Mod «Savage Primitives» for Stellaris (v3.4.*)

Savage Primitives

Savage Primitives is a mod in Alpha State.
Adds an Origin unlike any other encountered, trough the eras of this curious specie, strength was the main sign of recognition and power, the lack of intelligence made this specie evolve unlike any other one. Instead of being encased in their planet they found the way to barely reach space with just the usage of basic materials


The first years of gameplay are a bit rough, but trough the adquired knowleged obtained by pillaging, killing and fighting, the ships desings and costs will become more and more efficient. During the phase of this hard first years, fighting will be required, allies are not an option as we barely tolerate ourselves.


We tried making the mod compatible with a few others, like:

  • Forgotten Queens
  • Machines & Robot Expansion
  • Ethics and Civics: Bug Branch
  • Gigastructural Engineering & More

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