Mod «De-generalize Work» for Rimworld (v1.1 - 1.4)

De-generalize Work

Because tailoring and smithing are totally different skills


1.1 lumped SculptingSpeed, SmithingSpeed, and TailorSpeed into one stat (GeneralLaborSpeed), unfortunately this change is a huge blow to trait mods (including my own Additional Traits mod) that used those stats to give the game just a little bit more depth. As such, this mod adds those stats back as dependents of GeneralLaborSpeed, this means that changes to GeneralLaborSpeed will be passed down to SculptingSpeed, SmeltingSpeed, SmithingSpeed and TailorSpeed, thus (hopefully) ensuring compatibility.

For a full write up on how to use this mod for your project, see the included readme file, or the the De-generalize Work github page[]

Q: Is it save game compatible?
A: On it's own this mod is saved game compatible it can safely be added and removed on a whim, however other mods that rely on this mod may not be, so exercise caution when removing things (or don't, it's your life).

Q: I found a bug/issue/problem, where should I report that?
A: I have a discussions page just for that, it's pinned, but here's the link anyway:
Bug Reports.
Q: What if I want to leave my bug/issue/problem in the comments section?
A: Bug reports in the comments section will be ignored, deleted, or I might just make fun of you for not reading the FAQ. In any case, until your issue is properly reported in the bug reports discussion, I WILL NOT investigate it.

Q: Is it compatible with XYZ mod?
A: I've done my best to make this mod as compatible as possible, but I have no idea, I'm going to guess probably, maybe, possibly. As I don't have time to test every mod for the game, I would appreciate if you would test that for me, if it works fantastic! If not drop me a bug report and I'll look into it.

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  • Mod version: 06.10.22
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