Iron Man's Mansion for Teardown

Iron Man's Mansion

After months upon months of painful work, Iron Man’s Mansion is finally complete.
Throughout the movies, like all other Marvel structures, Tony Stark’s house has changed a lot, so I have included detail from all the movies. I’ve tried to get it as similar to the movies as possible, but for the parts that haven’t been showed on screen, I improvised. The scale is just a tiny bit smaller than in the movies for less lag. (Definitely not because I messed it up)

The house includes:

  • Extremely realistic burning
  • A gym
  • Bedrooms
  • Joints for ULTRA destructive needs
  • Vehicles (the ones in the garage don’t work because the have a stroke when blown up)
  • Dum-E (the robot)
  • Iron man suits
  • Ropes
  • Lots of movable props
  • A helicopter
  • Destructible dirt in the mountain

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