IKEA Showrooms for Teardown

IKEA Showrooms

The IKEA Showrooms map is a full recreation of an IKEA (not based off an actual specific IKEA store) that includes hundreds of fully interact-able furniture and dozens of showrooms.

This is an interact-able showcase map which includes all rooms (except bathrooms unfortunately) and furniture/styles to go with every room. This map also includes SCP-3008 mode, which is a large messy IKEA with SCP-3008 following you everywhere (No, this map is not infinite).


The IKEA Showrooms map includes:

  • 70+ unique types of furniture
  • 17 Showrooms (From all types of rooms)
  • IKEA restaurant
  • Dozens of shelving units
  • Scattered service desks
  • Market Hall entrance
  • IKEA store entrance
  • Swedish Meatballs
  • Spawn-able furniture
  • Menu screen
  • SCP-3008 mode
  • Parking area
  • Backrooms (Hidden behind walls)
  • Pickup truck
  • IKEA outside
  • IKEA Truck
  • Refreshed map
  • New IKEA truck at outside parking
  • New IKEA truck spawn-able
  • Added appreciation wall that lists many YouTubers who played this map
  • Fixed build issues
  • Bug-fixes

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