Mod «WVC - Work Modes» for Rimworld (v1.4)

WVC - Work Modes

Adds 10 new work mods for mechanoids:

Find and destroy - Mechanoids, regardless of their type, will look for enemies and try to destroy them.

Work and recharge - Work autonomously according to mechanoid type. If the mechanoid cannot work or it has done all the work it shutdown. (Does the same thing as this mod, but for all mechanoids.)

Escort and recharge - The mechanoid, regardless of its type, will accompany the overseer and, if necessary, go to charge.

Work, recharge and escort - The mechanoid will accompany the overseer if it does not have a job, and will also be charged if necessary.

Wait enemy - The mechanoid will shutdown and wait for the enemy, and when it appears, it will wake up and head towards the target.

Work and wait - Mechanoids, depending on the type, will work, and when an enemy appears, they will drop everything and go to destroy him. If they don't have a job, they'll just shutdown. (The shutdown lasts longer than in "wait enemy" mode)

Ambush - The mechanoid shutdown and waits for the enemy to approach it, then attacks.

Defend yourself - Mechanoid, regardless of type, will attack enemies that get too close.

Escort if enemy - Mechanoids, regardless of type, will accompany the overseer, but only if there is an enemy on the map. When there is no enemy, mechanoids shutdown.

Work if safe - Mechanoids will work, but only as long as there are no enemies on the map. In case of danger, they will try to get to the safe spot.

Unique behaviors

Checking for enemies on the map - if the enemy is reachable and is not in the zone in which the mechanoid operates, then False is returned and the mechanoid will continue to work normally.

What does it mean:

If you enable the "Work if safe" mode and limit the working area, the mechanoid will ignore the intrusion until the enemy is in the mechanoid's working area.

If you have enabled the "Find and destroy" mode and locked the mechanoids in a small but open area, then the mechanoid will not pursue enemies, but will try to fight with the enemy that is in the field of view of the mechanoid. This can lead to too smart AI kiting your mechs.

Smart charge - In some modes, mechanoids will try to maintain close to the maximum charge. This is calculated according to the formula (Maximum charge level - 5), that is, if you set the charge to 100%, the mechanoids will be charged up to 95%, and so on. However, unlike vanilla charging, mechanoids will be interrupted if necessary.

Shutdown mode - some work modes shutdown mechanoids for optimization when they are not working. In work modes, the cooldown is much longer than in combat.

Finding a Spot - Mechanoids that have finished all their work and are going to shutdown will go to the nearest such spot if it is in the zone accessible to them. The description of the spot contains the supported modes and an approximate search condition.

Required: DLC Biotech

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  • Author: Sergkart
  • Mod version: 26.12.22
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