Mod «CyberNet» for Rimworld (v1.0 - 1.4)


CyberNet adds even more GlitterNet connected devices in the form of new, networked prosthetics. These prosthetics use processing power from a GlitterNet to replace on-board processing, making them cheaper and more effective than vanilla prosthetics. Of course, this comes at the price of not only requiring remote processors to function, but also the new access point building, which allows for wireless communication with prosthetics. And if the internet goes out, these new body parts will function even worse than the normal fleshy type.

CyberNet comes with six categories of new prosthetics:

  • Networked prosthetics, which are bionic level. Equivalents for all vanilla parts are available.
  • Advanced networked prosthetics, which are archotech level. Upgrades for all bionic parts are available, including archotech level hearts, ears, stomachs, and spines.
  • Blood additives and replacements, which either enhance stats or have other effects like decreasing hunger rate or automatically healing bleeding wounds.
  • Skin replacements which have a variety of unique effects and heal scars.
  • Nervous system enhancements which give specialized bonuses.
  • Brain enhancements which have a variety of effects like improving combat efficiency or enhancing consciousness.

Can be added to saves. There is an incompatibility with Rim73 - Performance and Optimizations. Disable the Hediff Optimization in the Rim73 options for CyberNet to work. Should be compatible with most everything else.


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