Mod «RJWAnimAddons-XtraAnims (RimJobWorld Addon)» for Rimworld (v1.1 - 1.3)

RJWAnimAddons-XtraAnims (RimJobWorld Addon)

Addon mod for "RimJobWorld [18+]". Adds new animations to the "RJW Animation Framework" (RimJobWorld Animations).

Mod-addon "RJWAnimAddons-XtraAnims (RimJobWorld Addon)" is one of several anim-mods included in the assembly of addons "AnimAddons" for the mod-library (framework) "RJW Animation Framework" (RimJobWorld Animations).

And the mod-library "RJW Animation Framework" (RimJobWorld Animations), in turn, is necessary for the animation to work when the "RimJobWorld" mod is running.


This Rimworld mod might not be for you, if you:

  • aren't of age (legally 18+)
  • can't distinguish real life from a game
  • think human leather hats are great, but sex in Rimworld is unacceptable.

"RJW AnimAddons-XtraAnims" requires:

Installation instructions:

1) Download and unzip the archive to any location.
A folder like "RJWAnimAddons-XtraAnims-vX.X.X(DD.MM.YYYY)" will be created in which our mod-addon "XtraAnims" will be.

2) Install the mod-addon "XtraAnims".

2.1) Copy the folder with the mod "RJWAnimAddons-XtraAnims-vX.X.X(DD.MM.YYYY)" to the folder "…\RimWorld\Mods" on your computer where the mods for your game are stored, like any other RimWorld mods.

2.2) Sort the mods in the mod list menu.
You will find the order of loading mods and addons a little lower in the adjacent paragraphs of the description on this page.

2.3) Make sure all mods are in the correct order.

2.4) Make sure you also have "RJW Animation Framework" (RimJobWorld Animations) mod, without which "XtraAnims" won't work.
Moreover, in the list of mods, "RJW Animation Framework" (RimJobWorld Animations) is above its anim-addons (AnimAddons), which include the anim-addon "XtraAnims".

3) You are ready to play with the "XtraAnims" mod after restarting the game.

A brief description of the types of add-on mods:

There are a large number of addons (additions) associated with the RimJobWorld mod.
To make it easier to navigate in them, it is customary in the community to divide them into several types and groups with their own names.

Addon mods for RimJobWorld: 

  • Small Addons.

  • Large Addons.
    • "RJW Animation Framework"(RimJobWorld Animations) is a mod-library (framework) necessary for animation to work when the RimJobWorld mod is running. Included in the type of large add-ons for RimJobWorld.

    • Mods-addons for "RJW Animation Framework"(RimJobWorld Animations) - are included in the type of large RimJobWorld addons and are called the AnimAddons group of addons.

      • VoicePatch - addon mod for "RJW Animation Framework". Included in the group of addons AnimAddons. Adds voice effects for gender animation..

      • XtraAnims - addon mod for "RJW Animation Framework". Included in the group of addons AnimAddons. Adds new additional animations.

      • AnimalPatch - addon mod for "RJW Animation Framework". Included in the group of addons AnimAddons. Adds the ability for each animal to use the "RJW Animation Framework" (RimJobWorld Animations).


They are all different mods (addons) that can be used separately.

If using multiple then follow the load order below.

Mod Load Order: (Required/Optional)

  1. Harmony  - (has to be the very first mod. Required for "RJW Animation Framework").
  2. Core (that's the game)
  3. Rimworld DLCs - Optional. Install as you wish.
  4. Hugslib - Необходим для работы "RJW Animation Framework".
  5. Humanoid Alien Races 2.0  - (Required for "RJW Animation Framework").
  6. Other Mods  - Optional. Install as you wish.
  7. RimJobWorld (RJW)  - Required for all types of add-ons to RimJobWorld.

    • RJW Mods-Addons  - Optional. Install as you wish.

    • "RJW Animation Framework" - Mod library required for all AnimAddons.

      • Addon mods for "RJW Animation Framework" (AnimAddons):

        1. VoicePatch - Optional. If you install this mod, then before XtraAnims.
        2. XtraAnims (RJWAnimAddons-XtraAnims).
        3. AnimalPatch - Optional. If you install this mod, then after XtraAnims.

