Mod «RJWAnimAddons-VoicePatch (RimJobWorld Addon) + VOICE PACKS» for Rimworld (v1.1 - 1.3)

RJWAnimAddons-VoicePatch (RimJobWorld Addon) + VOICE PACKS

Addon mod for "RimJobWorld [18+]". Adds human grunts/shouts/groans to the "RJW Animation Framework (RimJobWorld Animations)" (voice effects for gender animation).

Mod-addon "RJW AnimAddons-Voicepatch (RimJobWorld Addon)" is one of several mods included in the assembly of addons "AnimAddons" for the mod-library (framework) "RJW Animation Framework" (RimJobWorld Animations).

And the mod-library "RJW Animation Framework" (RimJobWorld Animations), in turn, is necessary for the animation to work when the "RimJobWorld" mod is running.


This Rimworld mod might not be for you, if you:

  • aren't of age (legally 18+)
  • can't distinguish real life from a game
  • think human leather hats are great, but sex in Rimworld is unacceptable.

"RJW AnimAddons-Voicepatch" requires:

Installation instructions:

1) Instructions for installing the VoicePatch add-on mod:

1.1) Download and unzip the archive to any location.
A folder like "VoicePatch_and_Voice_Packs-vX.X.X(DD.MM.YYYY)" will be created with two subfolders inside:

  • a) "AnimAddons-VoicePatch-vX.X.X(DD.MM.YYYY)" - in this folder is the VoicePatch addon mod.

  • b) "VOICE_PACKS" - this package contains archives with additional voice packs.

1.2) Install the VoicePatch addon mod.

1.2.1) Copy the "AnimAddons-VoicePatch-vX.X.X(DD.MM.YYYY)" mod folder to the "…\RimWorld\Mods" folder on your computer where mods for your game are stored, just like any other RimWorld mods.

1.2.2) Sort the mods in the mod list menu.
You will find the order of loading mods and addons a little lower in the adjacent paragraphs of the description on this page.

1.2.3) Make sure all mods are in the correct order.

1.2.4) You are ready to play with the VoicePatch mod after restarting the game.

2) Instructions for installing the voice package:

2.1) Additional voice packs located in the archive folder "VOICE_PACKS".

2.2) Important-1: If the existing voice package suits you, then it may not be necessary to change to another one. (Check out the packages below on this page).
Important-2: When replacing, it is recommended to make backup copies of files.

2.3) In this archive folder you will find two additional archives with voice packs:

  • a) "Hentai Sounds",

  • b) "Super Hentai Sounds".

(Description of these packages and examples of sound can be found below in the adjacent paragraphs of the description on this page).

2.4) Select, unpack and install the desired voice pack from the "VOICE_PACKS" archive folder to the desired VoicePatch mod folder where the already existing standard voice pack is stored.

2.5) Replace the files of the standard voice pack with files with the same name from the new voice pack.

2.6) Only female voices exist in additional voice packages.
Files with female voices are located: "...\AnimAddons-VoicePatch\Common\Sounds\Sex\FVoice\".
"FVoice" = "Female Voice".
More detailed information on installing sound packs can be found below on this page in the sound pack description section.

2.7) You are ready to play with the new VoicePatch mod sound pack after restarting the game.


They are all different mods (addons) that can be used separately.

If using multiple then follow the load order below

Mod Load Order: (Required/Optional)

  1. Harmony  (has to be the very first mod)
  2. Core (that's the game)
  3. Rimworld DLCs
  4. Hugslib
  5. Other Mods
  6. RimJobWorld (always load last)
  7. RJW Addons  (AnimAddons)

Loading order of add-on mods for mod "RJW Animation Framework" and "RimJobWorld":

  1. RJW Animation Framework (Rimworld-Animations)   (FrameWork RimJobWorld Addon)

  2. VoicePatch                    (RimJobWorld AnimAddon)

  3. XtraAnims                     (RimJobWorld AnimAddon)

  4. AnimalPatch                 (RimJobWorld AnimAddon)

Description of "RJW AnimAddons-Voicepatch (RimJobWorld Addon)":

  • Creates new versions of animations that are gender specific so the mod can recognize genders and not play incorrect voices.
  • Does not replace sounds in C0ffee's animations, it only adds.
  • The "isFucked" actor is usually the one making voice sounds.
  • Can change voice volume in RJW settings.
  • Adds feminine vocals: (preview) MIGHT AUTOPLAY WHEN CLICKED
    • 6 grunts (open mouth).
    • 4 screams (open mouth).
    • 4 moans (closed/full mouth).
    • 3 fast moans (closed/full mouth).
  • Adds Masculine vocals:
    • 4 grunts (open mouth).
    • 3 screams (open mouth).
    • 4 moans (closed/full mouth).
    • 3 fast moans (closed/full mouth).

