Mod «Darkest Hour» for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.12.14)

Darkest Hour

Darkest Hour is a total overhaul mod for Hearts of Iron IV. Beginning in 1933, the world is still reeling from the effects of the 1929 Wall Street Crash. With the rise of extremism in Europe, the uneasy peace that ended the Great War appears to be on the verge of unravelling, and the world's nations vie for their place in the sun.

The 1.0 release for Darkest Hour contains content for all seven major nations (UK, USA, USSR, Germany, Italy, France, and Japan), as well as content for Ethiopia and Poland. Content will begin in the year 1933, and will run all the way through to the end of the Second World War.

There are also many interesting alternative history paths that can be taken, such as the Alf Landon presidency and Operation Groza: the Soviet invasion of Germany!

Other new features include:

  • 1933 Start Date
  • New historically accurate army, navy, and airforce set ups
  • Dual Leadership
  • Parliament System
  • Monetary System and Great Depression Mechanic
  • A brand new map with more detailed states
  • New ideologies and sub-ideologies
  • USA will now start producing arms factories much sooner
  • Improved combat AI
  • AI will now choose some techs much better
  • Now you won't be able to take the focus "The enemy of my enemy" if you are at war with Germany and vice versa
  • Added starting land doctrine for every major
  • Soviets will now do the third five year plan focuses sooner
  • Soviets will now choose to take defensive decisions
  • QoL improvements for the SS tree
  • Made a much better portrait for Liu Wenhui
  • Italy won't join the war early anymore
  • AI should produce more coherent units based on what land doctrine path they choose
  • Fixed the spelling of Khalkhin Gol
  • Reduced the weekly stability hit from inflation
  • The Marco Polo Bridge incident is now triggered automatically
  • Tweaked Yugoslavian scripted peace in case Italy is not in the faction with Germany or is a subject
  • Increased doctrine cost to 150 xp
  • Fixed Jan Syrovy's portrait not appearing
  • JAP-SOV border conflicts do not trigger if they are at war
  • Wartime economic recovery is no longer available in the 2nd Italian-Ethiopian war
  • Activating the Volkssturm now requires 2 million casualties instead of having the scraping the barrel law
  • Increased the money gained from plundering conquered territories as Germany
  • Removed weekly stability loss from the Fading Ballot Box spirit
  • Reduced building cost of military factories
  • Made reciprocal trade deal decision on map only
  • Added a gamerule to disable AI justification of wargoals
  • Encouraged British Ai to do more convoy raiding in the Mediterranean if they are stronger than the Italian navy
  • Added some tooltips for the Britannia Defiant spirit
  • Lowered naval base levels in Tobruk and Tripoli
  • Added/adjusted some railways in British Africa
  • Fixed the effects of Prop Up the Navy Faction and Prop Up the Army Faction being switched around
  • Unachieved Socialism

Version 25.05.23 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.12.14)

  • Update to game version 1.12.14


Version 15.05.23 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.12.12)

  • Update to game version 1.12.12


Version 19.02.23 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.12.10)

  • Update to game version 1.12.10


Version 20.01.23 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.12.7)

  • Fixed


Version 16.01.23 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.12.7)

