Mod «Mooloh's Dnd Menagerie» for Rimworld (v1.3 - 1.4)

Mooloh's Dnd Menagerie

Adds over a dozen Dungeons and Dragons-inspired animals to RimWorld.

Given the antagonistic nature of most creatures in DnD, many of these animals only appear in raids from a unique faction, while other creatures are loyal allies that must be summoned, built, or tamed. Almost every animal has a non-vanilla ability, behavior, or item associated with it.

Full description found in in-game mod selection.

--Animal List--

- Golems: Constructed guardians that trade natural healing for extreme power. Requires a "Manual of Golems" item, a lot of materials, and a high construction skill to build one. There are three types of golems: flesh, stone, and steel, with flesh being the weakest, and steel being the strongest.

- Animated Furniture: Reward animals that are created by using a "Scroll of Animate Objects" item on a chair, tool cabinet, or stool. Each type of animated furniture has a different behavior.

- Flumph: A friendly, psychic jellyfish that can be tamed to produce a psychic-boosting drug.

- Faerie Dragon: A small colorful dragon that can keep people happy with its euphoric breath.

- Owlbear: A deadly apex predator with a huge appetite.

- Displacer Beast: A magical feline that distorts light around its body.

- Basilisk: An eight-legged reptile that petrifies its prey.

- Medusa: A dangerous multi-headed reptile with a powerful petrification attack.

- Gibbering Mouther: A blob of flesh that disorients nearby prey with magical babble.

- Beholder: A malevolent, otherworldly creature that shoots magical eye rays with 10 different effects. Rays that don't deal damage have a chance to pierce shield belts.

- Spectator: A small cousin of beholders with 4 weaker eye ray attacks. Can be summoned to join your colony by constructing a Spectator Effigy.

- Rust Monster: A strange crustacean that eats rusted metals. Keep away from your metal stockpiles, armored warriors, and steel golems. Can appear in the wild, in raids, or even burrowing beneath your base.

- Annihilator: A predatory cousin of rust monsters that disintegrates prey and consumes the resulting dust. Keep away from your... everything.

--Mod Compatibility--

DnD Menagerie is compatible with the following mods:

- A Dog Said... Animal Prosthetics: All organic animals are compatible with implants added by A Dog Said. That said, I don't add any new prosthetics, so some body parts - like displacer beast tentacles and entire spectator eyestalks - have no replacements. Also, inorganic and unstable creatures (golems, animated furniture, and gibbering mouthers) are ineligible for implants.

- Giddy Up!: All sufficiently large, tameable animals besides Spectators can be ridden by default, and many animals have minor patches to make the mount/rider overlap look better. If Giddy Up! Battle Mounts is installed, animated dining chairs and stools gain stat bonuses while mounted.

- Draftable Animals: Works without issue as far as I could tell.

- Animal Search and Destroy: Tameable animals with multiple ranged attacks (currently just spectators) will choose randomly among toggled-on attacks, and can be set to only use a single attack type if needed.

- Dungeons Core: Groups of animals from this mod are added as possible dungeon occupants, with a 25% of occurring per dungeon. Due to how Dungeons Core selects dungeon's occupants, this 25% chance can't be toggled or turned off (yet). Also be warned: Dnd Monster threats are comparably bigger than other threats, and there's a 0.25% chance of dungeons being filled with annihilators. Have fun!

This mod doesn't do much beyond adding animals, so I don't expect too many problems beyond possible issues between beholder rays and modded body shields.


08.05.23 (1.3-1.4)


21.10.22 (1.3-1.4)


File info

  • Added by: Den Martin
  • Author: Mooloh
  • Mod version: 05.01.24
  • File format: ZIP
  • File size: 9.0 mb
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