Mod «BlackICE Historical Immersion Mod» for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.10.8)


Black ICE is a mod which aims to overhaul HOI IV in order to make a more immersive, historical, and challenging experience for the player.

First, make sure that you have downloaded the BlackICE GFX addon. This basically adds in all the event images for BICE.

It is recommended to play BICE with Historical AI Focus on. Ahistorical gameplay will lead to unexepected stuff and might even CTD.

  • BICE adds in a huge array of new units, equipment types, country specific armor, aircraft and ships for all the major nations.
  • National Focus trees have been worked on for all the majors and many of the minor nations, often thanks to other mods which have generously allowed BICE to use their NF trees.
  • Laws and politics are greatly expanded and allow for great detail in how you choose to run your nation.
  • We have also worked on and expanded the OOBs, templates, and production for all nations. Some techs will provide new units, some will provide upgrades and some will provide new equipment for existing units.
  • To help offset the costs of equipment specialised factories can be built such as tank factories, artillery factories, small arms factories etc. These map buildings will lower the cost of the associated equipment.
  • The AI has also been improved, making it better than its Vanilla counterpart. It does due sadly not use the added naval and air trees, but always use the generic ones. We intend to get that working in the future.

Mod checked on game version: 1.10.8

  • Various fixes and improvements.

Version 21.06.21 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.10.7)

  • Various fixes and improvements.


Version 08.05.21 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.10.5)

# MAIN #

  • Main focus of this patch is on performance, balance and bugfixing


  • Moved targeted decisions update to 2-weekly for players (so 2 days faster than before), monthly for AI
  • improved performance of naval supply routes when going through suez or panama
  • Changed AI naval invasion strats to be applied when the target gets assigned instead of continuously checking for target
  • Moved news events about capitals falling to on_state_control_changed
  • Improved triggers of majority of events with MTTG
  • Improved performance of scripted gui & tactics
  • Removed 15 states from brazil mostly
  • Performance improvement mostly for mid & lategame
  • Fixed laws with government triggers not switching when switching ideology (apart from fascism and communism)
  • Performance improvement to abilities, autonomy states, general_mob trigger, lend lease trigger
  • Performance improvement to AI equipments
  • Optimized designerregimentswindow to no longer scroll down when selecting a battalion
  • Removed unused dynamic modifiers
  • Moved resource prospecting decisions to on_actions
  • Cut down generic ministers for the last idea row
  • Removed blow panama decision for performance
  • Disabled "Germany has lost the War" event
  • Decision performance tweaks
  • Improved performance of all high command and theorist ministers triggers
  • Moved AI stability calculation to weekly and when a stabiltiy decision has been picked
  • Deleted majority of empty complete_tooltip
  • Improved performance of monthly tick slightly
  • Move Pearl event to event_random
  • Cleaned up some unused global event targets
  • Moved monthly ai update to scripted effect rather than event for performance
  • Update armour battalion count script
  • Add missing unit types to army strength calculation pulse
  • Replaced generic ai strategy plan with focus scores


