Mod «Dynamic Political Events» for Stellaris (v3.8.*)

Dynamic Political Events

Stellaris lacks life. There are only fleeting moments when one gets a sense of actually leading a stellar empire with real citizens whose opinions matter. Imagine if we (us Humans) suddenly weren’t the only species on our planet – how we get on with the others would soon be one of the big topics. Or if machines produced half our output suddenly, one could imagine it might be difficult to adjust.

In Stellaris, this is simply expressed by numbers, if at all. And eventually, Stellaris simply becomes an exercise in blobbing, with your populace becoming more or less irrelevant. This mod seeks to change this by adding a large and growing number of event chains that will bring the politics of your empire to life. Some are positive, many are negative (I find Stellaris to be in need of more challenge), others are more ambiguous. They will make you make decisions, not all of which will be obvious. Storylines include:

  • Various events to do with integrating alien species, including tensions between species and your attitude towards interspecies marriages.
  • Events focusing on pops’ and factions’ specific demands (e.g. emancipation movements).
  • Colonisation Stories – your new colonists on a planet might choose their own leader or how they wish to organise themselves.
  • Establish a ruler cult to your emperor.
  • Factional Revolts (an extensive chain spanning 15 years).
  • Various scandals and Conspiracies.
  • Events affecting interstate relations.
  • And more (more than 33,000 words of text in total).


  • This mod will not conflict or even overlap with any of the other event mods that I know of, including the More Events Mod
  • I overwrite 00_ethics. The only mod I know that does this is petruxa’s Ethics Rebuild. His will overwrite mine if you play the full Cultural Overhaul, which is fine, because the changes in the file aren’t crucial to my mod and are to his. His will be overwritten if you play any of the sub-versions of it that start with E, though.
  • Factional revolts will not happen with non-Vanilla factions.
  • Many of my events elicit reactions from factions. Obviously, this won’t happen for non-Vanilla factions.
  • I have no idea what will happen if you run this with STNH.


  • English
  • Russian (99%) - CBeTou, Dalarin
  • Portuguese (90%) - Berenoi
  • French (70%) - Aven, Mikado
  • German (55%) - Caligula Caesar, Morindil, SpaceDundee
  • Japanese - thanks to Mikaduki
  • A Chinese translation is in the works

Version 21.11.23 for Stellaris (v3.8.*)


Version 15.09.23 for Stellaris (v3.8.*)


Version 18.05.23 for Stellaris (v3.8.*)

  • 3.8.* version update


Version 03.04.23 for Stellaris (v3.7.*)


Version 17.03.20 for Stellaris (v3.0.*)


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