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Smart Medicine

Some smart choices and options when using medicine


"Alright, that raider base was tough, but we killed them all and we can recover here for a day"

"I'm going to rest until healed"

"I will patch up that wound for you"

"Good thing we brought medicine on the caravan, because this looks bad"

"Oh, no, I'm not going to use that medicine, It's all the way on the pack animal! Let me just cover your wound with my hands"

"No wait, I have medicine, please u-"



Has this even happened to you? Smart Medicine is a mod that will make your life better, in a few Smart ways.

When you are on a caravan, doctors don't use medicine in their inventory, or grab it from a pack animal.

This fixes that, fixes other stupid medicine-related decisions, and adds a thing or two as well.


Inventory Medicine: Doctors use medicine from the patient's inventory, or anyone else. (1.3 added doctor's inventory)

Stock Up On Medicine: Doctors can carry a set amount of medicine with them at all times. Also stock up drugs, with a button to use them from inventory. Stocking up is not done when there is medical work to do.

(Set up your medicine amounts from a button in the colonist's inventory Gear tab.)

Hey! Stocking up is an old and tiny feature. Apparently Awesome Inventory improves upon this. Not that I've even opened that mod, but that's what I hear.

RimWorld 1.3 Added a little stockup feature and it sits alongside this one. Ignore it I guess.

Minimal medicine for non-urgent care: (i.e. bruises). Injuries that bleed, get infected, or leave a scar are urgent and need good quality tending. Otherwise, it's not important to use valuable medicine. In vanilla, only bruises are non-urgent. Note that injuries are tended in batches, so non-urgent injuries can be treated alongside urgent injuries. (As featured in QOLTweaksPack)

Field tending: An option to treat patients anywhere - or only if there are no beds available. Patients will lie down in place with no beds available, or you can draft them to stand in place to receive treatment. A magic blue circle will appear so that pawns think they're in a bed and don't search for beds.

RimWorld 1.3 added the ability to order to tend basically anything while drafted - but this only uses inventory medicine (Smart Medicine expands this to include other people's inventories - not forcing tend, but letting them decide to tend on their down, will allow Smart Medicine options like getting nearby ground medicine)

Best medicine for Surgery An option next to medical care settings to use best medicine for surgery, regardless of other settings.

Custom Care for each injury - right click the injury in the list to set what medicine to use on it. Keep in mind wounds are tended in batches so setting it lower is not saying "never use better", it's more "don't bother with better for lil' old me - but if something else needs it, I'll take it too" (Also note, this effect is not saved after loading)


Technically, medicine used from the inventory is always dropped, and immediately picked back up. The code did not allow inventory medicine to be used directly without major overhaul. (1.3 uses doctor's inventory, and Smart Medicine ignores that and drops it)

Does not require a new game or affect save files. You will just need to make sure no one is stocking up on meds, then the mod can be removed (it'll log an error next load, but then it's fine)

Works with Pharmacist. Though I don't personally use it - the features are mostly redundant now that Smart Medicine has a simple "Best for surgery" if that's good enough for you. - fix tending spot in prison

Version 02.05.23 for RimWorld (v1.0-1.4)


Version 24.10.22 for RimWorld (v1.0-1.4)


Version 13.10.22 for RimWorld (v1.0-1.3)


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