Mod «RimForge» for Rimworld (v1.2 - 1.4)

RimForge adds new materials, weapons, defences, mechanics themed around metal alloys

This is a content mod, adding many new materials, weapons, and mechanics to spice up the Rim.

The main focus of the mod is the Forge, a new way to create powerful metal alloys.

Combine gold and silver to create gold doré, or uranium and plasteel to make staballoy etc.
Each alloy has unique properties that make them useful for particular applications.
The strongest alloy, Adamantium, even allows melee weapons made out of it to reflect bullets back at the shooter!


A new series of guns are introduced: the Stable guns.
Made primarily out of Bronze and Plasteel, these weapons have very low damage but excellent range, accuracy and rate of fire. If you are using Combat Extended, they use a new caliber: 5x35mm Caseless.

There are also a series of new melee weapons, including some special Cursed weapons:


You may have played with the Coilguns from Vanilla Expanded, but this is THE coilgun.
The size of a small house, it fires a variety of Staballoy slugs that are powerful enough to literally shoot through a mountain.

Machine God Zir

I added a deity to my mod, because I can. Your colonists can praise the Machine God and perform the Blessing Ritual, bestowing a very powerful trait upon a colonist, at the cost of a human sacrifice.
However, this will anger certain members of enemy factions, so expect to be attacked by unique and highly dangerous raiders...

A whole lot more

There's a lot more content in this mod that doesn't fit on this page, including:

  • An unmanned strike drone. Carpet bomb raiders :)
  • A greenhouse controller. Accelerate plant growth indoors, even at night-time.
  • Tesla coils. Electrocute any enemy that passes in-between them.
  • Mercury Ultraweave, a powerful fabric made using Devilstrand, Plasteel and Mercury from the Mercury Bloom plant.
  • Dozens of new achievements, if you are using Vanilla Achievements Expanded.
  • A fully-featured and highly detailed in-game Wiki (using the In-Game Wiki mod).


Supports Combat Extended!

Supports Vanilla Expanded Achievements!

I highly recommend the achievements mod, I put a lot of effort into the achievements and their icons!

  • Expanded Materials - Metals
  • RimFactory Revived - Materials


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