Mod «AI Spymaster» for Stellaris (v3.3.2)

AI Spymaster

It is not widely known, but vanilla AI is not able to manage envoys properly.
Most of the time it will shuffle all the envoys through the same spy network task, which would result in many envoys staying unassigned and on cooldown, while doing nothing.

This mod corrects this behaviour, making AI properly distribute envoys between prioritised spy networks.
This also has a positive effect on other AI envoys activities: as AI stops messing up its envoys, they can now spend more time improving/harming relations, boosting diplomatic weight in galactic community or working in federation.

Important Note

While this mod prevents AI from breaking the envoy logic, it may not be able to correct itself if vanilla AI has already messed up envoys. Hence the new game is recommended instead of loading an older save.

Key Features
  • AI will not assign the envoy to the spy network that already has an envoy
  • AI will prioritise spy networks on rivals, crisis and neighbours
  • AI won't spy on empires that are inferior or pathetic relative to them, if there are other priorities (galactic community, federation, relations)
  • As a consequence the homicidal empires (like fanatic purifiers) will always spy on everyone they can (with respect to priorities) as they have no other uses for envoys (except first contacts)
  • AI won't deploy spy networks on empires if no useful progress is possible (maximum infiltration level is too low)


Vanilla AI is only capable of performing 3 operations: Gather Information, Acquire Asset, Steal Technology
This logic is expanded and AI is now able to perform most of them depending on the circumstances
  • Gather Information: only when the infiltration level is very low - low priority;
  • Spark Diplomatic Incident: against rivals, enemies and neutrals (except crisis and homicidal empires) - medium priority;
  • Prepare Sleeper Cells: never; but if you have an idea about the conditions in which AI should use this - let me know;
  • Acquire Assets: until maximum infiltration level reaches 100 - high priority;
  • Extort Favors: against anyone (except crisis and homicidal empires) - low priority;
  • Smear Campaign: against rivals and enemies (except crisis and homicidal empires) - medium priority;
  • Steal Technology: against empire whose technological level is equivalent or better than ours - medium priority;
  • Sabotage Starbase: against enemies and rivals - very high priority;
  • Arm Privateers: against enemies and rivals - very high priority;

Crisis Beacon and Imperium operations are also enabled for AI.

Mod requires: DLC Stellaris: Nemesis

File info

  • Added by: Den Martin
  • Author: Lynx
  • Mod version: 15.03.22
  • File format: ZIP
  • File size: 0.1 mb
  • Source: Go to
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