Current animation support:

VOICE PACKAGES: (optional)

Additional sound packs feature only female voices.

  • "Voice Patch Female Sounds" - The main sound pack. It is already included by default in the VoicePatch mod.

  • "Hentai Sounds" - Contains some of the sounds from the initial sound pack that came with the installation of the VoicePatch mod. Has a slightly higher Asian/hentai sound. Uses some of the moan sounds from the Super Hentai pack.

  • "Super Hentai Sounds" - Only use this sound pack if you are a superweeb (very addicted to anime and Japanese culture).

Installing voice packs:

  • Extract the file from the archive (zip) of the voice packs to the root folder of the Voicepatch mod.
    Files with female voices are located: "...\AnimAddons-VoicePatch\Common\Sounds\Sex\FVoice\".

  • Overwrite the existing files in the pack with the files from the new voice pack from the archive.


  • Tory - Created the AnimAddons addon mods. Such as: VoicePatch, XtraAnims, AnimalPatch. Support - ko-fi.
  • c0ffeeeee - Created and maintains Animation Framework and the base animations.
  • AbstractConcept - Spriter to RJW animations Tool and new animations included in Xtra Animations.
  • Ranot - Tweaked doggystyle to allow for animal on animal animations.
  • Irix640 - Made Beast_Oral and Beast_Muzzlefuck animations.

Additional Information:

  • This mod is not in the Steam Workshop.

List of changes in RJWAnimAddons-Voicepatch (RimJobWorld Addon) versions:

[08/20/2022 public release of RJWAnimAddons-Voicepatch 1.3.0].

8/19/2022: 1.3.0 Restructured for better compatibility for AC's animation patch (currently 99% of anims are not voice supported while using AC's patch. Will update all anims in AC's patch later) 7/22/2021: 1.2.8 Added 1.3 tag. Added URI to manifest to keep track of future versions in mod manager 6/28/2021: 1.2.7 Fixed a mistake I made back in March update. Fast moan sounds should play again. 6/23/2021: 1.2.6 Uses RimWorld's gender to determine voice instead of RJW's gender. Requires Animation Framework V:1.1.5 from June 23rd 2021 (huge thanks to Karmanherlo) fixed requireGender error for 1.1 users 6/23/2021: 1.2.5 Uses gender to determine voice instead of genitals. (Thanks Karmanherlo) 5/14/2021: 1.2.4 Updated base animation defs to match new genital angle rotation changes (didn't make change for 1.1 users, sorry I'm to lazy for that) 3/20/2021: 1.2.3 Added support for Animation Framework patching in voiceline volume slider 2/19/2021: 1.2.2 Fixed interaction def errors for 1.1 users 2/9/2021: 1.2.1 Added load folders. Updated interactionDefs and sexTypes for RJW 4.6.0 1/30/2021: 1.2.0 Added new male sounds. Reduced range of audio. Removed unused "Fast" versions. Added interactionDef nodes for increased accuracy for Oral animations. 8/26/2020: 1.1.2 Removed Abstract Concepts animations and added them to Xtra Animations. Slightly reduced female sounds. 8/24/2020: 1.1.1 Moving homes, added 1.2 support in About.xml 7/19/2020: 1.1.0 Added C0ffee's new Horse_Cowgirl and Cunnilingus animations. Added AbstractConcept's animations with minor tweaks, mostly adjusting sound effects. Disabled AC's cunnilingus animation in favor of C0ffee's. Can be enabled by removing comment in the Animations_VoicePatchFemaleFutaAC.xml file. 7/13/2020: Made previews just links to the soundcloud playlists 7/13/2020: Added sound previews. Let me know if they are taking up to much space. I wish they could be smaller. 7/13/2020: Added two voice packs; Hentai and Super Hentai. Hentai pack uses the sounds that were originally in this mod and adds new higher pitch moan sounds. 7/13/2020: Major Update, now 1.0.0! Adds gender detection and voices for all default animations. Adds all new audio for females and now males. Added new moan sound groups for closed/full mouth sounds. Overwrites default animations in favor of new gender detected versions. Tutorial updated for new sounds 7/11/2020: Updated Tutorial below 7/11/2020: Voice Patch is now its own mod and can be toggled on and off easily in your load order. You still need animations that support it though. 7/4/2020: Added a short tutorial on how to add these sounds to your own animations 7/3/2020: Animal list hotfix 7/3/2020: Updated animal list 7/2/2020: Initial upload

File info

  • Added by: NeoRider
  • Author: Tory
  • Mod version: 1.3.0 (20.08.2022)
  • File format: ZIP
  • File size: 6.1 mb
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