of planes were displayed as massive
  • Blowing the Panama and Suez Canals show now work properly
  • Edited and fixed a swathe of character files
  • Countries invited to the Axis via the "Rule the Danube" Decisions will no longer leave immediately
  • Fixed bugs in the division designer
  • Removed the back button on the nation select screen, as it is useless due to how HoI4 handles there only being one bookmark
  • AI should now be better at choosing techs


  • Various changes to the British AI
  • Edited some French Generals
  • Edited some Soviet Decisions
  • Rebalanced the French Economy
  • Changed how Reichsprotektorat Danemark works
  • Ai will now prioritize Civs until 1936, to help them become stronger
  • Finland will now only join the Axis after the Winter War
  • Changed requirements for inviting Hungary and Romania to the Axis via decision
  • Croatia and Bohemia now get troops on creation
  • The 1934 Austrian Putsch will now always fail if Historical mode is enabled


  • Added more sexy GFX and Localization work across the USSR, USA, France, and UK
  • Canada and England now receive cosmetic tags after the fall of the UK relevant to the post-Sealion situation
  • Stalin and Hitler now receive updated portraits at certain points in the game

Version 08.07.22 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.11.12)


  • Fixed Danzig Minister Localiztion
  • Fixed the Atlantikwall focus
  • Fixed one of SOV's events repeatedly firing
  • Various fixes for JAP's focus tree
  • Purged various characters such as Adolf von Thadden (Leader of a German Far-Right Party during the Cold War)
  • Fixes for the Scripted Peace for the Second Sino-Japanese War
  • Fixed the AI being unable to use the Economy Sliders, this should have the effect of Increasing the AI's IQ from 21 to 38
  • Fixed a potential CTD in the SOV 17th Congress events


  • Edited stats for GW Fighters
  • Edited stats for Escort Carriers
  • Edited stats for the Positive Christianity mechanic
  • Edited Doctrines
  • Rebalanced Economic Policies
  • Edited stats for Motorized
  • Shortened times for ITA's Drain the Swamp Decisions
  • Gave Italy 4 more Civilian Factories


  • Improved the Italian AI
  • The US AI should refrain from guaranteeing other countries until the US is at war
  • The AI should be more intelligent regarding the fielding of under-equipped units
  • Irish AI should now avoid befriending the UK


  • Continued to remove and archive SA Germany content (It's coming eventually, but not in v0.1)
  • Continued to remove and archive Early Churchill (This one is also coming soon, just not for 0.1.0)
  • Added more GFX work for Focuses, News Events, and Spirits
  • Added a new starting spirit for ENG "Stiff Upper Lip"
  • Added a bunch of content for ENG, mostly Ramsay McDonald's Tree and the Wartime Tree
  • Added the Anglo-Soviet Invasion of Persia
  • Added Skeleton Content for Peru, including the 1941 Peruvian-Ecuadorian War
  • Newfoundland will now cease to exist in 1934
  • Skeleton Content for Paraguay
  • Removed old ENG "Intervention in X" Decisions
  • Ireland will now separate from the Commonwealth in 1937


Version 01.07.22 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.11.12)

Bug fix:

  • Lowered the cost of motorized for soviet harvest mechanic
  • Finished 1st and 2nd phase of the Great Purge (only 3rd one is left)
  • Added effects to some USSR political focuses
  • Remade portrait of Hans Frank
  • Added condition to synthetic oil focus for the synthetic tech
  • AI garrison should be fixed
  • Continued work on Japan, fixed the early warlords events and also china starting equipment (this last thing is only temporary since starting OOB needs to be redone)
  • Commented some useless code, this should improve the performance a bit
  • Fixed the Manchurian Lifeline decisions
  • Remade Hitler portrait
  • Fixed MEFO bills not going away when at war
  • Fixed double Hitler
  • Now outdated tech have the overlay
  • Remade some Japanese portraits


  • Added a slew of Focus GFX for the United Kingdom, United States, and Soviet Union
  • Starting OOBs for the Spanish Civil War, International Brigades, Light and Heavy tank battalions have their own type from the start.
  • dded some Parties to the Japanese Parliament


Version 24.06.22 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.11.12)

  • More Bugfixes


Version 23.06.22 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.11.12)


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i notice Germany AI and USA AI navy only build convoy through the whole game and still not check other countries yet please fix


Mod Not Working Fix it