Mod «Gigastructural Engineering & More» for Stellaris (v3.5.*)

Gigastructural Engineering & More

Do you like megastructures? I sure do! This mod aims to expand on the concept of megastructures by adding more megastructures you can build, with a wide range of effects, and sizes ranging from large space stations to system-spanning constructs.


  • 45 new megastructures with a wide range of effects, including weaponized planets, microwormhole generators, stellar lasers, and system-spanning computers! The mod massively expands the endgame, adding dozens of new things to build, allowing you to shape the heavens to your will.
  • A menu with a custom UI, allowing you to individually select which megastructures you wish to use in the game.
  • 107 custom modded Achievements that can be earned during gameplay, and can give some rewards!
  • A new challenging midgame crisis, which can be optionally buffed if you want an even greater challenge (or disabled).
  • Several new origins that let you start on various ruined megastructures.
  • Unique systems, containing the ruined megastructures of the empires that came before your own, as well as other unique surprises.
  • The possibility of discovering, exploring, and exploiting the Galactic Core and its supermassive black hole.
  • A powerful endgame threat in the Galactic Core (Can be disabled).
  • A new endgame crisis related to vanilla's Hunters. (Can be disabled)
  • Improved AI that will use the megastructures as well.

The megastructures added by this mod are:

  • The Event Horizon Offset Facility
  • The Matrioskha Brain
  • The Hawking Radiation and Accretion Emission Macro-Collector (HRAE-MC)
  • The Nicoll-Dyson Beam
  • The Stellar Particle Accelerator
  • The Orbital Artificial Ecosystem
  • The Macroengineering Testing Station
  • The Neutronium Gigaforge
  • The Psychic Hypersiphon
  • The Dynamic Core Ignitor
  • The Amospheric Purifier
  • The Yggdrasil Orchid
  • The Fusion Suppressor
  • The Automated Stripmine
  • The Kugelblitz Containment Silo
  • The Star Lifter
  • The Substellar Compressor
  • Upgrading Ringworlds to have more habitable segments
  • The Penrose Sphere
  • Building multiple Ringworlds around one star
  • The Military Academy
  • The Orbital Elysium
  • The Interstellar Habitat & Ringworld
  • Attack Moons
  • Behemoth Planetcrafts
  • The Stellar Systemcraft
  • The Macroatmospheric Stabilizer
  • The Orbital Arcology
  • The Planetary Computing Complex
  • The Nidavellir Hyperforge
  • The Crystal Megabore
  • The Superatmospheric Umbegaseous Collecto-Condenser
  • Ecumenopolis, Machine & Hive Ringworlds
  • The Equatorial Shipyard
  • The Lunar Speculorefractor
  • The Hyperstructural Assembly Yard
  • The Birch World
  • The Alderson Disk
  • The Geothermal Stabilizer
  • The Quasi-Stellar Obliterator
  • The Asteroid Manufactory
  • The Asteroid Artillery
  • The Planetary Dockyard/Planetary Drive Yards/Planetary Defense Nexus
  • The Psionic Beacon
  • The Behemoth Assembly Plant
  • The Maginot World
  • Update to game version 3.5
  • A large number of changes and improvements.
  • Various fixes.

Version 27.06.22 for Stellaris (v3.4.*)

  • Update to game version 3.4
  • A large number of changes and improvements.
  • Various fixes.


Version 04.03.22 for Stellaris

  • Yet another fix (TTFTCUTS), should fix both the day 4 crashes and the NDB/QSO crashes.
  • Fixed being unable to use the Flusion resistance if you fail to storm the Pyramid.


File info

  • Added by: Lucifer
  • Author: Elowiny
  • Mod version: 27.09.22
  • File format: ZIP
  • File size: 1068.0 mb
  • Source: Go to
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