Super Man for Teardown

Super Man

Play as Super Man with all of his powers.


  • Left click: Left and Right Punch Attack
  • Right click: Lunge Attack and Directional Speed Boost
  • Space bar + Up,Down,Right,Left: Directional Flight
  • Shift: Hover in Place
  • "C" Key: Blow Small Things Away and Put our Fires
  • "C" Key + Left Click: Freeze Objects with Ice Breath
  • "C" Key + Right Click: Blow Large Things Away and Destroy
  • "X" Key: Laser Heat Beams to Cut Things and Start Fires
  • "X" Key + Left Click: More powerful Laser Heat Beams that Push objects
  • "X" Key + Left Click + Right Click: Laser Heat Beam Explosions and Slowmo
  • "X" Key Double Click: Fires Laser Rage when Charged
  • Control Key: Press for Super Jump, Hold for Ground Pound
  • "V" Key: Press to Zoom in, Press again to Return to Normal
  • Left click + Right Click: Hold Down LMB, then Press RMB for Short Slowmo Time
  • "R" Key: Press to Enter Lasting Slowmo Time
  • "E" Key: Press to Exit Slowmo Time


  • Super Strength: Grab, Lift and Throw Anything
  • Super Speed Boost: Lunge Forward in Any Direction, Repeat for more Speed
  • Super Speed Damage: Destruction Increases the Faster you Go.
  • Super Man Time: While in Slowmo, You can Move Faster than Everything Else
  • Super Endurance: Near Invulnerability, Break Things You Crash Through
  • Super Breath: Put Out Fires, Ice Freeze, Blow Away and Destroy Things
  • Super Sight: Able to Zoom in and See Things Across the Map
  • Super Flight: Can Fly in Any Direction and Hover in Place
  • Super Laser Beams: Fire Laser Heat Beams from Eyes, Cut and Set Fires
  • Super Laser Rage: Fires a 4 Second Moving Rage Beam Scorching the Earth


  • Compatible with the Mod (Destructible Robots). With that mod, you fight Robots with Health Bars. Not all weapons affect the Robots, but Super Man does.
  • While in Super Man Slowmo Time: Punches, Lasers, Breath and Strength are more powerful.
  • Custom Super Man Arms/Hands for Various Actions
  • Custom Super Man Voice clips and Sound Effects
  • Stronger Normal Jump

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