Mod «[K4G] RimWorld War 2 Retextures» for Rimworld (v1.3 - 1.4)

[K4G] RimWorld War 2 Retextures

This mod retextures several of the vanilla buildings and items to fit better with the WW2 theme.

Here's a list of the affected textures.
- Simple research bench.
- High-tech research bench.
- Comms console.
- Orbital trade beacon.
- Transport pod.
- Ground-penetrating scanner.
- Stool.
- Standing lamp.
- Standing darklamp.
- Herbal medicine.
- Medicine.
- Glitterworld medicine.

RimWorld War 2 adds a ton of new WW2 themed content to the game including uniforms, weapons, factions, and more!

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