Mod «[TMC] Steel Torrent addon - TMC Eastern Armor Export» for Rimworld (v1.3 - 1.4)

[TMC] Steel Torrent addon - TMC Eastern Armor Export

This mod requires PLA Steel Torrent mod in order to work properly as this is only an add-on.

Ancient blueprints has been found during a salvage operation, these machines has been reproduce using better available production technology and supplied to developing colonies, armies and warlords looking to increase there firepower.

Add two vehicles to the game:

  • T-80 Main Battle Tank, comes with a 125mm main gun and secondary machine gun.
  • BMP-3 Infantry Fighting Vehicle, comes with it autocannon and secondary machine gun.

Require research to be built. ( Surplus Soviet Steel)

This mod is considered finished and new content will only be made by the request of the person commissioned it.

Have a nice day!


Q : Is this save compatible ?
A : Yes it is. You can add it midsave.

Q : Is it compatible with Combat Extended ?
A : Yes . This mod is CE compatible by default.

Q : Where can I build this tank ?
A : You build it in Steel Torrent tab of construction menu (require research first).

Q : Will you make this compatible with X mod?
A : Sorry, If I don`t use that mod then I probably will not make a patch for it due to lack of time. You are welcome to make any patches for my mod, just remember to have my mod as a dependency and credit it.

Q : Can I support you in anyway ?
A : You can donate to my kofi if you love my mod, although I`m already happy that you are using the mod. Any donation you made would give me a chance to develop something new or just help me get a cup of coffee.

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