Law Enforcement Base: USA for People Playground

Law Enforcement Base: USA

We started a new project in a big way, a series of packs with the name of Law Enforcement that will contain special police forces from various countries and at the end of a few we will go to the criminal side of the mod, and keep in mind one thing, they will not be released quickly, keep in mind that time equals quality.

This is the official mod, any other same is a copy or unoficiall pack, to make a Law Enforcement Unofficial Pack join discord and ask me.

Update 1!
• Zipties
• Handcuffs
• Latex Gloves
• Category Bug Fixed

• LAPD Police Officer, 2 Variants
• Sheriff Police Officer, 2 Variants
• SWAT Operator F-1 Team, Blue, 4 Variants
• SWAT Operator F-2 Team, Black, 4 Variants
• DEA SLR Operator, 1 Variant
• DEA Operator, 1 Variant
• FBI HRT Operator F-E Team, 3 Variants
• FBI HRT Operator F-SS Team (Bacalava), 3 Variants
• 5 Helmets, FBI, 2 Variants, SWAT, 3 Variants
• 4 Vests, LAPD, Sheriff, SWAT, and FBI
• 2 Operator Caps, Black and Green
• FBI HRT Shield
• Battering Ram
• 5 Glocks, Tan, Black and Mix with flashlight or not.
• HK-416 Custom
• MK-18 CQBR Custom
• MP-5 Custom
• M110 SAS
• Regminton 870, Patrol variant and tactical

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