Mod «Rimworld Exploration Mode» for Rimworld (v1.4)

Rimworld Exploration Mode

Why is it that your lost and naked pawns know about the locations of every faction bases and landmark on the planet? Want to have a challenging experience exploring the planet for the first time? Rimworld Exploration mode now adds immersive exploration to your game with minimal performance impact.

Mod Features:

  • Unexplored tiles and world-level fog-of-war.
  • River-crossing movement penalty.
  • Sight penalty over difficult terrain.
  • Pawns drops maps revealing unknown locations (better pick them up fast).
  • Satellite Hacking (simple Implementation for now)

Supported Mods:

  • VE Outpost
  • Rim War

Future Plans:

  • Reveal locations through prisoner interrogation or recruitment.
  • Integration with other mods that requires you to actually launch Satellites.
  • Higher-tier maps(USB/Map Holograms).
  • More mod integrations.

Warning: Not saved game compatible!


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