Mod «Industrialisation» for Rimworld (v1.0 - 1.4)


Adds some heavy industries to the game.

Compatible with existing save and other mods, enjoy it.

How to build a deep mine:

  1. Buy a 'skydriller callmaker'
  2. Install and active it
  3. Wait for the plasma beam to make a 'mine hole'
  4. Build a 'deep mine' on the mine hole

New stuff:

  • concrete
  • high-grade steel (Electric Arc Furnace + 75 steel)
  • copper
  • aluminium
  • skydriller callmaker - Used to create mining holes for the deep mine.

Note: To active the skydriller callmake:

  1. Place in the desired location
  2. After selecting a pawn, right click on the callmake and choose 'Activate"

New bench:

  • concrete mixer
  • electric arc furnace (required research: Electricity)
  • deep mine - unlimited raw materials (required research: Deep Drilling)

New power building:

  • industrial cable - never short circuits
  • industrial battery - never short circuits
  • nuclear power plant - Use uranium to produce massive amounts of power (20kW)

New trader ship:

  • deep space mining ship

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