Mod «Outland - Genetics» for Rimworld (v1.4)

Outland - Genetics

Adds an excessive amount of genes, some cosmetic, some functional! Some massively OP! But those would never spawn on pawns without another mod making it happen so they're all opt-in. I have extended Tweaks Galore to allow the controlling of what genes can spawn along with the release of this mod so you can decide for yourself if you want them to show up during normal gameplay.

This is standalone and does not require Outland - Core but genes may be included that are made with it and other Outland modules in mind.



25.05.23 (1.4)


- Eye Colours (Monocular included) & Blood Colours
- More Ears, Noses and Headbones
- Ascension abilities - These allow a xenotype to transform into another existing one, using a separate gene (Ascend Other or Ascend Self) for the ability so it can be done by themselves or with the help of xenotype set up for it. Custom Xenotypes are not capable of being included in this.
- Xenotype Implanters - Allows a xenotype to implant a specific xenotype instead of their own genes into a target pawn. Again, custom xenotypes are not capable of being included.
- Body Scale genes (Tiny, Small, Large, Massive)
- Cold, Heat & Fire Immunity
- Extreme UV Sensitivity (Will catch fire in sunlight and a hefty mood debuff)
- Thick Skin, Unusual Speech, Leaper Legs & Regeneration

Plus a fix for missing masks on some of the new ears added in a previous update, for some reason they weren't exported is all.



14.02.23 (1.4)


10.01.23 (1.4)


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Yo. Thanks for this.

But I do not possess the BIOTECH DLC or any other except CORE. Where could you point me to get them for free, please? I appreciate any help you can provide.