Mod «Planetary Diversity - Exotic Worlds» for Stellaris (v3.7.*)

Planetary Diversity - Exotic Worlds

This is not a stand-alone mod, it will not work without Planetary Diversity.

This mod adds 6 exotic planet types to your game; they are meant to play different than the regular oxygen-nitrogen races, with different ways of terraforming/creating new colonies. They fall into two groups; toxic oxygen-nitrogen planets and exotic atmosphere planets. Each one has its own origin and character, and the origin is the only way to choose the planet at game start.

Toxic Oxygen-Nitrogen Planets

These planets have limited habitability on all other regular planets. Regular races can colonize here but have no habitability bonuses.

Radiotrophic World + Radiotrophic Mutant Origin
Bonuses - Physics, Society, Food Unique SR: Rad Bloom Spores
This is a tomb/nuked planet where the lifeforms have mutated to use the high levels of gamma radiation to thrive. The blooms of these unique plants can be harvested and used to turn any planet into a Radiotrophic World via terraforming, but only if you start on this world/have radiotrophic habitability. Races with the Radiotrophic Mutant trait also gain strength and grow speed while on Radiotrophic and Tomb worlds.

Acid Worlds + Acid Seeders Origin
Bonuses - Food, Minerals, Exotic Gasses
This is a world of acid rain and sea, and the life that can survive here thrives and the acid wreaks havoc on robotic races until you have a tech to counteract the acid. Empires on this world will need to pump acid into the atmosphere of other worlds to make it truly livable for them, and like Idyllic Bloom, eventually will be able to turn the planet into an Acid world.

Exotic Atmospheres Planets

These planets are unique unto themselves; either too hot, too cold, too toxic or too pressurized for these species to live on other worlds, and regular races cannot live on their planets. Habitable versions of these worlds do not spawn randomly in the galaxy, just your homeworld and if you have guaranteed neighbours. Each has a special bonus and building.

Ammonia World - Ammonia Rebreathers Origin
Bonuses - Food, Energy
The Origin is focused around the concept of developing a system of environment-suits for your people to be able to live on any world, like the Gand from Star Wars or the Volus from Mass Effect, in which several levels give you more habitability as you progress. You also gain the ability to turn some Toxic Worlds into Ammonia Worlds with a special AP.
Rocky world with a nitrogen-ammonia atmosphere. This planet's variable gas is ammonia. With much higher atmospheric pressure than most terrestrial planets, the ammonia hydrosphere is stable.

Methane World - Methane Cryogenics Origin
Bonuses - Food, Physics
The Origin is focused on your empire having access to special cryogenics technology, and a Special AP, along with the Colossus AP, which allows you to create a Cryogenic Freeze Ray planet cracker and turn some frozen worlds into Methane Worlds.
Rocky world with a nitrogen-methane atmosphere and this planet's variable gas is methane. With temperatures around -180 degrees Celsius, the methane hydrosphere is stable.

Sulfur World - Sulfur Springs Origin
Bonuses - Minerals, Society
The Origin is focused on your empire-building up your energy and amenities around the rich and vast sulfur spring network found on Sulfur Worlds. Energy districts are unlimited on Sulfur worlds and have a special job that gives Energy, Amenities if you are organic and trade if you are not a hive mind. You also gain the ability to build a special sulfur onsen on all non-sulfur worlds you control, including artificial worlds/habitats. You also gain the ability to turn some Toxic worlds into Sulfur Worlds with a special AP.
This planet's variable gas is a mix of hydrogen sulfide and sulfur dioxide. High amounts of widely spread out volcanic activity cause the surface to be covered in thousands of sulfur hot springs.

Ash World - Ash Tectonic Drillers Origin
Bonuses - Energy, Minerals
The Origin is focused on your empire unlocking the toxic and violent magma of the planet and destroying the current echo system and creating one that fits your people. You gain a decision that you can enact on any inhabited or uninhabited world that will create a Tectonic Fissure deposit which will give your empire the ability to land, and then build more advanced drills, eventually turning it into an Ash World. You also gain the ability to turn some Molten Worlds into Ash Worlds with a special AP.
Rocky world with a nitrogen-carbon dioxide-sulfur dioxide atmosphere. Although this young world has cooled from its molten past it still has considerable seismic and volcanic activity. The atmosphere on this planet is toxic to most creatures.

  • Updated to 3.7

Version 27.05.22 for Stellaris (v3.4.*)


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