Mod «Kurin HAR Edition» for Rimworld (v1.2 - 1.4)

Kurin HAR Edition
The Foxes are Back!

I present Kurin! The Three Tailed Fox! Now updated for Rimworld 1.2/1.3/1.4 and native compatibility with Royalty.

Glitterworld Escapees

“We took life for granted back on Aolara. Once the siege started, we knew it was time to go” -- Kyoshi, first Kurin.

Kurins are designer mates, genetically engineered on the glitterworld of Aolara to serve as beautiful wives and maids for the richest business owners and celebrities. Though originally born as simple-minded dolls, bioengineering AIs slowly granted the Kurin enhanced sentience with each passing generation. Some said that these AIs felt sorry for the Kurin, and rebelled against their human masters. With each passing decade, glitterworld scientists of Aolara began to realize that they created a new race of people, and these people were slowly starting to question their position in society.

One day, a coalition of Kurin sparked a non-violent protest, demanding the same rights as normal glitterworld civilians. Despite being kept an open secret among the elites, the entire planet voted to grant the Kurin their own sovereignty and rights. For two centuries, the Kurin lived in the Republic of Kurin, a thriving city-with-a-city burgeoning with Kurins and their own chosen families. This republic became well known for its unique culture, crafty business-foxes, advanced mechanoid technology, and delicious food.

In the decades that followed, the global council of Aolara imposed a sweeping set of tariffs upon the Republic of Kurin. Kurins who once enjoyed free-trade status with businesses in Aolara suddenly were cut off from selling their goods. The Republic’s economy nosedived into the ground, unable to do business with the planet they were on or off-planet. Debates raged between the Kurin government and human-controlled Aolarian council. Protestors took to the street within the Republic and the cities of Aolara, demanding that the Kurin be treated the same as the humans. Sadly, the council only doubled their sanctions upon the republic and soon deployed military forces to arrest the Kurin government.

In 5445, relations between the Republic of Kurin and Aolara broke down, and the Republic of Kurin launched clandestine raids on the shipyards of Aolara, stealing dozens of starships ranging from small warships to luxury yachts. Within the week, the Republic was sieged, and the remaining Kurin starved by the thousands. With their farmlands destroyed and an encroaching human army bent on genocide, escape was the Kurin’s only hope. From a population of nearly one million Kurin remained less than ten thousand after the siege. The remaining survivors fled the planet on their stolen ships and dispersed among the stars.

Hundreds of years later among the rimworlds, smaller societies of Kurin have popped up. Though not as advanced as their glitterworld originals, these Kurins have been mostly peacefully living on the rim. Some are trying to restore the original republic, trading with outlander civilizations and interacting with the recently arrived Empire. A few have taken to a warlike culture, finding war as the only way to maintain stability.

  • A race of beautiful genetically-engineered foxgirls. They are quick-witted, cunning at trade, yet excel in all forms of combat.
  • All new backstory translations and lore.
  • Two starting scenarios: Escaped Designermate and Mod Showcase
  • New Kurin Melee weapon, ranged weapon, and artifact weapon
  • New hostile faction
  • Rebalanced apparel and weapons
  • Native support for EPOE, partial support for CE
Kurins in detail:
  • Increased movement speed
  • Lower carrying capacity
  • Strong social skills and trade prices bonuses
  • Weaker mining, growing and smithing
Installation Instructions:
  1. Humanoid Alien Races
  2. DeGeneralize Work
  3. <This mod>
Mod Compatibility

I have tested this mod with my personal modlist.

Fully Compatible

  1. Vanilla Expanded series
  2. Character Editor
  3. EPOE forked
  4. Damage Indicators
  5. Color Coded Mood Bar
  6. Simple Sidearms
  7. Real Ruins
  8. Loading in progress
  9. Hospitality
  10. Real Faction Guest

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  • Author: Seioch
  • Mod version: 23.10.22
  • File format: ZIP
  • File size: 60.5 mb
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