  • Fixed spelling of "Angelo Iachino"
  • Balanced Chaco War
  • No more white squares
  • Increased embargo threshold
  • Put the correct portrait for "Gabriel Terra"
  • Now the SS decisions to recruit won't be visible until you can do them to avoid spam
  • Localised "Zhang Jinghui"
  • The more the chinese are near capitulation the more buffs they'll get
  • Fixed a bug with rebuilding destroyed oilfield
  • Added some state renamings after german victory against USSR
  • Renamed "Zrenjanin" to "Veliki Bečkerek" which will be renamed in 1935 to "Petrovgrad"
  • If republicans win the spanish civil war they will now annex everything
  • Fixed the required manpower for aircrafts
  • Added advisor portraits for Nakajima Kesago and Suetsugu Nobumasa
  • Added two armoured division, one infantry division and one motorized division free templates in the italian focus tree
  • Fixed some german generals getting 0 skill
  • Germany can no longer rush economic focuses
  • Fixed portrait for Araki Sadao
  • Fixed range for Heavy Fighters
  • Improved AI for Germany
  • Increased naval dockyards gained by the UK from focuses
  • Autobahn decisions now cost 50pp each
  • Increased cost of making heavy weapons
  • Added scripted peace between Ethiopia and Italy when Italy loses all it's holdings in Eritrea and Somalia
  • Remade portrait for Wang Jingwei
  • Fixed the great patriotic focus sometimes not unlocking
  • Added recall volunteers button
  • (GUI) USA has now 48 states
  • New peace popup design
  • 2 new French focus icons
  • 2 new French spirits
  • Fixed some errors in loc (I added the dot tommykay)
  • Expended the support dark bg on the division window
  • Changed the design of focus tab icons
  • New event pictures for the nuclear bombings of New York, Washington DC and Paris
  • Added a sound to the bombing of Washington DC event
  • Added AI difficulty sliders in game rules.
  • Added correct marshals for Soviets and gave them opportunities to gain new marshals during the game
  • Tweaked Soviet AI strategies for invading Iran and building divisions
  • Reduced consumer goods reduction given by some traits and spirits, mainly to debuff Italy
  • Consolidated two national spirits for the Soviet Union to prevent unnecessary clutter
  • Added German renaming for Crimea and two victory points there
  • Increased time until decisions can be taken again for Soviet intervention in China and Spain categories
  • Fixed Von Falkenhausen's name and removed him as a general at the game start since he was not in service then
  • Fixed a typo causing some German generals to not have portraits
  • Fixed a Soviet decision header not showing
  • Added a tooltip to inform the player of unlocking the Guards divisions decision category
  • Added loc for many events
  • Removed Italian decision to invade Bulgaria
  • New events for Italy for the invasion of Greece
  • Romania becomes democratic rather than communist when being liberated by the Soviets
  • Fixed Hugenberg not being minister when he should be
  • Fixed some typos causing some Japanese prime ministers event chains not working
  • Added an AI strategy for Japan to build more divisions
  • Added some default AI strategies from vanilla, mainly regarding spy agencies
  • German religious population groups can no longer go below 0% or above 100%
  • Italy should no longer send volunteers to Japan and its subjects
  • Increased some decision times for Positive Christianity
  • Added some historical operatives
  • Added events related to operatives from vanilla
  • Added civilian train pictures for the majors + Poland
  • Reduced money gain from free civilian factories
  • Reduced French surrender limit bonus given by a national spirit
  • French surrender events trigger slightly earlier
  • Made some changes to the German AI plan so that it does some historical things at a more historical time
  • Added the intelligence service for Free France
  • The Fading Ballot Box spirit for Japan will now be removed once Konoe's second cabinet starts
  • Reduced the amount of planes that can be stored on carriers to a more historical amount
  • Reduced the the amount of plane capacity given by the deck space module from 20 to 10
  • Gave Japan some more factories via focuses
  • Added some checks to make AI handle the money system better
  • Made Reichsautobahn decision on_map only
  • Fixed the Westwall not building forts in some provinces
  • Fixed Soviet volunteer cap accidentally being a bonus
  • Removed Japan's parliament as it had no function
  • Added pictures to Third Versailles events
  • Added events for some Romanian political events
  • Adjusted the Brazilian population to be more accurate, from about 80 million to about 40 million
  • Added loc for Ethiopian decisions
  • Changed two Brazilian state names to be historically accurate
  • Fixed French AI not taking some decisions
  • Made Reichsautobahn decisions invisible when not meeting certain criteria to reduce clutter
  • Increased advisor cost from 50 to 150
  • Tweaked some defence buffs from French spirits
  • Moved Rommel to be unlocked via the Bewegungskrieg focus
  • Added some Italian aces to be unlocked via focus
  • Made plane stats more accurate, mainly increasing range and tweaking speed
  • Added some names for early planes
  • Tweaked some French railways and moved a supply depot in Troyes to Reims
  • Added Soundeffects for Nazi Book Burnings, the Invasion of Poland, The Invasion of Ethiopia, and Outbreak of the Spanish Civil War, courtesy of Peanut_Dog
  • Added an event where Egypt will change sides when Cairo falls to Fascist Italy
  • Fixed a Yugoslavia bug where they would be at war with the UK after their Coup
  • Canada is now promoted to a major country when the UK falls
  • Added portraits for french admirals
  • Added new generals for WW2
  • Made Britain produce slightly less fighters compared to other planes
  • Made it so Reichsverteidigung decisions requires 5% surrender progress for Germany
  • Germany can't invite Balkan nations to the Axis if they are already in a faction
  • Debuffed Nationalist Spain a bit more to slow down the SCW
  • Germany can no longer attack Yugoslavia if they're in a faction
  • Added Prince Paul as a regent for Yugoslavia before Petar II comes of age
  • The Great Betrayal spirit is now removed after 200 days
  • Fixed typos in the Yugoslav Army Coup event
  • Updated some Yugoslavian political events to the new character system
  • Made some changes to air combat so more planes should be downed in combat
  • Fixed Ernst Ziehm portrait not showing
  • German occupation missions now also trigger the event on timeout
  • Gave RKs claims and slightly more compliance so they can better deal with resistance
  • Fixed Beerhall putsch events
  • Fixed some starting techs for AOI and Slovakia as they didn't have required techs for their OOBs
  • Updates to AI areas so they should allocate their troops to theatres better
  • Added some historical dates for German AI when inviting balkan countries to the Axis
  • Added an AI strategy to make Germany prepare for Yugoslavia
  • Added some state renaming in Greece
  • Unachieved Socialism


