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Vanilla Brewing Expanded

Vanilla Brewing Expanded is an alcohol-oriented module in “Vanilla Cuisine Expanded” from the Vanilla Expanded team, notably Sarg Bjornson, Oskar Potocki and Chowder.

We made sure to keep the mechanics of this mod intuitive without ruining the spirit of vanilla gameplay. All elements offer unique advantages and disadvantages, enhancing the depth of the game. With 7 unique, new alcohol types, you can now tailor your colonists’ drinking habits to your liking, with each alcohol having a unique production chain, buffs, downsides and uses.

A widely requested feature - tea and coffee, has also been added, allowing you to brew an immunity boosting hot tea, or whip out hot and iced coffees that help with staying awake and provide help against hypothermia and heat stroke respectively. Cigarettes and cigars also make an appearance, very addictive but incredibly helpful in stressful situations.

A new mixology research becomes available, allowing you to create a brand new bar workbench, where your best bartenders can whip out cocktails combining various alcohols and soft drinks that also come included in the package. Each alcohol gives the cocktail a unique trait, which means you can essentially brew alcoholic potions for any situation.

Our systems are heavily moddable and support a variety of pre-existing mods. With Vanilla Factions Expanded - Settlers and Vanilla Factions Expanded - Medieval you will be able to utilise chemshine and wine in cocktail recipes, whilst Vanilla Plants Expanded allows you to create cider, a cheap, easy to make beer alternative. Finally, RimBees adds mead.

We hope you will appreciate what we have created and remember, drink responsibly!

Vanilla Brewing Expanded mechanics can be seen described below:

There shouldn’t be any incompatibilities or issues, but in case anything pops up, report issues in the comments.

Q: How is this mod different to VGP/RimCuisine2 or other alcohol oriented mods?
A: Beyond rigidly following the vanilla art style Vanilla Cuisine Expanded series gives everything a unique blessing and curse. Rather than having 20 nearly indistinguishable liquors made in 20 same barrels with only difference being the colour, we at the team believe every player should find something that is useful, and everything should be unique. Simply put, we add flavor we believe anybody can enjoy. All things are seamlessly merged with vanilla mechanics, making sure you don’t need to re-educate yourself on how the mod works. We also made sure to cut away any unnecessary resource and production chains, making sure to keep everything simple, yet engaging.

Q: Why not use Universal Fermenter? Why each alcohol requires a unique barrel?
A: Because shoving everything in one barrel makes the game completely plain and flat. We want players to make active decision what alcohol to focus resources on, not just change the output of a barrel with a single click of a button.

Q: 120 days to make the best ambrandy? That’s a lot!
A: It’s worth it for the beauty it provides - it’s essentially a sculpture. Remember you can always pull it out sooner for lower quality. It’s an optional thing, please don’t complain it’s too hard to make - you can simply not use it.

Q: Ambrandy beauty isn’t working when placed on a shelf!
A: Vanilla game limitation - Shelves conceal the beauty. You can put it on the floor in a stockpile, or place it on a plinth in Vanilla Furniture Expanded - Art.

Q: How do I make Iced coffee?
A: Simply put it in the fridge. Be careful though! There is no way to reheat frozen coffee

Q: Is this mod save game compatible?
A: Yes, you can add it whenever you like. Removing it however can cause errors, so back up your save!

Q: These alcohols/effects/drinks are totally unrealistic!
A: We need to remember it is a video game, and for the sake of simplicity we decided to abandon realism in some instances. We will listen to feedback and adjust it along the way, but realism is not our primary concern - gameplay is.

Q: I want rum / sake / other
A: Other drinks are reserved for future VE Faction modules

Required: Vanilla Expanded Framework

07.04.24 (1.3-1.5)


29.03.24 (1.3-1.5)


25.08.23 (1.2-1.4)

  • Fix: added multiplyByGeneToleranceFactors to all alcohols added by the mod to hopefully make them behave with the alcohol related genes. Same thing for caffeine and tobacco


07.07.23 (1.2-1.4)

  • Fix: Recoded CompStackByCondiments as a Thing class as the comp wasn't working properly in all cases. This will only affect newly created cocktails


01.05.23 (1.2-1.4)


07.11.22 (1.2-1.4)


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