Loading order of add-on mods for mod "RJW Animation Framework":

  1. "RJW Animation Framework" Rimworld-Animations   (FrameWork RimJobWorld Addon)

  2. VoicePatch                    (RimJobWorld AnimAddon)

  3. XtraAnims                     (RimJobWorld AnimAddon)

  4. AnimalPatch                 (RimJobWorld AnimAddon)

Description of "RJW AnimAddons-XtraAnims (RimJobWorld Addon)":

List of types of additional animation mod "RJW AnimAddons-XtraAnims":


Double Penetration:

Double Penetration

 Double Penetration Plus Oral:

Double Penetration Plus Oral


  • Tory - Created the AnimAddons addon mods. Such as: VoicePatch, XtraAnims, AnimalPatch. Support - ko-fi.
  • c0ffeeeee - Created and maintains Animation Framework and the base animations.
  • AbstractConcept - Spriter to RJW animations Tool and new animations included in Xtra Animations.
  • Ranot - Tweaked doggystyle to allow for animal on animal animations.
  • Irix640 - Made Beast_Oral and Beast_Muzzlefuck animations.

Other works by the author of this mod (Tory):

The author of this mod (Tory) is widely known for his work, both related to the RimJobWorld [18+] project, and other individual projects (including those not marked 18+).

Tory works related to the RimJobWorld project (not on Steam):

  • AnimAddons series of addon mods: VoicePatch, XtraAnims, AnimalPatch.
  • "RimNude" (RimNude Unofficial) - is an unofficial update for game version 1.3 of RimNudeWorld and OTY-Nude mods. Animal Addon is now also supported.
  • Submod: "RimNude Animal Addon (Official)".
  • "OTY-Nude".

Tory's work available on the Steam Workshop:

  • "Dynamic Aesthetic Backgrounds VBE Edition" - mod adds animated backgrounds created with photo manipulation and visual effects using Adobe Photoshop and After Effects..

  • "Pawnmorpher Demuzzled" - this mod hides the muzzle/beak graphics obtained from the "Pawnmorpher" mod.

  • "Historical Religious Symbols" - adds 102 non-fictional religious symbols from "Civilization V" and the "Historical Religions" mod to the Rimworld ideology icons. This will allow the game to generate ideologies using symbols that better fit their culture.

Additional Information:

  • This addon mod "RJW AnimAddons-XtraAnims (RimJobWorld Addon) (AnimAddon), like all other mods related to the "RimJobWorld"[18+] project, is not in the Steam Workshop.

  • The author of the mod on different platforms has slightly different nicknames. For example, such as: "Tory", "Tory187", "T0RY", "Tory_Animation". In this regard, when searching for mods by author, it is recommended to try using different nicknames.






8/19/2022: 0.3.0 Restructured for better compatiblity for AC's animation patch

6/22/2022: 0.2.10 Added genital rotation to AC's Butterfly anim, thanks Shaua!

7/22/2021: 0.2.9 Added 1.3 tag. Added URI to manifest to keep track of future versions in mod manager

6/28/2021: 0.2.8 Fixed a mistake I made back in March update. Fast moan sounds should play again.

6/23/2021: 0.2.7 Actually more accurate gender detection this time. fixed requireGender error for 1.1 users Requires Animation Framework V:1.1.5 from June 23rd 2021

6/23/2021: 0.2.6 Updated defs for increased gender detection accuracy for Voice Patch

3/20/2021: 0.2.5 Added support for Animation Framework patching in voiceline volume slider

2/19/2021: 0.2.4 Added interactionDefs for AC's Butterfly anim and removed female only initiator. Should give it a chance to play now.

2/19/2021: 0.2.3 Fixed interaction def errors for 1.1 users

2/9/2021: 0.2.2 Added load folders. Updated interactionDefs and sexTypes for RJW 4.6.0

2/1/2021: 0.2.1 Fixed an error that would show if not using Voice Patch

1/30/2021: 0.2.0 New group (MMMxF) animation. Added interactionDef nodes for increased accuracy for Oral type animations. Enabled AC's Cunnilingus animation.

8/26/2020: 0.1.0 Moved Abstract Concepts animations to this mod. Now it's easy to add his animations without being forced to use Voice Patch

8/24/2020: 0.0.1 Initial upload, Adds Double Penetration animation









File info

  • Added by: NeoRider
  • Author: Tory
  • Mod version: 0.3.0 (19.08.2022)
  • File format: ZIP
  • File size: 0.3 mb
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