Mod «Planetary Diversity - Unique Worlds» for Stellaris (v3.4.*)

Planetary Diversity - Unique Worlds

This is not a stand-alone mod, it will not work without Planetary Diversity.

This sub-mod adds up to 6 more planets to a game

This module adds 6 unique planets with events, some have special resources, origins that allow you to start with them and random nearby neighbour starting systems. They are balanced to have 1 or 2 on a small galaxy but all of them on a larger one. If you choose to have one in your game for any reason it will remove the system from other places. They give you access to special resources, technology and/or relics. None of these origins gain nearby nieghbhours, just like other strong planet starts in vanilla.

Floating World
Bonuses - Energy, Physics, Unique SR: Eludium, Unique Techs, Unique Buildings, Guarded
A wet world that has the unique element Eludium, which defies known laws of physics. Islands freely float in the sky as if they are weightless. Mine the rare element and unlock it's potential to improve your research and add artificial floating islands to other planets.
Origin - Open to all empires. Start on this world.

Crystal World
Bonuses - Food, Minerals, Society, Unique SR: Acean, Unique Techs, Unique Buildings, Guarded
A lush jungle world covered in giant mineable crystal pillars. Unlock the history of the Acean crystal and it's potential to improve your mining and farming on other worlds.
Origin - Open to all empires. Start on this world.

Tiyanki Graveyard
Bonuses - Energy, Exotic Gases, Trade/Unity, Unique SR: Tiyanki PartsTechs, Unique Buildings
This arid planet is the end of the life journey for the gentle space Tiyanki, either butcher up their carcusus to unlock energy and trade potential, or preserve this incredible cosmic journey by researching the Tiyanki's journey across the stars, inspiring your people.
Origin - Open to all empires. Start on this world.

The Archive
Bonuses - Research, Unique Relic
This was once the archive habitat of an interdimensional travelling race, whose experiments ended with the destruction of their homeworld.
Origin - Not open to Hive Empires. Start on this habitat as the survivors of this long-dead race to relearn the secrets of your people's past.

Techno-Organic World
Bonuses - Engineering, Farming, Living Metal, Guarded
A grassy alpine world, covered in an incredible system of canals, underground assembly plants and biosynthetic flora and fauna, created by the Rogue AI, Unit 04.
Origin - Not open to Machine Empires. Start on this world as immortal Biosynthetic creatures, stronger and smarter than biologicals you are a mix of organic and robots. This Origin is very similar to the Clone Army Origin, with its own special events, techs and buildings that you need to create more pops. Learn how to create Living Metal so you can build more of your people. Bio-Synth races cannot take the Psionic or Cyborg Ascension paths, they gain their own path, and can gene-edit other species but not their own.

The Crucible
Bonuses - Alloys, Engineering
A world of artificial floating forges with a ring of furnaces that keep the surface in a constant molten state which allows the furnaces to draw up the materials to create alloys. Special alloy jobs use energy instead of minerals to create jobs. The ultimate creation of a race bent on enslaving the galaxy, all that remains of their empire is their shielded homeworld and the shielded moon, The Crucible.
Origin - Not open to Gestalt Empires. Start on a normal world, covered in ruins with the Crucible as a shielded world. You've just escaped the planetary shield that trapped your empire and must research to unlock your ultimate forge, the Crucible.

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