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Shield Generators

Due to the complete overhaul done during the 1.4 update, you may encounter some unexpected behaviours, particularly when it comes to the plasma venting and enemy detection on drop pods and shuttles. They'll only get fixed if you properly report them with as much info as you can and a log (Ctrl+F12 in-game after it happens to upload using HugsLib).

This mods only purpose is to provide player buildable Shield Generators, after they have been researched. These shields stop incoming projectiles but allow outgoing ones to pass, so you can fire out still. This covers bullets, rockets, mortars, falling/flying objects (enemy pods and shuttles, neutral and friendly can pass). The strength and regeneration rate of the shields are set by the tier of generator used.


  • Multiple Generators - Three sizes, 1x1 (Astroglide), 4x4 (Durex) and 6x6 (Trojan). The Astroglide is minifiable, and is self powered and cooled, but much more limited.
  • Stress Mechanic - Stress rises when the shield is hit, and lowers when plasma venting is adequate and isn't being hit (or when it's shut off).
  • Plasma Mechanic - Shields passively produce heat so to cool them you need to pipe plasma they produce to an external building called a 'Cooling Plug', these can be built anywhere you want as long as they're outside the range of an existing one. They generate heat and start fires in their radius the more plasma they vent, so more plugs spreads that out.
  • Variable Size - Shields can be resized and moved around freely. The radius decides power usage and shield strength, so making them max size makes them weaker but minimum size makes them much stronger.
  • Recolourable - Shields start off a specific colour but you can freely change that whenever you want!


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  • Mod version: 19.02.23
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