Version 29.12.22 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.12.7)

  • Fixed spelling of "Garibaldi-class"
  • Poland should now be able to complete the "Warsaw Airport" focus
  • Now after capitulating the UK, the Axis will white peace every allied country
  • Fixes to spelling
  • Added icon for "Abandon the Delusion" (edited)
  • Added AI strategy so Japan should ignore Poland
  • Added strategy for Soviet Union to prepare for the winter war
  • Fixed Hindenburg's advisor portrait not showing
  • Gave Italy an additional naval base in Ethiopia when preparing for the war via decisions
  • Reduced civilian factory IC from 2.5 to 1.75
  • Added national spirits to slow the civil war in Spain an give the nationalists an advantage
  • Added a scripted effect for AI to increase their manpower laws
  • Fixed a portrait for Himmler
  • Fixed the spelling of Grosstraktor
  • Added a supply hub in Dire Dawa
  • Added strategy for Italy to prepare the war with Ethiopia
  • Tweaked British plane production to produce other planes besides fighters a bit more
  • Split strategies for Germany invading the Benelux and Weserubung so the first no longer relies on the last succeeding
  • Completed Focus Icon is now more distinguished (more golden)


Version 26.12.22 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.12.7)

  • Fixed airplanes not being able to train
  • Debuffed China
  • Fixed portrait for himmler when he becomes country leader of "SS Prinz Eugen"
  • Fixed Alfred Hugenberg not beign removed after London Conference
  • Fixed old workshop links
  • Fixed some soviet duplicate advisors
  • Fixed transport planes being useless
  • Fixed transport planes not using fuel
  • Fixed CTD caused by loading the "Cuirassee" division
  • Reduced TAN's starting communist popularity
  • Added an AI strategy for Germany to avoid the Channel
  • Added an AI strategy for Italy to not ally Austria
  • Added an AI strategy for Japan and Manchuria to put units at the border with the Chinese warlord at the start of the game
  • Added an AI strategy for the Soviets to produce trains
  • Converted US presidents to the character system
  • Fixed loc for two traits for Stalin
  • Fixed two states not going to the Soviets when invading Poland
  • Removed the remaining old cabinet files of the majors and Poland
  • Worsened some economic debuffs for the Soviet Union
  • Worsened political power debuffs for the Soviet Union from spirits
  • Changed Hendrikus Colijn's party from RKSP to ARP
  • Fixed some Baltic annexation events triggering multiple times for the Soviets
  • Added James Farley as Vice President for Garner
  • Changed portraits for Bormann, Meindl, and Edward VIII
  • Traced and removed the zero-width character from two remaining files
  • Changed Romanian starting party name
  • Fixed Leon Degrelle's portrait for Wallonia
  • France:
    • Added french admirals
    • Fixed the case were you could not launch the reform if you failed to stabilize the economy with Doumergue
    • You can now unlock the left part of the initial french tree with Doumergue


