Mod «Planetary Diversity» for Stellaris (v3.7.*)

Planetary Diversity

This mod adds 54 new habitable planet types to the game; with custom artwork for all.

  • 37 regular worlds
  • 19 rare worlds
  • Rare uninhabitable planets.
  • several random events for particular worlds

This mod only adds 3 more planets to a game's total planet count

The mod uses events to change the existing planets after game start and does not add more planets to your game.

Example: all of the Desert planets have a chance to become a Desert, Oasis, Dune, Coastal, Outback, Aquifer or Salt World.

Game Start Events:

  • If you start on Sol or Deneb you can add terraforming candidate modifiers to some planets.
  • You can change nearby neighbour planets to be the same category


  • Engineered Environment - allows localized terraforming of a colonized world, with world shaper there is an upgrade that allows any planet to have the bonuses of a Gaia world.

Rares have special bonuses, buildings and jobs, but are less common than the rest. If you start on a rare world, you gain nearby planets that are similar to your planet's group.

Wet Worlds

Continental Types
Regular: Retinal, Forest, Lake, Tepid,
Rares: Superhabitable (Food & Mineral) Megaflora (Minerals, Food & Society)
Ocean Types
Regular: Cascadian, Crag, Swamp, Fog
Rares: Karst (Wet/Dry - Minerals & Engineering), Reef (Society & Consumer Goods)
Tropical Types
Regular: Atoll, Mangrove, Tepui, Cenote
Rares: Geothermal (Wet/Cold - Energy & Alloys), Biolumen (Society & Food)

Dry Worlds

Desert Types
Regular: Dune, Oasis, Outback, Coastal
Rares: Salt (Minerals), Aquifer (Dry/Wet - Food & Society)
Arid Types
Regular: - Mesa, Atacama, Mediterranean, Badlands
Rares: Primal (Alloys & Energy), Coral (Minerals & Consumer Goods)
Savannah Types - Steppe, Prairie, Veld, Semi-Arid
Rares: Tidally-Locked (Dry/Cold - Food & Energy), Supercontinent (Dry/Wet - Food, Society & Physics)

Cold Worlds

Arctic Types
Regular: - Frigid, Glacial, Antarctic, Aeolian
Rares: Storm (Wet/Cold - Energy), Eyeball (Energy & Physics)
Tundra Types
Regular: - Bog, Mycelium, Mud, Basalt
Rares: Rogue (Cold/Dry - Energy & Minerals), Lichen (Minerals & Food)
Alpine Types
Regular: - Boreal, Snow, Highland, Dune Forest
Rares: Glaciovolcanic (Alloys, Minerals & Food), Lanthanide (Consumer Goods, Minerals & Physics)

Aquatic Worlds

Using the Origin, when you start on this world, your race will have an underwater city portrait, and any planets you land on will have their city view changed to an underwater view. (ie you land on a continental planet, your race still lives underwater). There is a decision to change the view if you take over planets to/from aquatic races.

The aquatic world works like an underwater gaia and requires both the Hydrocentric and World Shaper APs to terraform.

Uninhabitable Planets

Hothouse World, Diamond World, Chthonian World, Hot Gas Giant, Cold Gas Giant, Subglacial World, Volcanic World, Ethane Ocean, Hydrocarbon World, Cloudless Gas Giant, Carbon World, Iron World

Hive Origins

  1. Hive Worlds have gotten a facelift and there is an Infesting Hive Origin. Basically, a zerg style playthrough, you must be a devouring swarm and once you land on a planet you start to infest it with the hive itself.
  2. The Megaflora Tree of Life is a separate tree of life that auto terraforms worlds to have a special tree; they are blocked from terraforming but any world they set on that can be changed will be changed to a megaflora world. (20-40 years at first, later with special technology it lowers to 10-20 years).


  1. Adds an Inquisition for Imperial Cults, allowing for a special building and jobs.

Rare World Terraforming

Only certain worlds can be terraformed into Rare worlds. Some have special barren worlds (i.e. Tidally-Locked, Rogue), while some can be found on certain regular versions of planets (i.e. some Forest Worlds can become Megaflora Worlds). All possible terraformable worlds have a unique special terraforming modifier which appears in the expansion planner and specifically says you can turn the world into a rare world. Starting the terraforming requires climate restoration technology. Rare worlds cannot be terraformed to regular worlds but can be turned into Gaia, Aquatic, Machine and Hive Worlds.

  • Update to game version 3.7

Version 27.05.22 for Stellaris (v3.4.*)

  • Update to game version 3.4


Version 06.03.22 for Stellaris (v3.3.2)

  • Fixed some stuff about Frozen Habs; Sub Glacial modifiers to Aquatic Terraforming
  • Removed Coordinators of Rogue Servitors on Arcs
  • Fixed Geothermal getting double modifiers after terraforming


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Update for 3.8