Mod «[UEM] More Mechanitor Mechs» for Rimworld (v1.4)

[UEM] More Mechanitor Mechs

This mod adds more mechanoids to fill in the missing skill areas and further flesh out your mechanoid army. It also adds small patches to improve Mechanitor-only gameplay, such as allowing lifters to put wort into fermenting barrels and extract beer.

Currently, there are three new mechanoids.


Q - Drilling robot?
A - Because of how drilling is coded in relation to skills, this is currently beyond my ability to do, although I am looking into it. I recommend using the Mines mod with the tunneler, as it should work out of the box and also be better on your TPS than the deep drill.

Q - The Gastromech isn't butchering, and most of the other mechanoids are only doing half their job!
A - Check if you have a mod that edits the work tab. Anything changing or adding work types without proper patches will likely break Mechanoid jobs. This will be on those mod authors to fix for the base-game mechanoids, once that happens, I should be able to apply the fix to my mechanoids as well. Please do NOT harass those mod authors to patch their mods. Modders have lives just like everyone else, and they do their work for free on their own time.

Recommended: FSF Complex Jobs

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