Mod «Simple Traditions» for Stellaris (v3.4.*)

Simple Traditions
What does this mod do?

This mod adds 5 additional tradition trees to the base game.

  • Industry
  • Science
  • Navy
  • Statecraft
  • Leadership

Below you will find descriptions for what each tree does.


This one focuses on improving your ability to extract basic resources.
Adoption Bonus:
Your mining stations cost 50% less, are built 100% faster and cost 50% less in energy upkeep.
Layered Shifts:
Your workers (or menial drones if you are hive or machine) produce 5% more resources.
Compact Extraction Centers:
The generator, mining and agriculture districts provide 1 additional housing.
Rare Resource Extraction:
Production of rare crystals, exotic gases and volatile motes increased by 10%.
Built-in Forges:
Every mining station produces 0.10 alloys.
Optimized Algorithms:
Your mining stations produce 20% more resources.
Finisher Bonus:
You unlock 5 planetary decisions that improve either miner, technician, farmer, artisan or metallurgist job output by 20% (you can only choose on per planet).


This one focuses on increasing your research output.
Adoption Bonus:
Your research stations cost 50% less, are built 100% faster and cost 50% less in energy upkeep.
Signature Research Field:
you gain 20% research speed in a field of your choice. (Particles, industry, biology, etc.) furthermore, you gain a 10% boost in the overall category depending on your choice (engineering, physics or society).
Research Grants:
Increases physics, society and engineering output from researchers by 10%.
Advanced Studies:
researcher upkeep reduced by 20% and all researchers produce 0.5 unity.
Science Director:
Grants every planet 1 science director job (or 1 brain drone or calculator job if you are machine or hive)
Exotic Experiments:
Research station output increased by 20%.
Finisher Bonus:
Unlocks the Science Focus policies, allowing you to get a +15% research speed bonus in either engineering, society or physics, while receiving a -5% in the other two. Alternatively, you can get a +10% in two of your choice while the third receives a -5%, or lastly just a flat +5% across the board.


This one focuses on improving your ships.
Adoption Bonus:
Ship weapon damage increased by 5%.
Electromagnetic Propulsion:
Choose between 30% sublight speed or 10% longer weapon range.
Design Considerations:
Choose between 10% lower ship maintenance or 10% lower ship build costs.
Offensive Capabilities:
Choose between 20% more damage to kinetic weapons, energy weapons or 10% more damage and 50% faster missiles.
Carrier Operations:
Choose between 50% faster and 15% more damage and attack speed to your strike craft or 50% more damage and fire rate for your point defense weapons.
Defensive Capabilities:
Choose between 20% more shield, armor or hull hit points, but a 5% decrease in hit points for the ones you don't focus.
Finisher Bonus:
Ship accuracy and evasion increased by 10%.


This one focuses on improving the effectiveness of your state.
Adoption Bonus:
Stability increased by 5%.
Controlled State:
Governing ethics attraction +25% (+10% pop assembly speed for machines and +10% pop growth for hive).
Central Administration:
Empire size penalties reduced by 10%.
Increases monthly unity by 10%.
Service Arrangement:
20% more amenities.
Stellar Government:
Edict fund increased by 10 and an additional 10%.
Finisher Bonus:
1 more civic slot.


This one focuses on improving the effectiveness of your leaders.
Adoption Bonus:
Unlocks the galactiv university building, which grants 1 administrator job, 1 science director job and 2 culture worker jobs. (with similar versions for machine, hive and megacorp).
Leader experience gain is increased by 50%.
Knowledge Download:
Unlocks a special edict (that requires the Galactic University on your capital), called knowledge download, when active all your leaders gain 5 experience a month (this is affected by leader experience gain).
Life Extension:
Your leaders gain 50 years of extra lifespan (-20% leader upkeep for machine).
Extended Schooling:
The max level of your leaders is increased by 2.
Ruler's Cabinet:
Increase your monthly influence by 0.5
Adds 1 envoy.
Finisher Bonus:
Provided you possess the Galactic University on your capital, all your leaders gain a special trait called Galactic Graduate, which grants several bonuses to all your leaders.


This mod makes changes to 02_rural_districts.txt, which might make it incompatible with some mods that change planetary districts.

Required: !!Universal Modifier Patch

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  • Added by: TOP-Mods
  • Author: Drassi
  • Mod version: 21.06.22
  • File format: ZIP
  • File size: 2.7 mb
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