  • Allow JAP to form RGR even after war is over for now
  • Tweaking of dissent values
  • Adjust HP of MIC and CIC
  • 100% supply bonus for VPs in SCW
  • Disabled SPA partisans spawning in valencia
  • Adjusted max debuff for special forces to 50%
  • Infra, Airfields and Naval Bases harder to bomb out
  • Dockyard cost increase, offset in Industry tech slightly
  • SAF dockyard reduction
  • CW minors slightly naval doctrine reduction at start
  • Add stability bonus to firepower calculation for HF/NF
  • Adjust formula for top end of aircraft defence curve
  • Change JAP starting motorized to semi-motorized
  • Add fuel silos for USA and SOV in highest oil producing regions
  • AT SA/HA nerf
  • Adjust hardness on light tanks slightly (down on early models with very light armour)
  • Increased resistance for FRA if Vichy declined, trade bonus to GER from Vichy
  • Reduced DY output factor on positive stability slightly
  • Slightly increased intel inaccuracy and min/max values for accuracy
  • ENG now automatically annexes EGY when it capitulates to keep frontlines intact
  • Added on add to all high commands & theorists thanks to dendro
  • Lowered exile trotsky from stalins paranoia and spies to 70 each
  • Reduced population of Fiume
  • Swap GER free refining tech for research bonus
  • Reduce fuel bonus from first 2 refining techs, increase bonus from synth techs
  • Swap GER free oil for synth refineries
  • Adjust intel values and maximums
  • Increase naval bonuses from decryption
  • Reduce GER wunderwaffe rocket artillery bonus to 10%
  • NRM module adjustments -> engines slightly cheaper, minor bonuses to LA/HA/TA/SA from speed, redistributed some HP from batteries to armour
  • Reduce CVL base hull cost slightly
  • Expand Island Hopping idea, adjust locations considered for it
  • Remove SOV efficiency penalty
  • SIK no longer gets a free pass on CHI industry malus (SOV support reduces it)
  • Force ENG to keep convoy pathway open
  • Negative relations with VIC for the allies on creation
  • SOV Guards support motorized for mot/mech units
  • Adjust US CV NAV malus
  • Reduce CIV cost of licenses
  • Reduce dockyard build bonus from MEFO
  • Added pack arty to army strength and several missing motorized units
  • Fixed FIN capitulation event not firing
  • Updated building costs in foreign construction
  • NRM module/hull adjustments
  • Adjust NRM cruiser module engine stats slightly
  • Adjust NRM destroyer engine modifier progression
  • Reduce treaty cruiser cap slightly
  • MEX gets angry about Anschluss
  • Central/South America infra reduction
  • Adjust US/Canada aluminium slightly
  • Reduce compliance gain/decay to 75%
  • Updated fuel civ use to have a fuel cost rather than modifier
  • Non core: -50% civ fuel use
  • Updated civ fuel use laws
  • Save size: changed local supplies in state modifier to only clear and add new modifier if the value is different from already added one
  • Save size: tweaked ai air production effect to not spam add_ai_strategy
    Building HP adjusted slightly
  • Adjustments to tank and tank variant balance
  • Reduce effects of US Pittsburgh flood slightly
  • Update Guards/SS Artillery to standard
  • Remove offensive war penalty reduction from US
  • Change Blohm & Voss into new Combined Raiding designer
  • Added ai strategies for production ai to be more adaptive to superior enemy airforce
  • Gas/Diesel engine techs adjusted slightly
  • Several non-AI spawned units reduced to 1% strength on creation (no equipment portals)
  • Starting xp for aircraft for majors
  • PRC becomes a major when joining the united front
  • Foreign ministers automaticly head off on journeys now (with toggle switch)
  • Small adjustment to assym doctrine
  • Set cic / mic from having an government in exile to 1


