Mod «Vanilla Events Expanded» for Rimworld (v1.0 - 1.4)

Vanilla Events Expanded

After playing the game for a long amount of time, you’re not really looking forward to events anymore - they become boring. We have decided to come up with a reason to once again get excited when a colourful pop-up shows up in the right corner of your screen.

Vanilla Events Expanded adds several new events to the game, all in line with vanilla events - nothing too drastic. A new tier of events is added - Purple events. Instead of having strict negative or positive effects, purple events force players to adapt as they last significantly longer than events like Toxic Fallout or Volcanic Winter.

Purple events are extremely rare, and can only occur after 3 ingame years pass. They can last between 15 days and 120 days. Their minimum time before repeat is 300 days. Favorability is VeryBad. Chance is 0.04 (⅓ chance of a Volcanic Winter, which has the lowest chance in vanilla game). Category is Big Threat.

This mod also allows you to disable events added by this mod and any other mod, so feel free to use it to get rid of events you dislike!

20.01.23 (1.0-1.4)


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