Mod «[SYR] Essentials: Stone» for Rimworld (v1.0 - 1.4)

[SYR] Essentials: Stone
Rebalances stone types and improves colors of granite and jade.

All stone types get an overhaul to give each a clear purpose, making acquiring specific types worthwhile and choosing your starting tile more interesting. Granite is recolored to not look like sandstone. Jade gets a minor recolor and two new jade floor types are added.

- All stone types are a little bit easier to mine
- All stone types have the same mass and sharp damage now
- Cutting stone blocks is faster depending on type

  • Sandstone
    • Incredibly fast to work with, but also the weakest stone type. Upgrading from wood structures with sandstone is a breeze.

  • Granite
    • The counterpart to sandstone granite adds a lot of work to construction but also yields the most sturdy structures.

  • Limestone
    • The allrounder. Average in every aspect. Sometimes overthinking it isn't the right choice and having a good reliable choice for every situation can be nice.

  • Slate
    • A large beauty offset makes slate amazing for simple structures and furniture that doesn't have inherent beauty. It is also a fast material and fragile, making it best suited to protected areas.

  • Marble
    • With a significant beauty multiplier marble is better at sculptures and otherwise already beautiful structures. It's relatively strong and needs a lot of work, allowing it to be used in areas more prone to damage.

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  • Added by: Lucifer
  • Author: Syrchalis
  • Mod version: 23.10.22
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