  • Some fixes for not deploying SS units in Fiume, Tripoly
  • Fixed typos in keep government effect
  • Fix Gurkha being para
  • Fix for JAP Marco Polo bridge idea not removing on war with allies/soviets
  • Fix to missing CAMCO modifiers for interceptors/multirole
  • Fixed mistaken 1.5x fuel mult on Guards motorized
  • Fixed Amph Mech and US Amph Mech inline with Mech adjustments
  • Fixed Minor VP in Burma/SEA
  • Fixed missing airports
  • Several gui fixes
  • Fixed SS Reiter not spawning in warsaw
  • Fixed missing " on army_morale modifier localisation
  • Fixed BUL research slot
  • Fix conditions for RGR formation
  • Fix RGR creation resulting in Warlords respawning
  • Fix some JAP puppets not staying in Imperial subject category
  • Fix FRA focus putting research center in ENG even on little entente path
  • Fixed an issue where equipment factory ideas would not be set to 0 after loosing all of them
  • Fix missing modifier on cavalry
  • Fixed India retaining British Raj name when its no longer a puppet
  • Fixed ENG economic minister missing its portrait
  • Fixed KMT focus downgrading Nanjing fort levels
  • Fixed "Strong Legislative" option in Royal Restauration event not firing the election
  • Fixed supply zone bugs thanks to drpotatos help
  • Fix category for some SPAA units
  • Fix category for conscripts/partisans
  • Fix category for JAP SH Armour
  • Fix loc for some GER tanks units when not GER
  • Fix loc for missing Firefly equipment
  • Fixed an issue with countrydiplomacyview on low resolutions or with few countries remaining
  • Fix US mil event error
  • Fixed a CTD when looking in supply map mode at SIK
  • Fixed equipment factories not being counted on startup
  • Fixes for equipment gui
  • Fix flame tanks not requiring same amount of radios as regular tanks
  • Fix wrong modifier on hidden tech
  • Fixed not gaining xp on some traits
  • Fix wrong amount on US para tanks
  • Fix wrong unit stats on ENG para tanks
  • Fix Hornet loc
  • Fix ENG tank dates
  • Fix MBT fuel usage
  • Fixed several SS units that should be referencing warsaw targetting a wrong state
  • Fixed GER puppet turkey focus requirements
  • Fixed bypass for GER condor legion
  • Fixed several places where it should be referencing nanjing but did shanghai instead
  • Fixed all instances of spanish partisans spawning as defenders
  • fixed election.100 firing without option
  • Fixed strategic bombing targetting gui disappearing when moving and sorted buildings
  • Fixed yalta trigger
  • Fixed wrong state id in CHI yunnan road focus
  • Fixed SOV getting land from Iran when its puppeted
  • Fixed an exploit where you can pick a third minister of a branch. in this case the game now removes the 3rd idea
  • Fixed last Trotsky level, clearing the flag of the first one and repeating instead of firing the civil war
  • Fixed IRE farm focus giving *every* state 1 building slot
  • Fixed missing gfx for foreign recruitment encouraged
  • Fixed ai not going to mob general sometimes
  • Fixed 3 economic ministers for ger
  • Fix POL Jungle
  • Fix Resource costs on Flying Boats
  • Fixes to CV classification
  • fixed ai not following volunteer rules
  • Fixed JAP Korea fallback focus not giving land fort in 815
  • Fixed JAP claiming hegemony event not showing for jap if faction hasnt been formed yet
  • Fixed scrollbar on airwing selection overlapping
  • Fixed small / med island building cap display position
  • Hidden visible placeholder buildings
  • Fixed ITA artillery bonus not affecting motorized artillery
  • Fix missing modifiers for light carrier and large cruiser
  • Fix namelists for light carrier and large cruiser
  • Fix La Galissonnière stating modules
  • Fixed aid britain decisions requiring ENG to have the same government as USA
  • Fixed declining assistance to chi still adding idea
  • Fix CAMCO idea being removed too early
  • Fix island hopping name, adjust progression
  • Fixed prospect for resources decisions
  • Fixed FIN capitulation event not firing
  • Fix error in GER naval focus
  • Fixed some missing or broken allowed in AI strategy plans
  • GER USA convoys no longer have an archetype country specific name
  • Fix SAF event transferring states not controlled by allies
  • Fix rocketsites
  • Fix missing dependency in rocket tech
  • Fix Navy intel from network inline with others
  • Fixes to US armour tech (missing conditions/tech for Sherman variants)
  • Description for Sherman variant techs listing potential variants
  • Fixed democratic idelogy opinion
  • Fixed a news event having negative timeout
  • Fixed USA ai not researching tank techs
  • Fix ungrouped division list slider going offscreen


  • Added some warlords giving up cores when annexed by CHI/PRC, to be reworked
  • Removed Fritz Conrad from BEL

