Mod «Milkable Colonists (Continued)» for Rimworld (v1.0 - 1.4)

Milkable Colonists (Continued)
Makes colonists and prisoners milkable using a drug.

Craft Lact-X at the Drug Lab
Craft Lact-MAX at the Drug Lab for permanent lactation
Compatible with pregnancy mods
Modifiers for mod that adds breast sizes
Does not work on animals.

Mod races supported

(Let me know if you want a race added)
If you think a race should produce something other than milk let me know!
I have now figured out how to add conditional patches to allow for items from other mods to be added as a milkable produce, so items from other mods that aren't in the parent mod are now fair game.

  • Callistan
  • Astoriel
  • Fantasy Goblins
  • LotR Dwarf (Produces Beer)
  • LotR Elf
  • LotR Hobbit
  • Orassan
  • Ratkin
  • Twilek
  • Zabrak
  • Androids (Produces Chemfuel)
  • Avali (Produces chicken eggs, female only)
  • Argonian
  • Naga (Produces chicken eggs, female only)
  • Asari
  • Rimhammer 40k
  • Ferrex
  • Xenn
  • Leeani
  • Fenii
  • Frijjid
  • Gnoll
  • Equium
  • Drow
  • Mantodean (Produces Insect Jelly)
  • Android Tiers (Produces Nutrient Solution)
  • Crystalloid (Produces Crystal)
  • Logann
  • Arachne
  • Ferian
  • Cutebold
  • Orc Invasion
  • Xenohumans
  • Avian Races
  • Kilhn
  • Kurin
  • Elder Things (Produces Nutrient Paste Meals or Black Ichor Meals if you have Cults installed)
  • Star Wars Races
  • Apini (Produces Honey)
  • Quarian
  • Yabils
  • Beast Man Tribes
  • Rimcraft
  • Kijin
  • Warhammer"ish": Dryad
  • Warhammer: Daemonettes
  • Warhammer: Skaven
  • Hisa
  • Kija - Creatures of Ki
  • Yautja
  • Thrumbo Race
  • Humanoid Project
  • Dragongirls


26.09.22 (1.0-1.3)


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  • Added by: Den Martin
  • Author: Mlie
  • Mod version: 07.01.23
  • File format: ZIP
  • File size: 0.3 mb
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