Mod «For Want of a Fishing Rod» for Stellaris (v3.3.2)

For Want of a Fishing Rod

Stellaris, despite having an entire DLC about water, still has no fishing minigame. This mod fixes that.

What is this mod?

It adds a pretty simplistic fishing system and some events (please suggest ideas) ranging from catching generic fish of an unspecified length to catching literal battleships.

Of course, before you can fish you must first buy a fishing rod from the Fish Preservation Agency that will spawn a configurable number of years after you start. After you buy a rod you can begin fishing.

Supported Mods

Currently, there are events in place for the following mods:
Gigastructural Engineering & More (3.2)

  • Ships
  • Rare Events

Ancient Cache of Technologies

  • Ships

(-NSC2 Season 6-)

  • Ships
Compatibility, Load Order, and more

Compatibility: Should be good with everything, though it won't spawn ships from mods it doesn't support.
Load Order: After all the supported mods
Overwrites: None!
Mid-save: The agency won't spawn without console commands (event fishing_main.5 to get the menu) but otherwise should work fine.


Q: Where's the Fish Preservation Agency?
A: Check your contacts menu for it. You should get an event when it spawns.

File info

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