# AI #

  • AI minister pick improvements for HUN CAN FIN GRE POL ROM TUR YUG
  • Updated AI templates for POL
  • Fix AI Jap transferring CHI to RGR
  • Fixed SOV AI inviting random minors
  • AI research value tweaks to support, artillery, industry, fuel, doctrine research
  • Fixed AI not researching land doctrines
  • Expanded AI minister picks with pretrigger leading to e.g. not taking tank designer when being a minor
  • HUN AI will not declare on Romania via event if they are in a faction
  • AI no longer evaluating law triggers
  • JAP AI will now give all states to RGR in peaceconference with CHI
  • GER AI no longer declares on SOV if its still fighting yugoslavia
  • Warlord AI focus pick improvements
  • Added an effect to force AI to stop production of equipments when it has 200% in stock
  • Lowered AI sov army armor ratio
  • added some techs to instant ai research script if behind for GER, FRA, ENG


  • Removed army training continuous focuses and replaced it with Armor Production
  • Disabled "Royal Restauration" for JAP
  • Continuous focuses now require 700 days of focuses instead of 10 focuses
  • Removed most BI continuous focuses
  • Added bypass to GER pz focuses if you already have tech
  • JAP focus Mandate of Heaven will now put monarchism in power in manchukuo if japan went monarch
  • Adjusted GER focus tree strat section slightly
  • Tooltips for US focuses that give CIC/MIC over time
  • Moved GER 'learn from soviet designs' NF to tank section, modified effect, adjusted GER tank progression slightly
  • Added missing ger tanks to light armor production focus
  • Fra preventive intervention focus now requiring ger to be independent
  • Adjustment to ITA NF slightly, fixed IEA general transfers
  • Adjust Deck Park focus bonus for Doctrine Years
  • Remove focuses for Bismarck/Graf Zeppelin due to HSD-work
  • Add small dockyard build bonus to Plan Z focus
  • Increase penalty for Plan Z failure/cancellation
  • New SA focus for USA
  • USA NF/Idea adjustments
  • Reduce duration of 'Mobilize the Reich' NF to 7 days
  • Adjustments to Sportpalast NF


  • Some aircraft stat tweaks
  • Adjustments to some mech equipment
  • Added Superheavy Armor tech for 16in belt and higher
  • Added US/JAP ideas for above
  • Added art/loc for above
  • Minor Mot/SM/Mech adjustments
  • Nerfed AT soft attack
  • Adjustment to Type 95 HT
  • Increase malus to strat bombing for Red Airforce Purge
  • Corrected Panzer SPAA to light
  • Reduced transport weight for Marines, Amph Mech and Amph Armour slightly
  • Early Heavy Bomber defence reduction
  • Increase static AA bombing durability
  • Removed coastal artillery, replaced it with heavy artillery in templates
  • Drop SA on Japanese 57mm slightly
  • Update CZE tank stats
  • Swap Artillery Truck and Prime Mover in EqFactory bonuses
  • Horse Transport Equipment: IC 1.1 -> 1.4
  • Arty Truck Equipment: IC 2.5 -> 6
  • Arty Tractor Equipment: IC 3 -> 7
  • Motorized Equipment: IC 7 -> 6
  • Heavy Arty Unit: Amount 8 -> 12, Horse 24 -> 48, Tractor 12 -> 24
  • Railway Arty: Terrain Bonuses 75% -> 50%
  • Tank IC cost reduced by 20%
  • Light Tank units to 2 combat width
  • Liner conversion CV hull
  • NRM module changes
  • JAP/ITA HDM data work
  • Reduced fuel use for cruisers by ~30%
  • Expanded Panzerschiffe design scope slightly
  • Rework diesel engines slightly
  • ITA CV tech and nf adjustment
  • Remove Wasp from USA starting designs
  • Increase cost of AT guns
  • Mot/Mech logistics have better progression than Cav/Car
  • Artillery org adjustment
  • Adjustments to Ju-87D range/payload


