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Stellaris Texture Pack - Planetary Diversity 2K

The Stellaris Texture Pack is designed to be a continuation of Immersive Galaxy, which was released several years ago but has since not been updated. Dwayne, the mod author of Immersive Galaxy, created a texture pack that included several new hi-res textures for the mod Planetary Diversity, however many new worlds have been added to the mod since 2018. This mod combines the textures of Immersive Galaxy with hundreds of new textures created by me for Planetary Diversity, with the goal being to add variation and beauty to your solar systems.

This mod includes the following:

  • Over 140 new custom made textures for habitable worlds for the mod Planetary Diversity
  • Over 160 new custom made textures of uninhabitable worlds for the mod Planetary Diversity
  • All existing textures from the original Immersive Galaxy, including base game, cloud and night light textures
  • 35 new textures created by me for base game gas giants, as well as gas giant textures from the mod Real Space

Each world will have three new corresponding textures, except for Unique worlds as they only appear once in each galaxy. I have no way of overwriting the original textures without causing compatibility problems, so in total there should be four new textures for each habitable world from Planetary Diversity.

This mod must be placed below Planetary Diversity in your load order or it will NOT work. This is a very important step. This mod should also be placed below Real Space if you use it otherwise there will be conflicts with the gas giant textures.

I am unable at this time to get Hot and Cold Aquatic world textures to be appear in-game because it would require overwriting many files from Planetary Diversity. You'll need to use the console commands below to get them to appear in-game until I get it fixed:

(Click on planet first and select one)
effect set_planet_entity = { entity = aquatichot_planet_02_entity }
effect set_planet_entity = { entity = aquatichot_planet_03_entity }
effect set_planet_entity = { entity = aquatichot_planet_04_entity }
effect set_planet_entity = { entity = aquaticcold_planet_02_entity }
effect set_planet_entity = { entity = aquaticcold_planet_03_entity }
effect set_planet_entity = { entity = aquaticcold_planet_04_entity }


File info

  • Added by: TOP-Mods
  • Author: Protodeus
  • Mod version: 28.09.22
  • File format: ZIP
  • File size: 3142.8 mb
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