Mod «Better Map Sizes» for Rimworld (v1.1 - 1.4)

Better Map Sizes

Enables custom map sizes through the Advanced menu on the world map during map generation.
Also allows for setting the default map size to use when generating tiles (in case you forget to use the Advanced menu)

NOTE: There are no checks on the sizes you input. If you put in sizes too small or too large, it may fail in spectacular ways. If that happens, please send me a video of your computer catching fire.

Known incompatibilities:

  • RimCities - RimCities custom map setting will always override the sizes set by this mod regardless of load order. Workaround: Disable RimCities custom size setting. Note that I don't know how RimCities will handle truly custom map sizes.

Save safe:
- This mod doesn't add any functionality to the game itself. Only to map generation. Therefore
- This mod is safe to add mid-save (though it's rather pointless)
- This mod is safe to remove from a save (for example, if you want to reduce the number of mods). The map size you've selected is saved to your savefile.


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