Mod «Warcasket Persona Weapons» for Rimworld (v1.1 - 1.4)

Warcasket Persona Weapons

This mod adds a few massive persona weapons that can only be used by warcaskets.
Like warcasket weapons, they are qualityless; like persona weapons, they can only be acquired via quests or looting in ancient structures (although a patch for Persona Bond Forge is included).

Bifurcator: a giant battleaxe that cleaves through enemies, hitting everything in melee range at once.

Crustbreaker: a giant hammer that deals massive extra damage to insectoids.
Ability - Tectonic Shockwave: sends a shockwave in a cone, knocking back pawns hits, and additional shrapnel.

Kyokatana: a giant katana that deals extra flame damage and increases dodge chance.
Ability - Searing Rush: dash to a target location, wounding everything near the wielder while in flight.

Voltrender: a giant greatsword that deals extra EMP damage to mechanoids and causes heart attacks after hitting something enough times.
Ability - Voltaic Blitz: Increases attack speed for five attacks. The last attack causes an explosion.

This mod was commissioned by Hexadood on the Rimworld Mod Market Discord server; Metalocif did the code, DetVisor did the art.


30.09.22 (1.1-1.3)


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