Mod «Vanilla Spacer weapons - Beam Gun» for Rimworld (v1.4)

Vanilla Spacer weapons - Beam Gun

Mod Adds Several new Beam Laser guns to the Spacer factions and trade inventories.


Beam weapons were introduced in rimworld biotech for some reason making them more spectacle for mechanized forces than actual useful weapons such technology was harnessed by the outer world factions and developed their own form of concentrated laser-type technology to focus on single targets more than the group of targets more common guns are known for, being able to slow, debuff and singe out more difficult targets, beam weapons are particularly useful for much more single armored targets or those with a natural in-born armor and shield capacity threshold.

Beam weapons come in a variety of flavors, and deliver a concentrated punch of energy after a long initial warmup time. Thankfully beam weapons do not need to be cooled down once they start firing. Beam weapons target a 1x1 cell for damage which slowly builds up in amplitude the longer the shot connects with its target, making beam weapons some of the most dangerous guns you could acquire given patience. And a well focused squad that knows well to allocate target designation.

The weapons can only be found as quest rewards, on trader caravans, and Spacer factions such as the imperials of the royalty DLC, or any custom spacer factions you might have installed.

A full List of the weapons and their stats can be found In this Link[]

Q: Does this work with any version of RimWorld?
A: It requires Rimworld version 1.4.

Q: Is this compatible with CE?
A: Do to the advanced C# code, no. (maybe someone might make it compatible then it will be linked here)

Q: Do these weapons spawn on enemies?
A: They can, on imperial factions or other modded spacer factions.

Q: Can I use this with Run and Gun?
A: Yes, tested with the run and gun mod, worked ok.

Q: Where do I craft the weapons?
A: You DONT craft them! I wanted these guns to be rare and you can't exactly do that if ya can mass produce them.

Q: The beam weapons are not immediately killing pawns why?
A: The guns all fire “beams” which take time to cook the targets; it will likely not reach max damage potential until the beam is focused for a long while .

Q: Is this mod save game compatible?
A: Yes, add it to an existing save But would not recommend removing them.

Q: Can I request something to be added?
A: Yea, always open to suggestions.

Q: The balance is horrendous. Where can I tell ya this?
A: in the comments.

I'm sure Something We overlooked might / will break so when it does please let me know in the comments down below.

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