Mod «Hemogen Cuisine» for Rimworld (v1.4)

Hemogen Cuisine

Tired of slurping hemogen out of plastic bags like uncultured animals? 

This mod uses systems introduced by other mods such as Vanilla Cooking Expanded to add five new types of blood-based food and drink for your Sanguophages to dine on (They’re also a way to make hemogen palatable for non-Sanguophages too!). You’ll lose a little bit of hemogen in the process, but your Sanguophages will thank you greatly.

With Vanilla Cooking Expanded and its Stews module, you’ll be able to make Blood Soup and Blood Stew, which fill almost twice as much hemogen as a hemogen pack and count as fine meals. You can also create Blood Biscuits using flour, which never go bad and fill both joy and hemogen.

Vanilla Brewing Expanded introduces Blood Soda, which fills the hemogen need while granting the effects of a regular soda.

Finally, with Argón’s Salted Meat 2.0, you’ll be able to make Blood Sausages, which function like regular sausages but don’t require as much meat in their recipe.

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