Version 24.09.22 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.11.13)

  • This Update will likely be one of the last before full-fledged release


Version 19.08.22 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.11.12)

New Content:

  • Added a hefty amount of localization to almost all majors
  • Added new Animated News Events for some extra flare
  • More event photos
  • If Vichy does not exist when Germany does the Third Versailles, it will instead create the Protektorat Frankreich
  • Added unique terrain photos for various major cities
  • Added content for the Soviet Interventions in both Spain and China
  • Added more Icons to almost every major
  • Added more portraits
  • Added a brand new set of GUI Icons
  • Added several International Brigades for both Nationalist and Republican Spain
  • Burma will now become a British puppet in 1937
  • New Decision Header for Japan's Imperial General HQ tab

Balance Changes:

  • Vichy France now uses the FRA tag, with Free France using the new FFI tag
  • Removed generic economy decisions from Vanilla
  • The USA's weekly unemployment tick is now a monthly tick
  • Strengthened China
  • Lowered Consumer Goods by -5% for all economy types
  • Added more railways in Switzerland
  • Strengthened Nationalist Spain
  • Complete Rework of Unit Stats
  • Removed all techs from beyond 1950
  • Soviet Coup will now trigger if you reach 100 paranoia or if you have not started Purging after Feb 1937
  • German Operations such as Ikarus and Herkules are not auto-triggered missions
  • Shrank state decision tab
  • Purged Sikkim and Zanzibar
  • Added Stats to Admirals
  • AI will no longer accept Trautmann's mediation if Historical AI is on
  • Lowered Manpower debuffs for UK and USA


  • Resolved over 400 errors
  • Various fixes to events
  • Fixed some 3D Model errors
  • Andorra no longer has an R value of 260
  • Shortened some Locs because it bugged out events
  • Fixes ships having an Attack Stat of 0, causing Naval Combat to break
  • Fixed some tooltips
  • Fixed French Strikes not working properly


  • Improved AI Strategy Plans, increasing the AI's IQ to 72
  • AI now understands how to change economy laws


Version 24.07.22 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.11.12)

New Content:

  • Work on the United Kingdom Tree
  • Work on the USSR Tree
  • Work on the USA Tree (Willkie's Path)
  • Added the Hatay Issue
  • Added the Franco-Thai war and Japanese Occupation of Indochina
  • Added content for USSR Interventions in both Spain and China
  • Added the Third Treaty of Versailles, allowing for Germany to make peace with the English and French after a successful Sealion
  • Added more Reichskommisariats (RNR, RND, RBF)


  • The German AI should refrain from invading other countries too early
  • Fixed Issues with the French Parliament
  • Various fixes to localization entries
  • Nationalist Spain will now change it's capital to Madrid if it wins the civil war
  • Fixed a bug where Croatia would receive a Saudi Arabian state
  • Fixed an issue where Marshal Rydz Smigly's portrait would not display
  • Fixed an issue where 3D models of planes were displayed as massive
  • Blowing the Panama and Suez Canals show now work properly
  • Edited and fixed a swathe of character files
  • Countries invited to the Axis via the "Rule the Danube" Decisions will no longer leave immediately
  • Fixed bugs in the division designer
  • Removed the back button on the nation select screen, as it is useless due to how HoI4 handles there only being one bookmark
  • AI should now be better at choosing techs


