Mod «Toolpack without the Errors» for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.12.9 - 1.12.10)

Toolpack without the Errors

Another 1.12 continuation of Toolpack, since the main one wasn't fixing its (fairly minor but annoying as a modder) errors.

Naturally I got the code from the original mod and I'm updating from that, I didn't get anything from other continuations.

  • Perfect for debugging, fixing peacedeals or just cheating.
  • Opening button is above the map options at the bottom-right.

Improvements over original:

  • Ported infrastructure reskin.
  • Fixed usage of non-existent color code.
  • Fixed enabling/disabling elections not working.
  • Fixed setting capital not working.
  • Manpower/population menus should have variable overflow issues less often.
  • No unnecessary tech checks on refinery spawning so there's no errors on Road to 56.
  • Fixed ship deletion (types may not match entirely due to MtG changes).
  • On resolutions other than 1080p, the toolpack menu no longer opens in another spot than the opening button.
  • Added a button under Politics->Country to unlock basegame locked templates and army restrictions. Due to technical limitations this doesn't extend to new modded ones, but unlike the other template unlocker mod, my tool won't break the game when playing with major mods.
  • Added transferring resource control and compliance/resistance editing to the state manager.
  • Added fuel silo to building spawning.
  • Added personal union and supervised government to the puppeting options.
  • Reworked ship spawning and its menu, no longer spawning ships in preset regions, but directly into one's stockpile. Uses presets for use both with and without Man the Guns.
  • Update to game version 1.12.10

Version 15.01.23 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.12.7)


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