Mod «!!Universal Modifier Patch» for Stellaris (v3.7.*)

!!Universal Modifier Patch

Fix the modifier issue after the 2.2.6 update.

With the release of 2.2.6, once again, Paradox fools buried countless of mods and modders into the abyss.

This fix mod brings the missing modifiers that existed in 2.2.0 to 2.2.5 back to life. (via overweight 00_common_categories.txt load order to make them generate again)
Such as pop jobs related modifiers, megastructure cost, planetary decision cost, specific leader cost & upkeep... etc.

You only need to subscribe this "fix" mod, if one of your subscribed mods or more edited vanilla file "00_common_categories.txt", which will conflict each other when loading the game.

Let me know if I forget to add certain modifiers into it.


No vanilla file overwritten.
Not Achievement compatible.

Has built-in support with the following mods, note that these are the example that they had modified and done workaround for vanilla economy category.
As long as your subscribed mod doesn't edit economy category, they are compatible with this patch.

  • Starbase Defenses Extended
  • Extra Ship Components 3.0 [2.4+]
  • (-NSC2 Season 5-)
  • Realistic Ships 2.6
  • Masters of Nature
  • Gigastructural Engineering & More (2.7)
  • Guilli's Planet Modifiers 2.7
  • Expanded Stellaris Traditions
  • Plentiful Traditions 2.6
  • Unofficial Machine & Synthetic Empire DLC
  • Complex Origins
  • Unofficial Hive DLC: Forgotten Queens
  • Update to game version 3.7.*

Version 03.07.22 for Stellaris (v3.4.*)


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