Mod «Reinforced Mechanoid 2» for Rimworld (v1.4)

Reinforced Mechanoid 2

“Reinforced Mechanoids 2” , formerly known as "HALO: Rimworld Heretic Mechanoids", is an expansion on "Reinforced Mechanoids: Tyrikan-Line" and the vanilla Rimworld mechanoids, adding new threats, weapons, buildings, a faction and gameplay mechanics that perfectly fit into the vanilla game.

All mechanoids brings something new to table. They have unique abilities, behavior, etc. They are not just new skins for yet another enemy that shoots you. Not all new mechanoids will spawn in the vanilla faction, as these mechanoids are mostly part of a new ancient factions you can find on the world map.
On top of that, the player gets to build all of them and send them into combat themselves!

The mod also adds a new way to produce power, based on an old mod called "Mechanoid Power". All with new code, textures and reworked balance.

For owners of the Royalty DLC, the mod also adds a way to finally make use of both the weather controller and climate adjuster yourself. Something I always wished I could do!

Last but not least, if you wish you could control your mechanoids without the need for a mechanitor, you now can with the Gestalt Engine!

All comes with vanilla friendly textures, lore text (well, to some degree) and balancing as good as I managed to do it. Everything is integrated into the vanilla game and will feel like it always has been there.


13.01.23 (1.4)


31.12.22 (1.4)


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