  • Extra early naval heavy AA tier (1930)
  • Naval module tweaks (high end piercing reduction)
  • Cut cost of nuclear research slightly (not sure why it was all 500 days)
  • Nerf licencing research bonuses (down to 5)
  • Changed Nashorn tech date to 1943
  • Reduce cost of later tank radio tech slightly

# MISC #

  • Swap 6m bayonets to pause instead of cancel when xp drops below threshold
  • Added some missing localisation
  • EIC subtypes are now changeable in production tab
  • Added a popup warning for mobilization
  • Localised some events by Trylun and descriptions for all US tanks by gnosport
  • Hidden player triggers for laws
  • Added Gnosport's descriptions to equip_air_l_english.yml and
  • equipment_l_english_Commonwealth.yml
  • Added 3d models and techn 3d models for GER and JAP by Salamin
  • Adjust naval doctrine year localisation
  • Added tooltips to laws which require war support at peace
  • Game rule for dissent events
  • added some missing diplomacy localisation

# OOB #

  • Corrected position artillery_heavy_mot in template
  • Adjusted USAAC oob (reduced number of CAS)
  • Austria OOB and tech/eq adjustments (by Giubbi)
  • Light Vehicles tech at start for AST, CAN, NZL, SAF


  • Added decision and events for forming 14. Panzer-Division
  • Tax & nationalisation laws tooltips better readability
  • Added a decision for SPR to move capital to valencia
  • Adjusted spain.33: instead of allowing germany to go to war with france it now gives warsupport and an opinion modifier
  • Removed JAP decisions to install puppets in pacific
  • Changed several CAN events to only fire for canada
  • Corrected a countryflag for the event-chain Forming 14.PzDiv
  • USA Beyond Reach idea added for reduced war stability effect

# GFX #

  • New Law Icons
  • More generic minister portraits + some for asia
  • Changing out german commander portraits
  • GFX Additions to generic ENG generals
  • More generic US navy portraits
  • Cleanup of generic generated portraits
  • Some new concern/designer icons for US
  • Icons for GER and SOV designers
  • New generic portrait for USA and GER generals
  • Italian designer icons
  • ITA general rework
  • Icons for Large Carrier
  • Fix Nasi portrait
  • New portrait for Felix Steiner. Reverted some GER commander portraits
  • New art for Island Hopping ideas

# GUI #

  • Added implementation of Historical Ship Designs for USA/UK (more majors to be added), accessible via anchor icon at the top of production tab
  • Improved production top window
  • Productionline land/air moved from 8 to 10 per row
  • Resources went down from 9 to 6
  • Added a gui into production tab for EIC
  • Added a toggle button for EIC in production view
  • Fixed eic numbers showing 0 in production tab
  • Added years to the right side of air tech tabs that were still missing them
  • Small fixes to intel ledger gui
  • Added missing button to view other countries agencies in civ intel tab
  • Diplo view adjusted to not have huge empty space, ideas no longer shrink
  • GUI adjustments to deployment and logistics view, topbar

# MAP #

  • Burma/SEA map work (more jungle, impassable border additions)
  • Adjust Sumatra state split
  • Added ambient-objects: Capitol, Brandenburger Tor, Eiffel Tower, Pyramids, Sphinx, Golden Gate Bridge, Statue of Liberty, Westminster Abbey, Pisa Tower, Cathedral Basil
  • Added new supply zone west of alexandria
  • Updated building tooltips
  • Moved westminster to correct location
  • Fix Kerch Strait not allowing subs when controlled


Version 08.02.21 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.10.4)

  • descriptor file updated to version 1.10.4


Version 29.11.20 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.10.1 - 1.10.3)

  • Compatability patch BFTB / 1.10.1 / 1.10.2 / 1.10.3


Version 25.09.20 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.9.3)

  • Various improvements and fixes.


Version 05.07.20 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.9.3)

  • Various improvements and fixes.


Version 21.06.20 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.9.3)


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pls update mod


it no longer works on 1.10.1 or 1.10.2 u need 1.10.3