  • Various changes to the British AI
  • Edited some French Generals
  • Edited some Soviet Decisions
  • Rebalanced the French Economy
  • Changed how Reichsprotektorat Danemark works
  • Ai will now prioritize Civs until 1936, to help them become stronger
  • Finland will now only join the Axis after the Winter War
  • Changed requirements for inviting Hungary and Romania to the Axis via decision
  • Croatia and Bohemia now get troops on creation
  • The 1934 Austrian Putsch will now always fail if Historical mode is enabled


  • Added more sexy GFX and Localization work across the USSR, USA, France, and UK
  • Canada and England now receive cosmetic tags after the fall of the UK relevant to the post-Sealion situation
  • Stalin and Hitler now receive updated portraits at certain points in the game


Version 08.07.22 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.11.12)


  • Fixed Danzig Minister Localiztion
  • Fixed the Atlantikwall focus
  • Fixed one of SOV's events repeatedly firing
  • Various fixes for JAP's focus tree
  • Purged various characters such as Adolf von Thadden (Leader of a German Far-Right Party during the Cold War)
  • Fixes for the Scripted Peace for the Second Sino-Japanese War
  • Fixed the AI being unable to use the Economy Sliders, this should have the effect of Increasing the AI's IQ from 21 to 38
  • Fixed a potential CTD in the SOV 17th Congress events


  • Edited stats for GW Fighters
  • Edited stats for Escort Carriers
  • Edited stats for the Positive Christianity mechanic
  • Edited Doctrines
  • Rebalanced Economic Policies
  • Edited stats for Motorized
  • Shortened times for ITA's Drain the Swamp Decisions
  • Gave Italy 4 more Civilian Factories


  • Improved the Italian AI
  • The US AI should refrain from guaranteeing other countries until the US is at war
  • The AI should be more intelligent regarding the fielding of under-equipped units
  • Irish AI should now avoid befriending the UK


  • Continued to remove and archive SA Germany content (It's coming eventually, but not in v0.1)
  • Continued to remove and archive Early Churchill (This one is also coming soon, just not for 0.1.0)
  • Added more GFX work for Focuses, News Events, and Spirits
  • Added a new starting spirit for ENG "Stiff Upper Lip"
  • Added a bunch of content for ENG, mostly Ramsay McDonald's Tree and the Wartime Tree
  • Added the Anglo-Soviet Invasion of Persia
  • Added Skeleton Content for Peru, including the 1941 Peruvian-Ecuadorian War
  • Newfoundland will now cease to exist in 1934
  • Skeleton Content for Paraguay
  • Removed old ENG "Intervention in X" Decisions
  • Ireland will now separate from the Commonwealth in 1937


Version 01.07.22 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.11.12)

Bug fix:

  • Lowered the cost of motorized for soviet harvest mechanic
  • Finished 1st and 2nd phase of the Great Purge (only 3rd one is left)
  • Added effects to some USSR political focuses
  • Remade portrait of Hans Frank
  • Added condition to synthetic oil focus for the synthetic tech
  • AI garrison should be fixed
  • Continued work on Japan, fixed the early warlords events and also china starting equipment (this last thing is only temporary since starting OOB needs to be redone)
  • Commented some useless code, this should improve the performance a bit
  • Fixed the Manchurian Lifeline decisions
  • Remade Hitler portrait
  • Fixed MEFO bills not going away when at war
  • Fixed double Hitler
  • Now outdated tech have the overlay
  • Remade some Japanese portraits


  • Added a slew of Focus GFX for the United Kingdom, United States, and Soviet Union
  • Starting OOBs for the Spanish Civil War, International Brigades, Light and Heavy tank battalions have their own type from the start.
  • dded some Parties to the Japanese Parliament


Version 24.06.22 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.11.12)

  • More Bugfixes


Version 23.06.22 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.11.12)


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