Mod «Destructive Bombardment: Death from the Heavens» for Stellaris (v3.4.*)

Destructive Bombardment: Death from the Heavens

Have you ever felt like orbital bombardment was bland and flavorless? Do you set your fleets on Indiscriminate and never think about bombardment again? Do you want to destroy worlds civilizations from space without being a genocidal empire? If the answer to any of those questions was yes, then Destructive Bombardment is for you!

With this mod, current bombardment stances have been buffed, new stances have been added, and a policy added to customize your destruction like never before! Here are all the changes and additions:

Current Stance Changes
  • Reduced the chance of Selective bombardment killing pops, because if you can travel FTL then surely you aim properly at military targets
  • Increased the damage of Indiscriminate and Armageddon stances, and reduced the minimum pops killed for Indiscriminate from 11 to 9
  • Armageddon bombardment can be unlocked for Militarists and Xenophobes by researching a tier 4 technology
New Stances
  • Destructive Bombardment: A new stance in between Indiscriminate and Armageddon, capable of killing off the last pop on a planet. Available to Militarists and Xenophobes of any kind, as long as they have the policy activated.
  • Biological Bombardment: A new stance that focuses exclusively on killing pops and armies, but does no planet damage. To use this effectively, use another bombardment stance to get 100% planet damage and then switch to this one. Available to those who have taken the Evolutionary Mastery ascension perk.
  • Psiwave Bombardment: A new stance similar to Biological, but with slightly different stats and the ability to harm machines (through the use of telekinesis). Available to those who have taken the Transcendence ascension perk.
  • Electromagnetic Bombardment: A new stance that focuses exclusively on killing machine pops. Does actual planet damage, but not as much as Indiscriminate or higher. Does not affect organic pops, but is even more effect against machines than Armageddon. Available to those who have taken the Synthetic Evolution ascension perk.
  • Bio-Trophy Theft: A new stance available to Rogue Servitors that functions as a superior Raiding stance, allowing Servitors to take their bio-trophies forcefully without direct conquest.

Each of the ascension-path stances has unique graphical effects, and the destructive stance has a unique icon that fits perfectly with the other stance icons!

New Technologies

  • Destruction Protocols: Allows non-Militarists and non-Xenophobes access to to Destructive bombardment.
  • Armageddon Protocols: Allows Militarists and Xenophobes access to Armageddon bombardment.
New Policy

Armageddon Ordnance

  • Destroy enemy planets exactly how you want to with this new policy!
  • Nuclear Ordnance: Turns enemy planets into Tomb Worlds upon 100% devastation.
  • Plasma Ordnance: Turns enemy planets into Molten Worlds upon 100% devastation. Requires Tier 3 Plasma weapons researched.
  • Positron Ordnance: Turns enemy planets into Barren worlds upon 100% devastation. Requires Tier 5 Laser weapons researched.
  • Shroud Warp Ordnance: Turns enemy planets into Shrouded Worlds upon 100% devastation. Requires a special technology and the Transcendence ascension perk.
  • Nanite Ordnance: Turns enemy planets into Nanite Worlds upon 100% devastation. Requires a special technology and either Synthetic Evolution or Synthetic Age ascension perks.
New Events
  • New events to inform you when planets have been destroyed by bombardment, specialized for whatever type of ordinance used.
  • Overwrites 00_bombardment_stances file, the bombardment stance policy, and bombardment localisation files
  • Built-in compatibility with ACOT's new stances if placed below it in the mod order
  • Built-in compatibility with Zenith of the Fallen Empires (Ascended Empires will get Destructive and Armageddon bombardment)
  • Built-in compatibility with Empires Expanded (Bringers of Death will get Armageddon bombardment)
DLC Requirements
  • Requires Utopia DLC for the bombardment stances based on Ascension Paths
  • Requires Synthetic Dawn DLC for the Bio-Trophy Theft stance

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